Maxl MAX EASY Review: Max Easy – The Quick-Fix Spray that ACTUALLY WORKS?!?

the hood of a car

Have you ever looked at your car and wished for a quick, simple solution to restore its lost shine and get rid of those annoying fine scratches? Finding the right product that offers ease of use and outstanding results can be a challenge. This is where MAXL Max Easy Spray comes into the picture. In …

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Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board: The Surfer’s Dream for Desk Jockeys

a person's feet on a wooden board

There are a ton of Standing Desk accessories, but have you ever heard of the Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board? Read our 100% honest Movemate Review to find out more. Attention everyone who works at a desk! Let’s discuss how to make your workspace more exciting. Whether you’re fantasizing about surfing or simply trying to …

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Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price?

Hari Mari Sandals Review: Are these premium sandals really worth the price? We tried the best selling Hari Mari Pier Sandals (and more!) to give you our honest Hari Mari Flip Flops review.  Har Mari Review: What is Hari Mari?  Hari Mari is taken from an indodesian word and a latin word. Hari (indonesian) for …

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IKEA Runnen Decking Review: 10 Steps to Transform your Outdoor Space

Small yards can be a challenge when it comes to finding space for outdoor activities. But with a little bit of creativity, you can find ways to maximize the use of your space. In this article, we’ll explore one option for doing just that, using IKEA’s Runnen Decking, along with a full and honest Ikea …

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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: An Honest Beam Sleep Review

Buckle up for a rocky review because I have a complicated relationship with this product! Have you seen Beam Dream for Better Sleep all over TikTok? (Am I the only one who watches way too much Tik Tok? What will I do if they take it away? Be way more productive? Ugh!) Okay, side note over, but …

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Rolling in the Sheets: A No-BS Brooklinen Review

In the vast expanse of the internet, where everything is “life-changing” and “absolutely essential,” there is a small oasis of linen normalcy—or is it? Brooklinen, the one-stop shop for all your bed and bath needs (can we really change the world with a flat sheet?), has been making waves with the promise of unadulterated comfort. …

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Best Keto Electrolytes: Our Top 5+ Picks

Are you navigating the keto journey and feeling a bit off? It might be a sign you’re missing key electrolytes! Keeping the right balance of electrolytes is crucial, especially on a ketogenic diet where it’s easy to fall short. In this guide, we’ll explore the best keto-friendly electrolyte supplements that can help you avoid the …

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The 17+ Unknown VERY Best Home Products That Will Transform Your Life (…or at Least Your House)

Are you looking for ways to make your home life easier, more productive, and more organized? With the advances in modern technology (and just well-made products), there are plenty of products that can help make all those things happen. From robot vacuums to smart diffusers, we’ve tried them all and are here to share our …

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Mugsy Jeans – The Most Comfortable Men’s Jeans You’ll Ever Own

I’m not one for superlatives, but when it comes to Mugsy Jeans, I’ve got to hand it to them – these are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. Full of stretch and just feeling great on, they’re available in a wide variety of fits, colors and styles.  If you’re like me, you’re always on …

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