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Welcome to our Men’s best clothing Wiki. We’ll be updating this section frequently with the best Men’s Clothes and best Men’s Shoes.

Men's Best Clothing Guide: The best of the best of the best
The We Tried It Very Best Men’s Clothing Guide

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Most of our reviews are a snapshot in time, but we’ll update this page regularly to showcase the best products we are using all the time!

Our Best Men’s Best Clothing Picks – A quick guide

We have three different choices of picks: The We Tried It Pick, the best Overall and the best inexpensive pick. All we would (and typically do) wear.

  • The We Tried It Pick: this is what we choose to wear the most. It’s not always the most or least expensive but the best for the money.
  • The best overall pick: if money is no object, this would be our pick.
  • The best inexpensive pick: a good choice that is still worth it, if you’re trying to save some money.

There may be a pick (like best Dress Shirt, for example), that only has 1 pick. This is our We Tried It Pick, Best Overall AND we wouldn’t waste money on a cheaper option.

Who are we and why does our opinion even matter?

We’re 2 self-proclaimed lifehackers with two kiddos looking to get the most from spending the least. Before we started WeTried.It, we were always trying all the newest things (like Tovala and Mizzen + Main Main) and people would ask us for our honest opinion. So, we decided to create this website to give you our honest takes on the newest products.

Best Dress Shirt – Mizzen + Main

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 1
Mizzen and Main: We wouldn’t look any further than Mizzen + Main for the best dress shirt.
Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 2

This one is pretty easy and clear cut for us: It’s, hands-down Mizzen + Main. Their dress shirts don’t look like Under Armour Clothes, but they act like it. They don’t get wrinkles, are machine washable and very breathable. I’ve walked through the streets of New York City in the middle of the summer and you would never know that I was sweating out of my own skin.

The only thing we don’t love? They can be expensive (around $100). However, if you factor in no dry cleaning, the savings add pretty quickly. It will be your go-to shirt for work and travel. We promise. Read our full Mizzen + Main Review, also see our Mizzen + Main Flannel Review and Mizzen + Main Chino Review.

Also, check out the best men’s performance dress shirts, too.

Pro Tip: The Trim fit is VERY trim. I typically wear a size Medium in everything, but I wear a Small Standard or Medium Trim in everything Mizzen + Main. If you are unsure of sizes, order two sizes – they have a great return policy. Also, check out their Last Chance page for great deals.

  1. Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts
  2. Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

    The performance dress shirt that started it all. Available in a wide variety of designs and fits, you can find the perfect button-up shirt for you.

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  3. Ministry of Supply Shirts
  4. Ministry of Supply Shirts

    Filled with tech (even perforated vents under your pits!), just stick with the Aero line of dress shirts and skip the Apollo line (too shiny).

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Be sure to check out our Best Performance Dress Shirt post.

Best Polo Shirt

Polo Shirts have been the rage with the new Work From Home Culture. They are not t-shirts but they aren’t dress shirts easier. The happy medium is certainly Polo Shirts. They look dressy but not-too-dressy. They feel like a T-Shirt.

For the Best Polo Shirt, the choice isn’t as clear-cut as the best dress shirt.

Polo Shirts: What we are looking for

One quick pet peeve on polo shirts: the collars. Now that I mention it, you’ll notice that the collars on many polo shirts curl after several washes.

Best Polo Shirt: We Tried It Pick – Mizzen + Main

About $50

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 3
Our best polos

The best overall Polo shirt, regardless of cost, is a two-way tie. I really like the Mizzen + Main Polo Shirts and the Olivers District Polo (read our full District Polo Review).

When Mizzen + Main Polos came out, they were almost $100 – way too much. But since then, they’ve come down in price – about $50. Under Armour Polos were our number one pick, but for about $5 more, you can get a Mizzen + Main Polo, which is much better!

Pro Tip: The Mizzen + Main Polo is a little on the baggy side (it was designed to golf in), if you want something a little more trim, check out the Oliver’s District Polo Review.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 4
The District Polo is another great, but expensive.

Both shirts don’t have collars that curl and are lightweight and comfortable. The Mizzen + Main Polo Shirts are REALLY lightweight, but are made of 100% Polyester. They have the Polyester Shine to them, while the Olivers District Polo is mostly cotton, with Polyester Woven in. I like the way the Olivers shirt looks, however hair (dog and human) stick to it easily.

Best Inexpensive Polo – Everlane Performance Polo


Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 5
You also can’t go wrong with the Everlane Performance Polo.

