Cefaly reviews: Can this really stop migraine attacks?

I’m so grateful not to have experienced migraines, but know how debilitating they can be. My dad has suffered from migraines for the past decade or so. He saw some other Cefaly Reviews and asked me if I knew anything about this new device. The Cefaly Device actually came across my radar and I was …

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Google Nest Camera Solar Panels: We test the best

If you have a battery-powered Google Nest Camera, you know how important it is to keep it charged. The Wasserstein nest cam solar panel is the best solar panel for Google Nest Cam because it is made of high-efficiency solar cells and is approved by Google to quickly charge your Google Nest Cam in just …

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Alexa Echo Show vs. Google Home Hub vs. Skylight Calendar – which is THE BEST Smart Display?!

What is the best smart home screen? Like anything else in life, it depends. In this full review of the Alexa Echo Show 15 versus Google Home Hub versus Skylight Calendar, we put them to the test. Price: Let’s first talk about Price. The Google Nest Home Hub is the cheapest, at $99. Google is …

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LARQ Bottle Review: Self-Cleaning Breakthrough… or bust?

LARQ Bottle Review: Why would you even need a “smart” water bottle. There’s a good reason: You know the smell when you open a water bottle that has been sitting around for too long? It’s not just gross, it turns out it can also be dangerous. We all want to drink more water, but we …

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Halo Band Review – Can the Halo be competitive against Apple + Fitbit?

Amazon Halo Band Review: with so many fitness trackers like Fitbit and the Apple Watch, why does Amazon feel like they need a fitness tracker? And more importantly: is the Amazon Halo any good? Who is the Amazon Halo Band for? Read our Halo Band Review before you buy the Halo for yourself or someone …

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