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Looking for the best Pura Discount Code? Check it out here.

Pura Promo Code: Have you seen the new Pura Smart Diffuser all over Instagram? We Tried Pura and we loved it (read our full Pura Review and our Pura vs. Aera Review)! If you are ready to try Pura, too, simply use this link and Pura Discount code wetriedpromo to save 15% off your Pura!

This is seriously one of the best deals we’ve ever seen from Pura and it ends this month, so hurry and save now.

Yes, this is a real, working Pura promo code in 2024!

Incredible Offer!
Exclusive Pura Promo Code

Want to save on the Pura Smart Diffuser? Use our exclusive promo code wetriedpromo to save 15% on your next Pura Purchase

Save Now Our Review
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Current Pura Promo Code Offers: Free Pura Device

Get ready to turn your home into a fragrant paradise because Pura has a Day deal that’s so good, it’s like finding money in your old jeans. If you subscribe to two scents for six months, you get a FREE Pura 4 (read all about the Pura 4 Here). Imagine endless whiffs of customizable scents floating through your home—like a bakery next to a flower shop. 🌸🍪

Time’s ticking, so grab this offer before it vanishes like that last slice of pizza at a party. Just click on the handy-dandy links below, and let’s make this Labor Day a bouquet of aromatic memories. 🌹🎆

Get Your Free Pura Device!

Pura Promo Code
Want to save $$ on Pura? Use our Pura Promo Code and save with our Pura discount code.

Pura Coupon Code 2023: What we love

First of all: the price! It’s cheaper than Aera (see our Aera Review or get our Aera Promo Code). The device is only $39 – compared to Aera ($200). You can save even more by using out Pura Promo Code!

Second, the fragrances! Pura works with the scents you already know and love.

We love Capri Blue Candles, especially Volcano. It’s seriously the best scent ever. Pura also has scents from Nest and others. It’s awesome!

Pura Promo Code: What else should you know?

The best way to get started
Pura Best Sellers Starter Kit

Want to get started with Pura for less than $40? Then check out this best sellers kit that includes two subscriptions for 2 top fragrances. Don't worry, fragrances are easy to cancel and switch.

Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You can save even more by getting your scents delivered automatically. For example, the Capri Blue Volcano scent is normally $16. But if you sign up for auto-ship, then you can get it for only $11.20. Use our Pura Promo Code to save even more!

We’ve also had a lot of questions about how Pura compares to Aera. We posted a full Aera vs. Pura Comparison – but if you want the cliff notes, the price of Pura (and the amazing scents!) puts head and shoulders above Aera. You can even use our Pura Coupon Code to save even more!

Also, be sure to check out our best Pura Scents guide.

Pura Promo Code on Fragrances

Pura has recently added a bunch of new fragrances from companies like Votivo, Antica Farmacista, Brooklyn Candle Studio and much more. On top of that, they have new fragrances like Pumpkin Chai and much more.

Want to save even more on Pura Fragrances? Use our Pura Promo Code

Simply use our link and promo code wetriedpromo to save even more on Pura Fragrances. They’ve got some great new fragrances like Pumpkin Chai, Frosted Pine and even new brands that we love like Votivo. Their winter scents are next to perfect!

We, personally, always have Capri Blue Volcano in one of the slots and then either Capri Blue Havanna Vanilla or a seasonal Pura scent in the other slot (like Pumpkin right now!). It’s a fun way to mix up the scents AND keep the ones you know will have your house smelling EXACTLY the way you want it to.

Subscription 101: How to save on Pura without a Discount Code

Trust me, I hate subscriptions as much as the next person – if not more. But if you want to save even more on Pura without using a Pura discount code, I’ve got the solution for you: Subscription Perks.

Yes, besides saving an automatic 30% on all subscription fragrances – you are in complete control. Want a scent every month? Every other week? The choice is yours.

Pura even sends an email reminder with plenty of time to pause or delay a shipment.

Not just a Pura Discount: Even More

That’s right. It’s not just a Pura Discount, it’s even more.

When you Subscribe to a Pura scent, you get 2x Pura Reward points for free fragrances and more.

You also automatically upgrade your Pura Device from a 1 year warranty to a lifetime warranty.

On top of that, you get Pura’s Fragrance Guarantee. If you don’t like a fragrance, they’ll send you one until you find the fragrance you like!

All in all, you can use our Pura Discount Code AND combine it with a subscription to save the biggest bucks on TryPura.com.

What Pura Fragrances Are the Best?

Best Pura Scents

That’s a tough one – because they make so many!

Read our full roundup of the Best Pura Fragrances to learn more. But the best part about Pura is that you can get some of the fragrances you already know and love – like Capri Blue Volcano. No more guessing on what fragrances you MIGHT like.

Pura Pro Tip

Pro Pura Tip: use scents that smell drastically different so you can tell when the different Pura scents are changing. For example, don’t have two citrus scents in your Pura, have a Citrus Scent and a Vanilla or Floral Scent. If the scents are too similar, you will get used to the smell and won’t notice it anymore.

How to Save Even More with our Pura Coupon Code

Incredible Offer!
Exclusive Pura Promo Code

Want to save on the Pura Smart Diffuser? Use our exclusive promo code wetriedpromo to save 15% on your next Pura Purchase

Save Now Our Review
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Did you have any issues using our Pura Discount Code wetriedpromo? Let us know and we’ll help you out wherever we can.

We hope you try Pura and you love it, too!

Can you get a free Pura device?

Right now Pura isn’t offering a free Pura device (make sure to follow us on Instagram and we’ll do a Pura discount code Instagram style – don’t be fulled by pura discount code reddit, we’ve found a bunch of fakes), but we’ll update this with any free Pura device code that comes up. They occasionally use do offer a free smart diffuser, but not at this time.

Also, check out our Aera Mini Review, too.


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  5. Hi there, thank you for the review. Does the pura promo code ‘wetriedit’ still work as I can’t seemed to have it validated at the website. Regards.

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  8. Hi. That was VERY informative. Thank you.
    Now, my question is, “what about the ScentAir Diffuser? I smelled that in a fancy apartment sales office, and I immediately asked what that smell was in there!”
    It is the most expensive of all… so now, is it Pura or Scent Air? Their selection on scents is incredible, and it is PET friendly, a huge factor not mentioned in your review!
    I am afraid that with the Pura scents, that the candle scents they use are not pet/child friendly.
    Thank you for your time!


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