The Ultimate Carry On Closet Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Traveling is an art, and packing? Well, that’s the masterpiece that often leaves us scratching our heads. Enter the Solgaard Carry On Closet, a suitcase that promises to revolutionize the way we pack. But does it deliver on that promise, or is it just another piece of luggage in a crowded market?

A great pick
Carry-On Closet

Full of innovative features. If you're willing to tweak you packing, this can be a great pick!

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In this carry on closet review, we’ll unpack the design, explore a new way of packing, put it to the real-world test, and weigh the pros and cons. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking for a more efficient way to pack, this Solgaard Carry On Closet review might just change the way you look at suitcases. Buckle up, because we’re about to take off on a journey through the Carry On Closet!

Why Should You Trust This Solgaard Carry On Closet Review?

Trust is a big word, especially when it comes to product reviews. It’s like choosing a travel buddy; you want someone who’s been there, done that, and knows the ins and outs of the journey. So why should you trust this review over all the other Solgaard Carry On Closet reviews? Let’s break it down.

We Use Every Single Product We Review

We don’t just glance at a product and call it a day. No, we dive in, explore, and really get to know it. It’s like going on a series of dates with a suitcase (don’t worry, we keep it professional!). We give each product plenty of time to reveal its true colors, going beyond first impressions. It’s not just a fling; it’s a relationship.

Mr. We Tried It: A Seasoned Traveler

When it comes to travel, Mr. We Tried It is like the frequent flyer who’s seen it all. Traveling about 30 times a year for work, he knows a thing or two about what makes a great suitcase. And vacations? Of course, we take those too! We’re not just writing from a theoretical perspective; we’re writing from the airport lounges, hotel rooms, and taxi rides of real life.

Real-World Testing, Real Opinions

We put the Carry On Closet through the wringer, testing it in real-world scenarios that travelers face every day. It’s like taking it on a world tour without the rockstar demands. We know how it performs, where it shines, and where it might need some fine-tuning.

No Sugar-Coating, Just Honest Insights

We’re not here to sell you a fairy tale; we’re here to tell you how it is. If something’s great, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. If something’s not quite right, we’ll tell you that too. It’s like having a candid chat with a friend who’s not afraid to tell you if you have spinach in your teeth.

Unpacking the Design

When it comes to suitcases, we’ve seen it all, right? The wheels, the handles, the zippers that never seem to zip when you need them to. But the Solgaard Carry On Closet is like that surprise guest at a party who brings a whole new vibe to the room. Let’s dive into what sets this suitcase apart in our carry on closet suitcase review.

Innovative Built-In Closet

carry on closet review

Imagine opening your suitcase and finding a mini walk-in closet waiting for you. That’s exactly what the Carry On Closet offers. With a built-in hanging system, it’s like having a personal wardrobe on wheels. No more digging through piles of clothes to find that one elusive shirt. It’s all there, organized and ready to wear.

Sleek and Stylish Design

The Carry On Closet isn’t just functional; it’s a looker too. With its sleek lines and modern aesthetics, it’s like the runway model of luggage. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this suitcase ensures you do it in style.

Eco-Friendly Materials

In a world where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, the Carry On Closet steps up to the plate. Made with eco-friendly materials, it’s like giving Mother Earth a high-five every time you travel. And who doesn’t want to be friends with Mother Earth?

A New Way to Pack

Packing for a trip can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. You know what you want, but getting there? That’s a whole different story. The Carry On Closet doesn’t just want you to throw your clothes into a suitcase; it wants you to rethink the way you pack. Let’s explore how this game-changer might just turn you into a packing pro.

How we used to pack

We used to use some old Land’s End soft-top suitcases (the bottom is hard and they feature two wheels). They have two compartments and the top compartment can be accessed while the suitcase is open and while it’s closed. When the suitcase is open, it’s can be accessed via the bottom zipper seperator. But if you are used to packing that way, using packing cubes and such, is a bit different than this closet system.

Focus on Outfits, Not Just Clothes

Remember those days when you’d toss in your favorite shirt, those comfy pants, and hope they’d magically create perfect outfits on arrival? The Carry On Closet is like a wise fashion guru saying, “Hold on a minute!” Instead of individual items, it encourages you to think in terms of complete outfits. It’s like meal prepping for your wardrobe.That’s where I first struggled to use the shelving system. It works BEST when you group the five shelves for outfits.

The Learning Curve: Embrace the Change

If you’ve been packing the same way since the invention of luggage, the Carry On Closet might feel like learning a new dance. But once you get the rhythm, it’s a dance you won’t want to stop. It’s not about keeping your packing EXACTLY the same; it’s about finding a more efficient way to pack. And who doesn’t love efficiency?

Efficiency Meets Style

With its built-in closet and organized compartments, the Carry On Closet is like having a personal butler for your clothes. Everything has its place, and there’s a place for everything.

No more playing hide-and-seek with your socks or wrestling with wrinkled shirts. It’s packing made easy, stylish, and downright fun.