If more than $50 is not your cup of tea, I get it it. If you want the best inexpensive polo, the Everlane Performance Polo is the best choice. The good part is that you get polo that is mostly cotton – similar to the pique cotton used in the Olivers District Polo. But it is 93% cotton and only 7% Elastane – a form of spandex. Read our full Everlane Performance Polo Review.

You’ll still get the small hairs sticking on the polo without the performance aspects of the Under Armour or Olivers promo. But you can buy several Everlane Performance Polos for the price of 1 District Polo.

Best Men’s T-Shirt

There have been a ton of T-shirt companies coming out of the woodwork recently: from subscription t-shirt companies to super expensive ones.

We like t-shirts that fit well, are comfortable, soft and last a long time. We tend to like crew necks or v-necks and also really like shirts with a curved hem – the bottom of the shirt where it is longer in the front and back and comes back up on the sides. It gives the shirt a bit more of a polished look without looking long and boxy.

Best T-Shirt: We Tried It Pick – Buck Mason

About $30

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 6
Our favorite regular t-shirt: the Buck Mason Tri-Blend Tee.

We first saw Buck Mason on Shark Tank and loved their concept: simple, well-made, American-made classics. Nothing flashy, just simple good style.

Buck Mason makes several t-shirts that we love but we love anything made from their vintage tri-blend cotton. It comes in several shades of black, grey and blue – and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The Tri-Blend cotton is durable – I’ve had several shirts made from this that have lasted years wearing once a week. Read our full Buck Mason Review, to learn more about this great brand!

Best T-Shirt: runner up: Fresh Clean Tees

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 7
Fresh Clean Tees – an even cheaper solution, but we still SLIGHTLY prefer Buck Mason.

For just over $12, you can own some incredibly high quality t-shirts. They even have a subscription service to keep your tees, well, fresh. See our full Fresh Clean Tees Review and use our Fresh Clean Tees Promo Code. Also, check out our comparison: Fresh Clean Tees vs. True Classic Tees.

We still SLIGHTLY like Buck Mason’s Tees, but these are about half the price.

Best Inexpensive Pick: Hanes Performance Tees from Wal-Mart

About $6

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 8
For only $6, this is fine to wear around the house.

You don’t win any fashion awards with these shirts, but you will have a full wallet – these are perfect shirts for mowing the lawn – or just sleeping in. You can’t go wrong. They’ve lasted a surprisingly long time, too! You can get the Hanes Performance Tee at Wal-Mart.

Best Men’s Jeans

Jeans are tough because everyone has a different cut they like and different fits. We like a pair that can be worn with nice shoes and a dress shirt, but still super comfortable. Read our full Best Mens Jeans review.

Another must have: no bleeding when you first get the pants!!! This freaked my doctor out when I wore a new pair of jeans to a doctor appointment. She thought I had Raynaud’s syndrome.

Best Jeans: We Tried It pick – Perfect Jean

About $60

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 9
The Perfect Jean? Close to it.

Super stretchy, soft, comfortable jeans for about $60? Yes, please! You simply can’t beat the stretch and price of this Jean company. Use our Perfect Jean Promo Code found in our Perfect Jean Review to save more.

We recently upgraded to the Athletic Fit Perfect Jean and they are…. well, Perfect. They are the perfect blend of Style, Comfort, Fit, and Price! Check them out with our Perfect Jean Promo Code.

Best Jeans – Best Overall – Duer Jeans

About $120

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 10
Duer Jeans: The best overall, but you can get two pairs of Perfect Jeans for the price of 1 Duer Jeans.

We’ve tried many different brands (and have several more on the way), ranging from brands you’ve heard (like Levi’s) to ones you haven’t, like Duer.

Duer’s Jeans are available in a ton of different styles and colors. I loved their Performance Denim and loved it. They are the jeans I wear most often, however, they are 2x as expensive as the Perfect Jean.

Read our full Duer Jean Review.

Best Jeans: Runner Up – Bluffworks Departure Jeans

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 11
The Bluffworks Departure Jeans have some unique features like hidden pockets

I also really like these jeans, especially for traveling. They are incredibly high quality and have a ton of hidden pockets. This worked out really well for traveling to Mexico. I kept our passports in the hidden pockets of the Bluffworks Jeans.

Check out our full Bluffworks Review, too.

Best Jean Alternative

There are several categories that could fall here, but I simply call these Jean Alternatives. Some are more of a Chino-style, others are more 5-pocket style actual Jean alternatives. We like pants here that don’t wrinkle easy, are lightweight, stretchy and can be worn with nice shoes and a dress shirt – or a t-shirt and some Allbirds, for example. See our mega jean alternative review for me and our best mens pants review, too.

