Mizzen and Main Review: Why it took over my closet… and will take over yours, too.

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Mizzen + Main Review: the best dress clothes we've tested

Mizzen and Main Review: The athleisure brand makes the signature, “World’s Best Damn Dress Shirt.” But Is Mizzen + Main really worth it? We tell you what to buy and what not to buy in our comprehensive review of Mizzen + Main.

#1 Best Performance Dress Shirt
Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

The performance dress shirt that started it all. Available in a wide variety of designs and fits, you can find the perfect button-up shirt for you.

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We review Mizzen and Main Dress shirts, Mizzen + Main Polos, Mizzen and Main Henleys, Mizzen and Main pants, Mizzen + Main Sweaters, and Mizzen + Main Vests. Whew!

That’s a lot of items in our Mizzen and Main Review… let’s dive in.

Yes… we actually tried it

My closet is stuffed with Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts
My closet is stuffed with Mizzen + Main Shirts

And on top of that, we’ve actually tried everything on this list. I currently have over 19 Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts in my closet.

The 30 Second Mizzen and Main Review

The before: before we got soaked, I was wearing this Mizzen + Main Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

If Mizzen and Main can be worn at a theme park and to a Broadway musical, you know you’re doing something right!

The after: we got soaked. But have no fear, about 10 mins later I was dry!

You simply can’t go wrong with Mizzen and Main. Their dress shirts are legendary. The pants are great. They even turned me into a vest guy. Yes, they really are that good.

Mizzen and Main is actually one of the reasons started We Tried It.

We were one of the first to even try their clothes and continued to tell all of our friends about how much of a lifehack this really was.

Serious. They are dress shirts that don’t feel or act like dress shirts… but still look like dress shirts.

You’ll pay a little more for their products, but you’re getting SOOO much more.

#1 Best Performance Dress Shirt
Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

The performance dress shirt that started it all. Available in a wide variety of designs and fits, you can find the perfect button-up shirt for you.

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Mizzen + Main Review Video

Mizzen and Main Dress Shirt Review

We love Mizzen + Main so much, they are actually listed as our Best Dress Shirt in our Men’s Best Clothing Guide. It’s also our #1 Best Performance Dress Shirt, too.

What is Mizzen + Main?

Mizzen + Main is a new clothing brand. It’s designed to look like business casual, but engineered to perform like athletic clothes.

The biggest benefit? 4 Way Stretch AND being machine washable. The stretch on their clothes is incredible. What does that mean for you? Comfort and no wrinkles!

It’s a performance fabric that doesn’t look like performance fabric.

Mizzen and Main Review: What makes them different?

I’ve tried many different so-called “athleisure” brands before. Don’t worry, I’ll post my reviews soon. 

Mizzen + Main prides itself on four main areas:

  • Moisture Wicking (think Under Armour technology)
  • Machine Washable (no more dry cleaners!!!!)
  • Four Way Stretch (the best benefit)
  • Wrinkle Resistant (Heck, yes!)

Most athleisure brands say they don’t look like sweats or Under Armour, but they actually do look like highly technical pieces of clothing.  

Mizzen + Main Review: What NOT to buy

In fact, I first tried Mizzen + Main’s Spinnaker Collection. 👎🏻 

Pro tip: avoid the Mizzen + Main Spinnaker collection at all costs – they don’t look like dress shirts!

My first impression was not good. As I took the dress shirts out of the bag, they felt almost rough. They didn’t feel like a typical dress shirt (which I expected). 

However, when I put it on, at first glance, everything appeared to be normal.

Then, I moved to some natural lighting and my wife was horrified. She said, “What the heck are you wearing?! It looks like you are wearing a dress shirt made out of a workout shirt!?!”

Well, I was wearing a shirt out of workout material…

Luckily, Mizzen + Main has free shipping and returns. I returned the Spinnaker Collection dress shirts. Pronto. 

Now, I did end up becoming a fan of Mizzen + Main again (just like I did of Allbirds – read our full Allbirds review). Here’s how…

How I became a Mizzen + Main superfan

I convinced my wife to give them a second chance. 

When we got in the Mizzen + Main pop-up shop, a friendly salesperson asked us if we knew about the brand. We said, yes, but had a bad experience with the Mizzen Main Shirts.

She quickly said, “Have you tried the Leeward Collection?”

I had no idea Mizzen + Main had different collections (or what even a collection meant) so I said “no.” She showed me the Leeward collection. 

Mizzen + Main Review: All about the fabrics!

Mizzen + Main Review: The Leeward Collection Dress Shirts are the best

Looks like a “normal” dress shirt, right?