Once again, in other luggage options, I’d simply pack a couple pairs of pants for an overnight trip and a couple of shirts, with some underwear and shoes

Real-World Testing

Traveling is more than just picturesque destinations and Instagram-worthy moments. It’s about the hustle and bustle of airports, the cramped spaces of airplanes, and the unpredictability of hotel rooms. How does the Carry On Closet fare in these real-world scenarios? Buckle up, because we’re about to find out.

How we tested the Solgaard Carry On Closet: A Disney Cruise

This was perhaps one of the most difficult ways to get things organized – on a long trip involving many different types of clothes: from swimsuits (multiple) to more formal wear to just clothes to wear around the boat. Since then, we’ve used the Solgaard Carry on Closet in a variety of situations from a typical, regular carry-on to a two-week trip and a two-day trip to find out if it’s the perfect suitcase. All of that adds up to a complicated packing situation. Before we talk about how we solved this with a large carry-on, let’s talk about the details of the Carry On Closets.

Airport Agility

Navigating an airport with luggage can feel like running an obstacle course. With the Carry On Closet’s smooth wheels and ergonomic handle, gliding through terminals becomes a breeze. It’s like having a suitcase that’s been training for the Olympics. Security checks, crowded gates, last-minute sprints to the gate – it handles it all with grace.

Hotel Room Harmony

Arriving at a hotel room after a long journey only to face the chaos of unpacking can take the wind out of your sails. But with the Carry On Closet, it’s like walking into a room where your wardrobe has already settled in. Just open it up, and everything’s right where you left it.

It’s like having a home away from home, right in your suitcase.I loved the compression straps because they helped “squeeze” the closet system into something that actually fits. Before I tried the compression strap, I was puzzled. How could this all work? But the compression straps, in combination with the hanging latches, make this super easy to pack – even for longer trips.

Durability: Built to Last

Travel can be tough on luggage, and the Carry On Closet is no delicate flower. It’s built to withstand the rigors of travel, from bumpy taxi rides to not-so-gentle baggage handlers. It’s like the superhero of suitcases, ready to take on the world without breaking a sweat.

The Pros and Cons

Every product has its shining moments and its shadows, and the Carry On Closet is no exception. It’s time to lay it all out on the conveyor belt and weigh the pros and cons. Will it breeze through security, or will it get pulled aside for extra screening? Let’s find out!

  1. Innovative Design:
    • The built-in closet is like a breath of fresh air in a world of stuffy suitcases. It’s the future, and it’s here in your luggage.
  2. Ease of Use:
    • Once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike – a really stylish, organized bike that holds all your clothes.
  3. Durability:
    • This suitcase doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. It’s like the action hero of luggage, ready to take on anything travel throws its way.
  4. Eco-Friendly:
    • Traveling responsibly never looked so good. It’s like planting a tree every time you pack.
  1. Learning Curve:
    • If you’re a creature of habit, this might feel like learning a new language. But hey, who said learning wasn’t fun?
  2. Price:
    • It’s not the bargain bin of suitcases. It’s more like a fine dining experience – exquisite but might leave a dent in your wallet.
  3. Not for Everyone:
    • If you’re the ‘throw everything in and hope for the best’ kind of packer, this might not be your cup of tea. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole; it might just not fit.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

The journey with the Carry On Closet has been a whirlwind adventure, filled with surprises, innovations, and a few learning curves along the way. It’s time to land this review and deliver the final verdict. Is the Carry On Closet the suitcase of our dreams, or is it a beautiful idea that still needs some refining? Let’s wrap it up!

A Game-Changer for the Right Traveler

A great pick
Carry-On Closet

Full of innovative features. If you're willing to tweak you packing, this can be a great pick!

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Carry On Closet is not just another suitcase; it’s a statement. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of luggage, packed with features that can make travel more organized, stylish, and efficient. But like any specialized tool, it’s not for everyone. It’s for the traveler who’s ready to embrace a new way of packing, who values design and sustainability, and who’s willing to invest in a unique travel experience.

The Pros Shine Bright

From its innovative built-in closet to its sleek design, durability, and eco-friendly materials, the Carry On Closet shines in many areas. It’s like finding a hidden gem in a sea of ordinary rocks. It stands out, and it makes you stand out too.

The Cons Are Not Deal-Breakers

Yes, there’s a learning curve, and yes, it might not be the most budget-friendly option out there. But these cons are like small bumps on an otherwise smooth road. They’re there, but they don’t derail the journey.

The Final Verdict: A Worthwhile Investment

We Tried It Approved!
Carry-On Closet

Full of innovative features. If you're willing to tweak you packing, this can be a great pick!

Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking for a suitcase that’s more than just a container for your clothes, if you’re ready to rethink the way you pack, and if you value design and sustainability, the Carry On Closet might just be the investment you’ve been waiting for.

It’s like finding that perfect travel companion who complements your style, understands your needs, and makes every journey a little more special.So, there you have it, the Carry On Closet in all its glory and quirks. It’s a suitcase that invites you to think differently, to travel with purpose, and to do it all with flair and responsibility. Whether it’s the right fit for you or not, one thing’s for sure: it’s a suitcase that’s hard to forget.

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