Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! 1

Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It!

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirt Review: The athleisure dress clothes line they call "The World Best Damn Dress Shirt." Is Mizzen + Main Worth it? We tell you what to buy and what not to buy in our comprehensive review of Mizzen + Main shirts.

Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! we-tried-it-we-loved-it2-e1512702298211
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    Amazing, comfortable, wrinkle-free men’s clothes. They look like dress clothes but feel like Lululemon.

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    Looks great, feels even better. The stretch on everything is awesome!

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    As long as you get the right collection (avoid the Spinaker collection) – these clothes look just like dress clothes.

What is Mizzen+Main?

Mizzen + Main is a new clothing brand. It's designed to look like business casual, but engineered to perform like athletic clothes.

The biggest benefit? 4 Way Stretch. The stretch on their clothes is incredible. What does that mean for you? Comfort and no wrinkles!

What makes Mizzen + Main different?

I've tried many different so-called "athleisure" brands before. Don't worry, I'll post my reviews soon. 

Mizzen + Main prides themselves on four main areas:

  • Moisture Wicking (think Under Armour technology)
  • Machine Washable (no more dry cleaners!!!!)
  • Four Way Stretch (the best benefit)
  • Wrinkle Resistant (Heck, yes!)

Most athleisure brands say they don't look like sweats or Under Armour, but they do. 

In fact, I first tried Mizzen + Main's Spinnaker Collection. 👎🏻 

My first impression was good. As I took the dress shirts out of the bag, they felt almost rough. They didn't feel like a typical dress shirt (which I expected). 

However, when I put it on, at first glance, everything appeared to be normal. Then, I moved to some naturally lighting and my wife was horrified. She said, "What the heck are you wearing?! It looks like you are wearing a dress shirt made out of a workout shirt!?!" Well, I was...

Luckily, Mizzen + Main has free shipping and returns. I returned those dress shirts. Pronto. 

Now, I did end up becoming a fan of Mizzen + Main again (just like I did of Allbirds - read our full Allbirds review). Here's how...

Mizzen + Main Review

Fast forward a couple of months as we were visiting some friends in Texas. They had a Mizzen + Main pop-up shop in Fort Worth, TX.

Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! DJtO1-JU8AARhER-1024x768

I convinced my wife to give them a second chance. 

When we got in the Mizzen + Main pop up shop, a friendly sales person asked us if we knew about the brand. We said, yes, but had a bad experience. 

She quickly said, "Have you tried the Leeward Collection?"

I had no idea Mizzen + Main had different collections (or what even a collection meant) so I said "no." She showed me the Leeward collection. 

The Mizzen + Main Leeward Collection is hands-down the best dress shirt I own. 

Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! 0005s_0000_Montauk_800x800

It looks like a normal dress shirt, right!?

This shirt has become my new favorite dress shirt. I wear it all the time. 

Why do we love Mizzen + Main?

Mizzen + Main is a great guy's clothing brand. If you're like me, you hate dress clothes. You'd rather be comfortable. Mizzen + Main allows you to be comfortable and look good at the same time.  

They have a very quick and easy return/exchange process. The customer service is amazing, too. 

What don't we love about Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts?

As I mentioned earlier, the Spinnaker collection was a giant bust! Don't buy that collection. 

The main thing I don't love is the price. Mizzen + Main is expensive (I guess they have to pay both Mizzen AND Main). Shirts are about $100. Chinos and Jeans are about $135.

That being said, they have a generous return and exchange policy. So, there's literally no risk in trying them out. 

Do Mizzen + Main Shirts really look like dress shirts?

The Leeward Collection looks almost identical to a dress shirt. I took some photos of my Leeward Gingham Shirt (the one that looks black and white below - the color is actually a dark blue) and a semi-Gingham Banana Republic Dress Shirt so you can see the differences.

There isn't much of a difference at all. 

Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! mizzenmainshirt-review Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! mizzen-main-shirt-review
You can see in the animated GIF below that both shirts (Mizzen + Main Shirt and Pants on the left, Banana Republic Shirt and Pants on the right), both look like dress clothes.
Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! before-mizzenmain
The difference can be seen in how wrinkled the clothes get after sitting in a suitcase:
Mizzen + Main Review: We Tried It! mizzen-main-after

Tips for Buying Mizzen + Main Clothes

  • Mizzen + Main Shirts sizing can be a little inconsistent. When in doubt - order different sizes when they are in stock if you are on the border.
  • For lighter shirts, by the larger size. For example, a Small Trim Fit that is a light color looks terrible on me. But a Small Trim Fit in a darker color looks good.
  • You have to be fairly trim to wear the "trim fit."
  • Some of the lighters shirts are slightly see through. We're working with Customer Support to help identify what makes them more or less see through. We'd stay away from the solid white shirts. All of the Checker shirts (like the one picture above) is NOT see through.
  • Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry (full instructions on how to wash Mizzen + Main Clothes)
  • Once again, don't buy the Spinnaker line!
  • We weren't a fan of their polos or Henleys (they were made for someone in WAAY better shape than me).
  • We did like their pull-overs, jeans, flannels and chinos.

Mizzen + Main Promo Code

Mizzen + Main rarely ever has sales, discounts or promotions (they will sometimes do $50 off when you buy three dress shirts). But here's a $25 off coupon for you. Simply use this link to get the $25 off. 

More on Mizzen + Main Promo Codes.

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