The Leeward Dress shirt has become my new favorite dress shirt. I wear it all the time.

Why do we love Mizzen + Main?

Mizzen + Main is a great guy’s clothing brand. If you’re like me, you hate dress clothes. You’d rather be comfortable.

Mizzen + Main allows you to be comfortable and look good at the same time.  

“Mizzen + Main allows you to be comfortable and look good at the same time.”

They have a very quick and easy return/exchange process. The customer service is amazing, too. 

They also have really expanded the styles they offer – now offering polos, shorts, pants, vests and even henley (more on that in a second).

Mizzen + Main Review: Do they really look like dress shirts?

The Leeward Collection looks almost identical to a dress shirt. I took some photos of my Leeward Gingham Shirt (the one that looks black and white below – the color is actually a dark blue) and a semi-Gingham Banana Republic Dress Shirt so you can see the differences.

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirt Review
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Mizzen + Main Review: Comparison
The Mizzen + Main dress shirt is on the top and bottom in the photo. The Blue shirt is a Banana Republic Dress Shirt

Are Mizzen + Main shirts really wrinkle-free?

You can see in the animated GIF below that both shirts (Mizzen + Main Shirt and Pants on the left, Banana Republic Shirt and Pants on the right), both look like dress clothes.

Mizzen + Main Review
Mizzen + Main (left), Banana Republic (right) – both fresh from cleaning.
How their shirts look fresh out of the suitcase
Mizzen + Main (left), Banana Republic (right) – directly from the suitcase.

That’s pretty incredible! One small thing that you might notice: almost all of the Mizzen + Main Shirts have some sort of pattern on them.

This does help “hide” the wrinkles, but you can’t tell at all.

I have a couple of their solid color shirts and they do look slightly more wrinkled than the pattern shirts – but nothing close to something like the Banana Republic Shirt.

Mizzen Dress Shirt Performance: Are they any good?

Mizzen + Main: Keeps you cool even on hot, humid days.

Yes! You can’t tell it in this picture, but I’m super hot. It was like 95 degrees and super humid in New York City taking this picture late at night.

Seriously. I was super hot but didn’t look like it at all.

I’m also wearing the Myles Tour Pants (read our full Myles Tour Pants Review) for the win here.

I wore Mizzen and Main all over New York City and you wouldn’t know I was sweating through my clothes (that is, unless you touched them).

Mizzen + Main really performs.

Tips for buying Mizzen + Main Clothes

  • Mizzen + Main Shirts sizing can be a little inconsistent. When in doubt – order different sizes when they are in stock if you are on the border.
  • For lighter-colored shirts, by the larger size. For example, a Small Trim Fit that is a light color looks terrible on me. But a Small Trim Fit in a darker color looks good.
  • You have to be fairly trim to wear the “trim fit.”
  • Some of the lighter-colored shirts are slightly see-through. We’re working with Customer Support to help identify what makes them more or less see-through. We’d stay away from the solid white shirts. All of the Checker shirts (like the one pictured above) is NOT see-through.
  • Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry (full instructions on how to wash Mizzen + Main Clothes)
  • Once again, don’t buy the Spinnaker line!
  • We weren’t a fan of their polos or Henleys (they were made for someone in WAAY better shape than me).
  • We did like their pull-overs, jeans, flannels, and chinos.

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirt Styles

As I mentioned above, most Mizzen and Main Dress shirts have some sort of print or pattern. I do think this helps hide any wrinkles. Most of the Mizzen Dress Shirts are fairly subtle. However, they do have a couple of louder styles.

Long story, short, if they have styles for me, and my dad (a retired pastor) -you can probably find the right style for you!

An overlooked dress shirt option: short sleeves

I run hot. Like all the time. Mizzen and Main makes some great short sleeve dress shirts, too.

Short Sleeve Shirts: a great summer Dress shirt.

My wife doesn’t care for them, but I love them.

On days where I know I’m going to run hot and I can’t wear something like Arctic Cool (read our full Arctic Cool Review and our best cooling clothes for guys that always run hot), I go straight for one of these short sleeve dress shirts.

They look good, feel good and are extremely breathable.

Now, Mizze and Main Monaco shirts are even cooler.

Mizzen and Main Monaco vs Leeward vs Ellis Oxford

If you are looking or the lightestweight shirt: go with Monaco.

If you’re looking for a dress shirt that will fool anyone: go with the Ellis Oxford.

If you want something simple and a the best seller for a reason, go with Leeward.