Best Jean Alternative – We Tried It Pick: Lululemon ABC pants + Myles Tour Pants

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 12
Lululemon ABC Pants: some of the best of the best.

This is one of the closest between all the other categories. We love the Lululemon ABC Pants, especially the commission pants (read our full ABC Pants Review) The Commission Pants are more chino style while the Myles Tour Pants are more Jean style – but we really like the fabric of the Tour Pants. They are awesome, very lightweight and super stretchy.

Read our Myles Tour Pants Review and our Myles Tour Chinos Review.

We’ve also found yet another great jean alternative: the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill Pants. Read our full Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill Review.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 13
The Myles Tour Pants are another great jean alternative.

If you want more Chino style pants, go with the Lululemon Commission. If you want more Jean style (5 pocket), go with the Myles Tour pants. You can’t go wrong with either.

We also found a great cheaper ABC Pant alternative, the Quince Chinos. Read our full Quince Review.

Best Jean alternative – best inexpensive option

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 14
English Laundry, not a bad option for half the price.

As we covered in our Jean alternative roundup, we were very pleasantly surprised with the English Laundry pants we found at Costco (and on Amazon, too). These are a super inexpensive option if you want to try something new. They are also incredibly comfortable.

Another good option: the Quince Chinos. Read our full Quince Recycled Tech Comfort Chino Review.

Best Everyday Shorts

When we say everyday shorts, we mean shorts that you would wear out and about – not shorts you’d wear around the house, as much. I know these days there is a lot less wearing clothes out and about.

Best Everyday Short – Lululemon Commission Shorts

Retail $88

These are the perfect balance between form and function. They look like more traditional Chino shorts but have some technical abilities.

Other good options include Olivers Capital Short (Retail: $98), Myles Tour Shorts (Retail $88), and Bluffworks Ascender Shorts (Retail: $78)

Be sure to also check out our Olivers Capital Short Review.

Best Workout Shorts

I like lightweight shorts that don’t really look like workout shorts. Sure, the material has to be stretchy, but that doesn’t mean the shorts should look like Champion basketball shorts from the 90s.

Best Workout Shorts – We Tried It Pick – Myles Everyday Short or Olivers All Over Short

Myles Everyday Short: $58
Olivers All Over Short: $68

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 16
The Myles Everyday Short, especially the second generation, is a near-perfect workout/running errands short.

There are many different options here, but we keep on coming back to both of these shorts. We really like the second generation Myles Everyday Short, (read our Myles Everyday Short review) especially because it has the back pocket. It’s also lighter weight and makes less noise than the previous generation.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 17
Olivers All Over Short: We like the fabric slightly more but it doesn’t have a back pocket.

We previously said the competition was close. However, Olivers added an ugly logo on the front pant leg of these pants, and we can no longer recommend them.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 18

But the addition of the back pocket on the Myles short puts it over the edge.

Our Top Versatile Short Pick
Everyday Short | Myles Apparel

Recently redesigned to add a back pocket and softer, less noisy fabric, the Everyday Short is one of our must-have items!

Buy Now
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Check out our full Olivers Shorts vs. Myles Shorts Comparison.

Also, check out our Fabletics Review and our best Work from Home Shorts.

Best Men’s Suit

Suits are also difficult, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about what is the best suit. We were looking for something that was comfortable, good-looking, and didn’t have to be dry cleaned. Yes, it’s possible…

No matter what suit you get make sure to get the suit tailored. That makes all the difference. It makes a not-so-expensive suit look way more expensive.

Best Suit: We Tried It Pick: Bluffworks

About $435 for both the blazer and pants – on sale here.

Read our Bluffworks Suit Review and our Bluffworks Review (overall).

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 19
We like the Ministry of Supply Suit slightly more, but not enough to justify the more expensive price, especially if you can get the Bluffworks on sale.

While we liked the Ministry Of Supply suit a little bit more, it was about more expensive. For the suit blazer and pants, they retail for about $680.

Read our full Ministry of Supply Suit Review and our full Ministry of Supply Review.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 20
The Ministry of Supply Suit combo was slightly nicer but more than 2 times the price.

The Bluffworks Suit is a great combo of versatility, comfort and features. All for a fair price.

Best Dress Pants

Surprisingly there are a lot of good options here, too. While it’d be easy to give this to the Lululemon ABC pants, they really can’t be called dress pants – any golfer could spot them a mile away.

Best Dress Pants – We Tried It Pick – Mizzen + Main Baron Chinos

About $98

These are a newcomer in the Chino space, but we really love them. They are comfortable, stretch, but not too stretchy and – most importantly – don’t look like athletic pants.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 21
The Mizzen + Main Barron Chinos are a great pair of dress pants.

