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Hello – we are the duo behind We Tried It.

About us:

  • We are 30-somethings with two kiddos and one poorly-behaved dog (Mr. Winnie).
  • Our (slightly better behaved) kids are 4 years old (girl) and 6 years old (boy).
  • We live in Northern Colorado but grew up in Texas.
  • Mr. We Tried It still works full-time and does this in the evenings and weekends (instead of watching episodes of the Bachelor with Mrs. We Tried It).
  • Mrs. We Tried It works on the site between telling at the kids to stop terrorizing said Dog and running the kids all over town.

The partnerships that work best

We started We Tried It because we were always trying new products on our own. We had people ask us questions when they would see us wearing clothes like Mizzen + Main (read our Mizzen + Main Review) or they’d see the Tovala Oven (read our Tovala Oven Review) and ask us questions.


Long story short: the best partnerships are products that are new and interesting.

We don’t like the most expensive products… or the cheapest.

Our mantra is all about doing the least and getting the most. That means it’s OK is a Mizzen + Main dress shirt is more expensive, because we don’t have to dry clean it or iron it. Or, Allbirds (read our Allbirds Review) are more expensive, but we can wash them and not wear them with socks (so, less laundry!)

We’re lifehacker in the true sense of the word – we like to hack life to get the most from it. If your product or service is in that world, we’d love to hear from you.

The Sweet Spot of Products

The sweet spot of products for us tend to be $100+ and require some explaining (like in our Pura Review – how does a Smart Diffuser Work… and can it replace an expensive candle or our ABC Pants Review – why are these $100+ pants worth it)?

Products that have an electronic component also tend to perform better (see our RadRover 6 Review).

We also love products that are sustainable or do good in the world.


All partners had affiliate programs. We produced YouTube Videos, Blog Post Reviews and Social Media Posts for each partner.

Smart Appliance
Over $1.4m in sales since launch.

Smart Kitchen Appliance
Over 3,000 $199 Devices + Subscriptions sold.

D2C T-Shirt Company
Over $1.4m in sales since launch.

D2C Shoe Startup
3-5 Shoes ($99+) sold every day for over 2 months.

We’re not going to lie to you and tell you if we post something on Instagram, you’ll sell out that day. We’re an open book. 

High Quality Content is our Game. 

We personally review every single product that we try and our audience depends on us to do that.

Our website has about 20,000 uniques every months (Updated April 2024) and has increased 200% year over year and 25% month over month.

Our We Tried It YouTube Channel is a large source of traffic and referrals. We currently get about 48,000 views a month and have almost 6,000 subscribers. Some of our top videos:

In short, we pride ourselves in high-quality content that helps explain something that isn’t super easy to understand.

Let’s talk

Want us to review your product? Let us know how we can work together. We’ll get right back to you!

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