Ellis Oxford vs. Leeward vs. Monaco

My only complaint about Mizzen was they didn’t have any solid colors. Would you believe this fabric below is a Mizzen and Main Shirt?

It’s the blue Ellis Oxford and it’s beauitful.

The perfect oxford
Mizzen and Main Ellis Oxford

The shirt every man should own.

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Mizzen + Main Review of their other items

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing other Mizzen + Main products. See our other reviews:

Mizzen + Main Vest Review

This style changed the way I looked at vests. Even better: it’s machine washable.

I used to hate vests. Did the Mizzen + Main Vest Change my mind? Read our Mizzen + Main Vest Review.

The vest that made me a "vest guy"
Mizzen and Main Vests

Yes, I used to hate vests, now I love them. All thanks to Mizzen and Main.

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Mizzen + Main Pants Review

Mizzen and Main just can’t seem to find a pant style the really works. We’ve now had all three generations of their Chinos.

The Baron Chinos, here

We’ve tried the previous generations of the Mizzen + Main Pants, even their short-lived Mizzen + Main Jeans. Shortly after the Baron Chinos came, the Helmsman arrived and we think they’ve finally found a great chino pant design.

Helmsman Chino Review

As part of a recent Mizzen and Main Summer Haul Review I filmed, I got the chance to try the new Helmsman Chino.

In short, we really liked these pants. They were thinner and lighter than the Myles Tour Pants, (once again, check out our Myles Tour Review), and we really liked them.

The light grey color looked almost white to me, so I returned them, but overall, they are a great pair of Chinos for the summer!

Read our Mizzen + Main Pants Review.

Our favorite chino-style shorts!
Mizzen and Main Helmsman Shorts

Our New Favorite pair of shorts!

  • Great overall shorts
  • Upgraded to now include 4-way stretch!
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Pairs well with Mizzen + Main Shirts
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Mizzen + Main Flannel Review

Another item I used to hate was flannels, but guess what? Mizzen + Main changed my mind there, too. Read our full Mizzen + Main Flannel Review.

Their flannel shirts are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear all winter long.

They are the perfect combo of keeping you warm, breathability and not scratchy at all.

Mizzen + Main Review Sweater Review

Mizzen Main Sweater Review

Mizzen and Main also makes an incredible 1/4 zip sweater. This is, seriously, one of the most comfortable sweaters that I own. In fact, I have them in almost every single color.

When I worked at a “desk” job, I would wear these almost every single day in the winter. They were perfect for cold Colorado days.

I run a little hot, but that’s ok with these sweaters. They really help keep you warm, but somehow also breathe!

Mizzen and Main Pull Over: Great with a flannel shirt or dress shirt.

These pair well with the Mizzen + Main Flannels or even a Mizzen Main Dress shirt.

Our #1 Flannel
Mizzen And Main Flannels

Warm, but not too toasty. It's the perfect fall piece. They last for years, too.

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Mizzen Main Polos Review

Mizzen Main Review: Polo Shirt – If they are good enough for Phil Mickelson, they re good enough for me!

Mizzen and Main’s Polos are great! I only have one small beef with them: these Phil Mickelson polos are a little on the loose side. I’d like them to be more form-fitting, especially around the arms. However, if you are golfing (like Phil Mickelson), you want a nice, loose polo.

These polos also have 4-way stretch performance fabric and are moisture-wicking.

The Mizzen + Main Polo is exactly that – a nice, loose polo. Easy to wear and super comfortable.

A great polo option
Mizzen + Main Polos

A great polo option, just leery of light colors if you've got chest hair. TMI, I know...

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New Mizzen + Mains Polos and Helmsman Pants Review

We’ll post the full written review shortly, but watch this quick video review:

Mizzen + Main Review: The Final Verdict

In short, we love Mizzen + Main. Even in today’s work-from-home environment, I still wear Mizzen + Main Shirts in my office (however, I’m usually wearing shorts – check out our Best Work From Home Shorts). Their Polos are also super comfortable.

You can’t go wrong with Mizzen + Main’s clothes.

Do you have any questions or comments about our Mizzen and Main Review? Let us know in the comments below!

Mizzen Main Review: FAQs

Should I wear an undershirt with Mizzen + Main?

No! It’s the whole reason I love Mizzen + Main – you don’t need an undershirt. The only exception would maybe be the solid white dress shirt. It is slightly see-through.

Where can I buy Mizzen and Main?

Mizzen and Main is available on their website, Amazon, Nordstrom and select other retailers. We recommend buying via Mizzen + Main’s website direct to get fast shipping and easy returns.

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