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Best Keto Snacks on Amazon

If you are anything like me, Mr. We Tried It, you eat the Keto Diet (Reddit has a good primer on the Keto Diet). However, snacks on Keto always come hard. What do you want if you want to eat something crunchy AND keto? Or what about savory AND Keto? Or the ultimate keto stumbling block: sweets. We take a … Read More

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Nespresso Barista Recipes

Have you seen our Nespresso Barista Review? If you haven’t checked out the review of the fancy milk frother, we recommend it! Here are a couple of simple recipes we love! For almost all of the recipes listed below, we’ll be using the “Latte Macchiato” setting on the Nespresso Barista. A couple tips on Nespresso Barista Recipies Before you start making … Read More

Shipt Promo Code – $50 Discount on Shipt Grocery Delivery

Working Shipt Promo Code – Updated December 2019 Guess what? We’ve tried Shipt (read our full Shipt Review) and we love it! If you want some free groceries, please use our Shipt Promo Code Here – and get 50% off your membership with Shipt. Who doesn’t love a discount on grocery delivery? Why do we love Shipt and should you … Read More