Mack Weldon Review 1

Mack Weldon Review

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Mack Weldon Review: Mack Weldon is slowly taking over Mr. We Tried It’s closet. There are some items we love, there are others we don’t really care for.

Read on for our Mack Weldon Review – we test the hot, new menswear brand that claims to be “reinventing Men’s Basics.”

Mack Weldon Review

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They have some great products and not so great products. An exciting men’s brand to watch!

What Is Mack Weldon?

Mack Weldon is a men’s clothing startup. They say they are “reinventing men’s basics.” They have a wide variety of men’s clothes from underwear, socks, hoodies, t-shirts, polos, pants and shorts. They keep growing and adding new clothes to their website.

Mack Weldon don’t use the most high performance fabrics (like Outlier or Lululemon) and Mack Weldon’s stuff isn’t all cotton, either. They have a nice blend of performance, practicality and price.

Mack Weldon Review – What About Their Products?

Mack Weldon Vesper Polo Review


This is my personal favorite Mack Weldon product. They call the Vesper Polo, “the Polo James Bond would wear.” I don’t know if I could go that far. The Vesper Polo has micro vents in it (clearer in the picture below). The shirt looks like you can see the holes in the shirt when you aren’t wearing it. However, when the shirt is being worn, you can barely see the micro vents at all. The lighter colors (such as the light blue Vesper Polo) show the micro vents more than the darker colors.

The polos are very soft and perfect for the summer. I wore Mack Weldon Vesper Polos for our Disneyland Trip (read about how to survive Disneyland with a Toddler).

How well they will stand the test of time (in terms of wear, tear and fading)? They hold up fairly well. Polos are hard to keep looking new for a really long time but I’d say these are above average. Since they are so lightweight, there is less material to keep the polos sturdy. But they are still my go-to summer Polo. 

I tried the other Mack Weldon Polos (the Silver Knit and Intrepid) – we did not like those other polos at all. They were too boxy and too expensive. The Vesper Polo is more trim fit – but not too trim fit. I typically wear a medium and I wear a medium with Mack Weldon’s Vesper Polo.

We Tried It Verdict: 8/10 – Could stand the test of time a little better.

Mack Weldon Hoodie Review

Mack Weldon Hoodie Review - Ace Hoodie

While the Mack Weldon Vesper Polo is my favorite summer item, I love the Mack Weldon Hoodie during the Colorado Winter. This Hoodie also made it into our Best Hoodie Review.

The hoodie is super soft and has the perfect amount of stretch (95% cotton, 5% spandex). One of the musts for a hoodie for me is good pockets. The Mack Weldon Hoodie has great pockets with a little liner on the outside. This sweatshirt is perfect for the winter!

It’s not too thick and not too thin. It’s super comfortable and looks nicer than other hoodies. No one is going to confuse it for a sports jacket, but it looks nicer than the 10 Year Hoodie (which we’ve tried before and will review soon!). It looks like a really high-quality hoodie and it feels super soft. 

There is some minimal branding (a very, very small logo on the back side of the hoodie), which isn’t as bad as some of the other Mack Weldon products. You can’t notice the logo at all when you are wearing it. The pockets also zip up, which is awesome. 

Here’s where I’ve found the best price on the Mack Weldon Hoodies

We Tried It Verdict: 9.5/10 – Our Favorite Hoodie right now

Mack Weldon amphibious underwear Review


File this under: “Things you didn’t know you needed.”

I’ve been wearing Board Shorts more often to the pool. I like that they dry quicker and look better. However, I don’t like going Commando when I do wear board shorts. So, 99% of the time I’m wearing Mack Weldon Amphibious Underwear. I’ve never heard of Amphibious Underwear to wear with Board Shorts until I saw it on Mack Weldon.

It’s basically a smaller Board Short to wear under your overall board short. Not to be graphic, but it keeps a layer in-between your birthday suit and your swim suit. I love wearing these with board shorts! They dry quick and prevent chafing.

We Tried It Verdict: 9/10 – Never knew we needed until we tried it!

Mack Weldon sock Review


I’ve had the chance to try a couple different types of Mack Weldon socks. There are some that I recommend (the Airknitx athletic sock) and others that I didn’t love (the Silver Stealth socks).

You have to really look at what the socks are intended for with Mack Weldon. I bought the wrong socks the first time around with the Silver Stealth Socks. They are designed to be worn with boat shoes. I never wear socks with boat shoes. However, Mack Weldon’s return policy is amazing (more about that later).

I really do like the Airknitx athletic socks. They have awesome cushion and some silver in the socks – which makes them stink less! That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

We Tried It Review: 6/10 – Not our favorite socks (those are actually Myles) but a decent choice.

Other Mack Weldon Products


I’ve tried out other Mack Weldon products with mixed success:

  • The “Ace Short:” I’m pretty picky about my shorts that I wear around the house and these were comfortable but not perfect. The biggest no-no, at least in my book, was the logo on the front-left leg of the shorts. I don’t mind a logo on the back, but the front logo was odd!
  • The Pull-Over Sweater: This was fine, but the pockets in the front made it look bulky around the belly – not a good look for me.
  • Other Socks and Underwear: I haven’t tried them out, bit I’ve heard nothing but great things! As I get the chance to test them, I’ll update this page.

Overall Mack Weldon Verdict?

Overall, we really like Mack Weldon. We think their prices are fair, the clothes are comfortable and fit well.

Mack Weldon Review 2

Their logo placement can be a bit off putting (on the lower, right back of their polos, for example – or the front left leg of the shorts), but otherwise, we recommend Mack Weldon.

Here’s the best part about Mack Weldon: their return policy! They want you to love their clothes and they are awesome with returns. For the underwear and socks, you don’t even have to return the item if you don’t like them. They give you a one-time credit to try something else. That’s awesome!

Do you have any questions about our Mack Weldon Review? Or any comments about our Mack Weldon Review? Let us know in the comments below.


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