Online Grocery Delivery - We compare Shipt vs. Instacart vs. Clicklist 1

Online Grocery Delivery – We compare Shipt vs. Instacart vs. Clicklist

Online Grocery Delivery Comparion

Online Grocery Delivery Services Review: You have probably seen the advertisments for the new Target Delivery Service, Shipt. Or seen Kroger (or King Soopers) advertise Clicklist. Which online grocery delivery service is the best? Which online grocery is the cheapest?

We tried them all, so you don't have to. If you want the ;tldr (too long, didn't read), we really like Shipt. If you're ready to try Shipt, be sure to use our Shipt Promo Code and read our full Shipt Review.

Or read on to learn how to decided that Shipt was the best online grocery service. We compare prices, service and speed!

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Who's cheaper: Shipt, Instacart or Clicklist?

One part of Instacart's website has us a little alarmed. Were we overpaying for products?


So, we decided to do a test between Shipt, Clicklist and Instacart. We took a recent order of about 14 items (watch the comparison video to see the whole list) ranging from eggs to laundry detergent.

Online Grocery Ordering Comparison

Our whole review is about Shipt. The grocery delivery service recently re-launched after being purchased by Target.
A pick-up service offered at many Kroger stores (Kroger, King Soopers). You place an order online and pick up your groceries at a given time outside the super market.
The "old dog" in the grocery delivery service. This service provides delivery from many stores (such as Target, Whole Foods and Kroger stores).

Shipt vs. Clicklist vs. Instacart - Who is Cheaper?




As you can see here, Shipt's groceries were cheaper by a small margin when you simply look at the price of the groceries. Clicklist usually has the same offers as it offers in-store. For example, you can usually find the 3 Coke 12 Packs for $10 at King Soopers and using Clicklist. Coke products on Shipt are almost always full retail price. If you spent the time looking for the best deal, Clicklist might be much cheaper.

But that doesn't explain it all. What about the fees charged by Shipt, Clicklist and Instacart?

Shipt vs. Clicklist vs. Instacart - fees



Shipt's pricing is pretty straight forward. It is $99 a year for unlimited deliveries of orders over $35. It's $7 for orders under $35.
The first 3 orders are free. After that, ClickList is $4.95/order.

or $149/year

More complicated. You can choose to pay per delivery ($5.99 + % of order) or $149/year for unlimited orders.

The winner, again, here is Shipt. Here's how the order totals look when you add in the fees, assuming you do 30 orders a year.

Shipt vs. Clicklist vs. Instacart - TOTAL WITH fees

Assuming 30 deliveries a year.




Shipt vs. Clicklist vs. Instacart - SPEED

Who's faster?

About 2 Hours

With Shipt, we consistently see about 2 hour waits for delivery.
About 12 Hours
During the middle of the day, waits are much lower. However, if you want and order after 4 PM, you will probably wait until the next day.
About 2 hours
Typically about 2 hours, however, we saw some days that the wait was longer.


Who's nicer?

Super friendly

We don't know what Shipt does for their training, but we've had the nicest shoppers!
King Sooper Employee
Nothing wrong with a King Sooper or Kroger Employee - but nothing amazing, either.
Nice Folks
Not as nice as the Shipt folks, but still good people.

Shipt vs. Clicklist vs. Instacart - Winner



  • Quickest delivery
  • Comes to you
  • Cheaper after 20 order than Clicklist
  • Cheapest overall

Good Option

  • Good if driving by King Soopers/Kroger every day
  • Can find better deals
  • Pay as you go
Another Good Option
  • Good alternative to Shipt
  • More than just 1-2 stores

If you'd like to try Shipt, how about some free groceries to start it off? Use our special Shipt Promo Code to get money off of your next order!

If you want to try Instacart, you can also get free groceries by using our Instacart Promo Code.

Sorry, we can't give you any free groceries for Clicklist, but feel feel to try their service here.

Have any questions or comments about our Shipt Review? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. It’s 6/10/20 now. When was this great review written? I’m wondering what the return policy is like. I use Instacart and shoppers almost always goof up. Instacart Happiness refunds aren’t always granted and customer service scant in response. Clikit is more reliable as far as carting what’s on the list tho I’m uncertain about how they fix goof ups, not that they have yet. Thinking of trying ShipT. Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the question. We wrote it a while ago, but have made updates since then. Shipt is still our go-to service. They are owned by Target and returns are much easier than other services. In each email receipt, you get a barcode that you can use for returns at Target (which is fairly new – but NEEDED). Using it for other grocery stores, it doesn’t give you the same option.

      In our opinion, Instacart is at the bottom of the barrel for us and only a last-ditch option if we need it. My parents were charged over $100 more for their Costco Groceries than the actual receipt (about 40% more). We avoid Instacart at all costs.

      The nice part about Shipt is that the shoppers, at least in our area, get to know you and what you like/don’t like and what they can sub/don’t sub.

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