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Molekule Review: Is This $1,000 Air Purifier Really Worth It?

When it comes to indoor air quality, the Molekule Air Pro stands out as one of the most advanced air purifiers on the market. Priced at $1,000, it promises to deliver exceptional performance and a host of innovative features. But is it worth the investment? In this Molekule review, I’ll dive deep into my personal …

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Ruggable Review – What we wish we knew before spending $ thousands on rugs

Ruggable Review: Can a washable rug look good and be washable?! Read on to see our full and honest Ruggable Review. Why we were searching for a new Rug Company Ok, real talk here… when we moved into our house we didn’t have children. I bought a gorgeous white rug that cost over $1k for the …

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Maxl MAX EASY Review: Max Easy – The Quick-Fix Spray that ACTUALLY WORKS?!?

Have you ever looked at your car and wished for a quick, simple solution to restore its lost shine and get rid of those annoying fine scratches? Finding the right product that offers ease of use and outstanding results can be a challenge. This is where MAXL Max Easy Spray comes into the picture. In …

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Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board: The Surfer’s Dream for Desk Jockeys

There are a ton of Standing Desk accessories, but have you ever heard of the Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board? Read our 100% honest Movemate Review to find out more. Attention everyone who works at a desk! Let’s discuss how to make your workspace more exciting. Whether you’re fantasizing about surfing or simply trying to …

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Fly Fit Tees Review: Your New Wardrobe Staple or Just Another Tee?

In the realm of casual wear, nailing the perfect T-shirt is like hitting the jackpot of comfort and style—a simple quest made complex by a flood of options. Among the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, the last thing you need is a tee that’s too tight, too rigid, or too pricey. Dive into …

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Rolling in the Sheets: A No-BS Brooklinen Review

In the vast expanse of the internet, where everything is “life-changing” and “absolutely essential,” there is a small oasis of linen normalcy—or is it? Brooklinen, the one-stop shop for all your bed and bath needs (can we really change the world with a flat sheet?), has been making waves with the promise of unadulterated comfort. …

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ABC Pant Review – God’s gift to men? Or expensive marketing gimmick?

Lululemon ABC Pants Review: Are Lululemon’s ABC Pants God’s gift to mankind? Read our comprehensive, unbiased review on the pants that promise to be the most comfortable you own. We love ABC Pants so much, they’ve made it to our Men’s Best Clothing Guide. See more great clothes, like the ABC Pants in our Men’s Best Clothes …

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Name Stories Review: the best personalized name art

Name Stories Review: Name Stories offers personalized, affordable art that captures the unique story behind a child’s name. These customizable prints, perfect for gifting, provide a lasting keepsake with accurate and personality-tailored descriptions. Name Stories Review: What’s the big idea? One of the most exciting things about expecting a baby is naming him or her.  …

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Bluffworks Review: We Put The Technical Clothes to the Ultimate Test

Bluffworks Review: The relatively new clothing company promises to offer the best clothes for travel – low maintenance, comfortable, and dry clean optional. Now that the world is starting to travel again, we thought we’d dust-up this review (that frankly, we never finished) and post it for everyone to enjoy. What is Bluffworks? Bluffworks started in 2012 …

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We Put Ministry of Supply’s High Tech Comfort To The Test

Ministry of Supply Review: Everything you need to know about the amazing clothing brand. Ministry of Supply believes that science can make you more comfortable and productive…everywhere. What is Ministry of Supply? Ministry of Supply was formed by a group of MIT graduates who desired to make workwear as comfortable and low-maintenance as workout gear, …

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Jarvis Standing Desk Review: we put the best-selling standing desk to the test

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing the Jarvis Standing Desk. Read what we found in our Jarvis Desk Review! Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Review: we put the best-selling standing desk to the test. Like so many people working from home, you might be looking for a new home office desk that you can sit, stand …

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Allbirds Tree Runners Review – The best Allbirds?

We love Allbirds (read our full Allbirds Review) on We Tried It! But we realized that we’ve never talked about the Allbirds Tree Runners. So, let’s dive into our Allbirds Tree Runners Review: are they the best Allbirds out there? Let’s go. Why should you trust us? We’ve tried over 20 pairs of Allbirds. From …

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Allbirds Wool Runner 2 Review: Stepping Up the Sustainable Shoe Game

Today, we’re lacing up to dive into the world of sustainable footwear with our Allbirds Wool Runner 2 Review. You’ve probably seen these beauties popping up all over your social feeds, and if you’re anything like us, you’re itching to know if they’re as good as they look. The original Wool Runners set a high …

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Perfect Jean Khakis Review: Denim Meets Khaki, A Love Story or a Fashion Faux Pas?

Perfect Jean Khakis Review: TL;DR The perfect jean NYC is one of our best values, but what about the new perfect jean khakis? It turns out they are pretty darn good, too. Hey, hey, hey, it’s not every day you see something that stops you mid-scroll and makes you wonder, “What in the name of …

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Mizzen + Main Vest Review – I used to hate vests. Did this change my mind?

Mizzen + Main Vest Review – to be honest with you, I was never a “vest” guy until I found the Mizzen + Main Vests. Now, it’s one of my go-to Fall/Winter staples. Why is that? Read more in our honest Mizzen + Main Vest Review! Vests are a huge part of our Men’s Fall …

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Thousand Helmet Review: Finally a bike helmet you actually want to wear

Thousand Review: TL;DR Thousand Helmet nails both style and safety with a magnetic latch and safety certifications. The Heritage 2.0 wins for style and budget, while Chapter MIPS takes the cake for safety features. Thousand helmet review: Finally, a bike helmet that doesn’t look dorky. These retro-inspired helmets not only look great, but they also …

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Velotric Packer 1 Review: A eBike Family Affair

Packer 1 Pros: Packer 1 Cons: Velotric Packer 1 Review: A Family Ride Like No Other Picture this: a sunny afternoon, the wind in your hair, and the open road ahead. Sounds like the perfect setting for a bike ride, doesn’t it? But wait, we’re not talking about just any bike ride; we’re talking about …

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Why Amberjack Tux Shoes Are the Best Tuxedo Shoes You’ll Ever Wear!

Ah, tuxedo events. You know the drill. You suit up, looking all James Bond-ish, ready to sip martinis and make small talk. But let’s be real, the moment you step into those traditional tux shoes, it’s like stepping into medieval torture devices. You’re counting down the minutes until you can fling those bad boys across …

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Ninja CREAMi Review: A Must-Have or a Bust? Our Picky Family Weighs In

Who else is obsessed with TikTok?  For some reason my For You Page this summer was absolutely littered with Ninja CREAMi recipes! Anyone else relate? After seeing the 1000th Ninja CREAMi video, I decided it was time to invest and give you our honest Ninja CREAMi Review.  It was actually a little bit hard to find …

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Stitch Fix Freestyle Review: Shopping for Clothes Just Got A TON Easier

Stitch Fix Freestyle Review: If you’re like me, you hate having to go clothes shopping. It’s always a hassle, and I never know what to buy. Plus, I usually end up spending too much money on things that I don’t even wear. Recently, I discovered Stitch Fix Freestyle, and it has completely changed the way …

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