Olivers Compass Pants Review – The adventure pants for the modern dad?

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Olivers Compass Pants Review: what are they, who are they for and what you need to know.

Olivers Compass Pants Review

I love Olivers and had the chance to test their new Compass Pants. What are their new compass pants? Here’s what they have to say:

Not me, obviously, wearing the Compass Pants from Olivers.

“An adventure pant with style. The Compass combines the technical properties you want in an active piece with a modern cut to carry you around town.

We wanted to create a technical piece you could pack for a weekend on the trails or in the city.”

Let’s read on to give you my Olivers Compass Pants review.

Compass Pants: My Adventures

Let’s face it, I’m a dad of 2 little kiddos. My adventures aren’t as amazing as I’d like them to be, so I decided to put on a pair (paired with my Buck Mason Henley and Allbirds Tree Runners) for my own Saturday adventure.

First this on my list: visit Nanna’s (my wife’s grandma) senior living home to fix her TV. This may not seem like a real adventure, but it was during the start of the Corona Virus and was filled with warnings not to enter. Not only that, I had to withstand the heat that is Nanna’s living room – seriously, why are old people’s homes so hot?!

First on my Saturday adventure: a visit to Nanna’s Retirement Commuity.

Did the Compass Pants pass the test: yes!

My next mission, should I choose to accept it: go to the movies to see Onward, the new Pixar Movie (now available on Disney+!). That required my pants to be comfy, not too cool in the cold movie theatre and hide some important loot in the pockets. Luckily, the zipper pocket is almost the perfect size for Smartsweets (a low-sugar gummy bear!).

Compass Pants: the perfect pocket size for movie contraband.

Did the Compass Pants pass the test: yes!

Compass Pants Review: What are they?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the compass pants aren’t trying to be your next work Chino. They are trying the straddle the line between technical dad pants (looking at you convertible dad pants!) and something more stylish.

The pants are made from a ripstop Nylon blend. It’s tear-resistant (I didn’t try this!), quick-drying and water repellent (more on that below). . 

A quick warning on nylon: typically nylon pants have a very “fake” look to them (once again, think the convertable dad pants). These nylon pants aren’t nearly as bad as the ones you are thinking of. However, they do make noise when you walk.

Compass Pants Features

Unique Sizing

The Compass pants are unique in a couple of other ways. The first is that they are not purchased via waist size. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large. That’s because they have a very forgiving elastic waistband. I typically wear a 32-inch waist and got the medium size. They actually fit fairly well! I had to pull them up a couple of times.

Water Repellent Features

I actually wasn’t planning on testing out this feature, but the same day I was posting this review, I went outside to play with the kids. We got snow a couple of days ago and my daughter got some ice on me. I noticed the water just bead off and I thought to myself, “COOL!” So I shot a quick video to show you how it works:

They also have a unique pocket structure. The wife quickly pointed out the front side zipper pocket (she didn’t care for it), but I see how it could be useful in many situations. 

There is also a zipper pocket on the back (but only one side of the back). 

Compass Pants: Build quality

This is the area that the Compass Pants really stand out. These are incredibly well-made pants. Oliver’s products, in general, are incredibly high quality. They will repair or replace any product for a full year if they break from normal wear and tear.

Compass Pants: Who – and what – they were made for

As I mentioned, no one is going to mistake these for pants for wool dress trousers. They are an upgrade – heavily upgraded – pair of Dad Pants. I’d be tempted to call them Dad Pants 2.0 – but that’s doing these pants a disservice. 

I’d wear these pants for playing outside with the kids, going on hikes, taking the kids to the playground or simply running errands. And that’s ok, that’s what they were designed for… well, they were designed for more interesting adventures than mine but everyone’s got their own adventures.

Compass Pants Review: the final verdict

Oliver’s Compass Pants Review: the final verdict

Comfort: 9/10 – the only thing stopping me from giving it a 10 is the elastic waistband was a little too loose.

Quality: 10/10 – incredibly high quality!

Style/Functionality: 9/10 – I usually don’t group these together but you really have to for the Olivers Compass Pants. The style is fine but the focus is on the functionality for these pants. My wife also didn’t like the front side zipper pocket.

Have any questions or comments about this review? Let us know in the comments below.


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