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SmallBirds Review – The Best Toddler Shoe?

You already know that the parents here at We Tried It love Allbirds (read our Allbirds Review). But what about Allbirds Children’s shoe – SMALLBird (Get it? Small…birds…?) Read our quick Smallbirds Review. As of writing this, our little nugget is 20 months old. Like most little kids, he hates socks – a lot. That makes it a challenge to wear …

In The Test Kitchen: Tovala

Our Tovala just arrived today. It’s a revolutionary, Wi-Fi connected Steam Oven paired with a Meal Delivery Service. You can read our full Tovala Review. Looking for a Tovala discount? Check out our Tovala Promo Code.

How do you wash Allbirds?

How do you wash Allbirds? What cycle do you use? What detergent do you use? Learn how to wash your Allbirds.