Best Dress Shoes

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 22

This one used to be Zerogrand (read our full Zerogrand Review). However, Zerogrand has become a bit too popular (and a bit too noticeable) recently. We recently had the chance to try Amberjack Shoes and we love them! Check out our full Amberjack Review and buy Amberjack shoes here.

Our Top Dress Shoe Pick

While slightly more expensive than Cole Haan Zerogrand, these shoes are much better made and even more comfortable.

Buy Now Our Review
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Best Workout Shoes

Allbirds Tree Dasher

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 23

I used to only wear Nike Shoes working out, however, this all changed when I had the chance to try the Allbirds Tree Dasher.

They’ve now upgraded the Tree Dasher – read our full Tree Dasher 2 Review.

Best Sandals

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 24

I reviewed a ton of sandals to come down to my final two picks: Rainbow Sandals and Hari Mari Sandals. You simply can’t go wrong with either one. We wrote a full comparison of Rainbow Sandals vs. Hari Mari Sandals.

Other Great Shoes

We’ve also had the chance to review some other great shoe brands.

Vest Waterproof Shoes

A great all around shoe
Vessi Waterpoof Shoes

What Vessi accomplished with these waterproof shoes is nothing short of remarkable. Lightweight, comfortable shoes that are both waterproof AND breathable. Those two things usually don't go hand in hand. However, they aren't for everyone.

They are the PERFECT shoes for camping or soggy days (snow AND rain), but we wish the styling was a little more in line with our taste.

Shop Men Shop Women
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

For example, Vessi Shoes. What makes Vessi Shoes so awesome? They are Waterpoof. Yes, you read that correctly, they are WATER PROOF.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 25

The best thing of all, they are also very breathable. Check out our full Vessi Shoes Review for more information.

Suavs Shoes

We kept on seeing Sauvs Shoes around social media and had to give them a shot.

They are a little more “sock-y” than shoe – but it makes them very lightweight and very comfortable. Read our full Suavs Shoes Review.

Best Sleep Wear

You can wear a lot of different types of clothes to wear to sleep. But this is an easy option for me. I only have 1 pick here: these super inexpensive sleep shorts from Amazon. They are only $19.99 for a 2 pack!

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 26
A great bargain at only $19.99 for a 2 pack!

Best Coat

Coming Soon…

Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another tough one, simply because they are one of the few items that we actually care about name brands. It’s not logical, but it’s true.

Best Sunglasses: We Tried It Pick – Ray Ban Wayfarer

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 27
The original Ray-Ban Wayfarer is always a great choice.

These are my go-to sunglasses, all the time, except when I’m doing something super active outside. They can be on the expensive side, but they will last forever

Best Sunglasses: Budget Pick

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 28
The Knockarounds look great and are a fraction of the cots.

Honestly, when you are wearing sunglasses, you can’t tell the difference between Knockarounds and Ray-Bans. If you get the polarized lenses, at most the Knockarounds will cost about $30. Use our Knockaround Promo code to get them even cheaper and read our full Knockaround Review to learn more.

Best Belts

I hate wearing belts, simply because they never seem to be the right size, even between holes. I don’t know why. So, I like customized belts where you can make them EXACTLY the size you need them to be.

Best Belt: We Tried It Pick: Grip6 Ninja Belt

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 29
This is a great, everyday, casual belt.

Made in the USA and a great overall belt. It has a little bit of overall stretch, but not enough to not hold you pants up. The only dig is that it isn’t super fancy and doesn’t look great dressed up

Best Belt: Fancier pick – Nordstrom Belts

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 30
This belt matches my Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes perfectly.

If you need a fancier belt, the best advice we have is to take the shoes you are trying to match into your nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. This will help you match your shoes exactly – sometimes doing it online is more difficult.

Best Socks for Men

We’ve wrote about our love for Bombas Socks before in our Bombas Sock Review (also check out our Bombas Promo Code, too). But our favorite men’s pair of socks is actually from Myles Apparel. The Myles Wool Socks are incredible (about $25/pair). Read more about the Best Wool Socks.

Men's Best Clothing Guide - Updated Frequently 31
My go-to pair of socks when I do have to wear socks.

On their website they say, “The first pair you’ll grab after laundry day,” and it’s 100% true. I don’t wear socks that often (because I’m usually in Allbirds), but they are my first option when I DO have to wear socks.

Men’s Best Clothes Guide: What are we missing?

Are we missing something (besides the coat review, that’s coming soon!)? Is there anything else you’d wish we would provide our recommendation on? Send us your suggestions in the comments below!