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What Sunglasses Does Deion Sanders Wear? The Prime Time Answer!

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We’ve found the Deion Sanders Sunglasses that everyone is talking about. But let’s cut to the chase on the question, “What sunglasses goes Deion Sanders wear?” It’s the PRIME Sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear. Ah, Deion Sanders—where do we even start with this legend? Whether you know him as “Prime Time” or “Neon Deion,” one thing’s for sure: the man knows … Read More

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Knockaround Sunglasses Review: Can $20 glasses be any good?

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Now if you’re like me, you probably have a favorite pair of sunglasses. Mine happened to be these polarized Ray-Ban Wayfair’s, but they’re about $200. Yikes! You really don’t want to be wearing these in the pool with the kids or playing in the backyard. Well, I’ve got a solution for you today. They’re called Knockaround Sunglasses and here is … Read More

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Knockaround Promo Code – Save $10 now!

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Looking for a great pair of new sunglasses? Read on for our Knockaround Promo Code to save money on Knockaround Sunglasses! Want some new sunglasses? But don’t want to spend $100+ on a new pair of Ray-Bands? Then check out the brand you may have never heard of – Knockarounds? What are knockarounds? Here’s what they have to say:“Growing up, … Read More