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Rothy’s Mary Jane Review

Rothy’s Mary Jane Review: is the newest Rothy’s style also the best? We put Rothys Mary Janes to the test. If you are not new to our site, you have probably seen all my fangirl posts about Rothy’s (read our full Rothy’s Review – even check out info on Rothy’s Bags) If you are new, welcome! Rothy’s has been one … Read More

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Mizzen + Main Chino Review

Did you know that Mizzen + Main now has pants? Check out our full and honest review of the new Mizzen and Main Pants: The Baron Chino. You may even be exited and think, “Finally! Mizzen and Main Pants!” Mizzen + Main pants have actually existed before, believe it or not. I actually own the previous generation Mizzen + Main … Read More

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Best Cheap Blue Light Glasses

If you are working from home (or just stare at a screen all day), you probably are suffering from some eye strain and have probably come across Blue Light Glasses. If so you probably came across brands like Felix Gray, which retail for starting at $95. We were sure if we wanted to buy Blue Light Glasses, so we wanted … Read More

Explorado Market Promo Code

We’re lucky enough to have Explorado Market in our backyard – only a couple of miles away. But, for those of you that live farther away – we have an exclusive Explorado Market Promo Code just for you. Explorado Market Promo Code – What can you get? We’ve talked a lot about the Keto Diet here on We Tried It … Read More

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Zojirushi Breadmaker Review – is the Virtuoso Plus worth $300?

Here is our honest Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker BB-PDC20BA Review – what a mouthful! Instead of calling this but the full name, we’ll call it the Zojirushi Breadmaker or the Virtuoso Breadmaker from here on out – check out our Zojirushi breadmaker review! It may sound crazy, but this breadmaker is flying off the shelves (no doubt because … Read More

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Coronavirus Freebies and Deals

If you are stuck at home like me and my wife, you are looking for any escape you can get from reality. This post is full of all sorts of different things that you and your kids can purchase for free. We hope you use this time where we are all stuck at home with the coronavirus epidemic going to … Read More