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We’re working on a full review of the Fin Assistant. While we’re working on our Fin Assistant Review, we thought we’d give you a $50 Fin Promo Code. That’s right, it’s a $50 Fin Coupon Credit for you to try the Fin Assistant, too!

Want to try Fin Assistant? Use our Fin Promo Code for $50!

What is Fin? Fin is a virtual assistant that works for you – mobile app, email, text, it’s easy to use! What can you use Fin for?

  • Coordinate meetings and calendars
  • Schedule dinner/lunch reservations
  • Find hard-to-find items to purchase
  • Book travel
  • Send gifts
  • Send emails on your behalf

We’ve used Fin Assistant for a couple of items we didn’t care to do ourselves:

  • We had an optometrist that was really hard to get a hold of – we let Fin take care of it
  • We also switched gyms and didn’t want to go in to cancel. We told Fin to contact the Gym and cancel the membership.

Ready to try Fin Assistant? Use our $50 Fin Promo Code.


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