Twillory Suit Review – Never Wrinkles or Needs Dry Cleaning… really??!

Note: this Twillory Suit Review is all about the Twiliory Performance Suit. Read our 100% honest Twillory Air Suit Review and our best performance suits. The Twillory Suit Review: Twillory, a company known for their high-quality dress shirts, has just released a new suit that they claim never wrinkles and never needs dry cleaning. As …

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Myles Everyday Pants Review: why they SHOCKED us

We thought we would hate the Myles Everyday Pants. We were surprised that we loved them instead! They are incredibly comfortable and fit well. They are just as comfortable as sweat pants, but look much better. These pants aren’t as fancy as chinos, but they are more comfortable. If you’re looking for a great pair …

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Mugsy Jeans – The Most Comfortable Men’s Jeans You’ll Ever Own

I’m not one for superlatives, but when it comes to Mugsy Jeans, I’ve got to hand it to them – these are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. Full of stretch and just feeling great on, they’re available in a wide variety of fits, colors and styles.  If you’re like me, you’re always on …

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The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers: Dress Pants Disguised as Sweatpants

Ever found yourself squeezed into a pair of dress pants on one of those sweltering Monday mornings, yearning for the sweet, cottony embrace of your weekend sweatpants? Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers: The Jogger That May Just Change Your Work Wardrobe Forever Well, my fellow comfort-connoisseurs, brace yourselves: I’ve stumbled upon the Ministry of Supply …

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Myles Tour Review: Finally, pants that give Lululemon ABC Pants a run for their money

The Ultimate Myles Tour Pant Review – we give you our honest Myles Tour Pants Review and Myles Tour Chino Review. Myles Tour Pants Review: how does it compare to Lululemon’s ABC pants? Are the Tour pants comfortable and stretchy? Do they even look like dress pants or more like sweatpants? Keep reading our honest …

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Bonobos Jetsetter Review: Great idea… but read this FIRST

We love performance dress shirts at We Tried It. We actually saw someone purchase a Jetsetter Dress Shirt from one of our links, and we had to try it out for ourselves to give you our honest Bonobos Jetsetter Review. The long and short of it? It’s an OK brand, but there are better options …

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ABC Pant Review – God’s gift to men? Or expensive marketing gimmick?

Lululemon ABC Pants Review: Are Lululemon’s ABC Pants God’s gift to mankind? Read our comprehensive, unbiased review on the pants that promise to be the most comfortable you own. We love ABC Pants so much, they’ve made it to our Men’s Best Clothing Guide. See more great clothes, like the ABC Pants in our Men’s Best Clothes …

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We Put Ministry of Supply’s High Tech Comfort To The Test

Ministry of Supply Review: Everything you need to know about the amazing clothing brand. Ministry of Supply believes that science can make you more comfortable and productive…everywhere. What is Ministry of Supply? Ministry of Supply was formed by a group of MIT graduates who desired to make workwear as comfortable and low-maintenance as workout gear, …

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