Allbirds: We Tried it!

Allbirds: We Tried it! IMG_1504 Allbirds: We Tried it! we-tried-it-we-loved-it2
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    The most comfortable shoes we own. Can be washed and worn without socks.

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    I wear these shoes all the time. They pair well with jeans and love that you can wash them.

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    I call these “kittens” because they are like wearing kittens on your feet.

What are Allbirds?

Allbirds is a unique shoe brand. They are made from wool, which makes them insanely comfortable (like whoa!) and washable (double whoa!). You can also wear them without socks because the wool acts like socks (without the stink). They only have two styles - Wool Runners and Wool Loungers.

Allbirds says, "It turns out the most, the comfortable shoes are made of wool." We agree.

Allbirds Review

Allbirds shoes come in two basic styles Wool Runners and Wool Loungers (+ Smallbirds for the kiddos - get it?).

Funny story. Much like Mizzen + Main, we didn't love Allbirds at first try. We came across them because they were taking Silicon Valley by storm. Mr. We Tried It got the all black pair and, frankly, they looked like orthopedic shoes. The black fabric on black soles looked chunky. It looked really bad. 

Thankfully, Allbirds has incredible customer service (more on that in a second) and free returns. They took the shoes back and got a refund. 

Several months went by and we felt compelled to try Allbirds again, but a different color. He got the grey Allbirds with the white soles. They looked much better and were hooked.

He wore them every day. Literally, every day. 

Then, Mrs. We Tried It saw Allbirds in a STYLE Magazine and decided she wanted a pair. She got the Lounger style and has wore them almost every day since.

Usually she just wears them around the house, but she loves them so much that occasionally, she just can't take them off, even if they look like slippers. As she says, "It's worth it." That's incredible coming from a woman with Purple Sparkle Shoes. 

The shoes are incredibly comfortable. They have good support and are very light. They keep your feet warm in the winter and cool during the summer. We wouldn't recommend them if it's rainy or snowy (wearing them wet is no bueno). 

So, let's look at the actual shoes. 

Here is the original style, the Wool Runners:

Allbirds: We Tried it! Allbirds_M_Wool_Runner_Kotare_GREY_ANGLE

The wool runners are your everyday shoes. They are "Runners" but since we don't ever "Run" (unless it's to an ice cream truck), we can't tell you how good of a running shoe they are. They are, however, incredibly comfortable.

The whole upper is made with wool. The sole is a very comfortable rubber. There is also a wool-lined rubber insole that is super comfortable, too. 

Shortly after Allbirds released the Wool Runners, Allbirds decided to come out with the follow-up, the Wool Lounger:

Allbirds: We Tried it! Allbirds_M_Wool_Lounger_BLACK_ANGLE

The Allbirds Wool Loungers are like slippers. They are much more casual. The black ones are what we have and they really do look like Slippers. Mr. won't wear them out of the house, but Mrs. will.

They are very similar to the Wool Runners, but with no laces. They have the same sort of Wool Upper, Rubber Sole and Wool-lined insole. 

Then, after Allbirds heard the We Tried It crew had a kiddo, they came out with a kids version of the Wool Lounger. These are perfect because our little boy hates socks. 

Allbirds: We Tried it! Smallbirds_Wool_Runner_GREY_ANGLE

What's the review on Smallbirds? Our kids loves them, too. We don't love the the laces (he's squirmy), but we love they can be washed. Even better, the Smallbirds can be worn without socks, too. Our kiddo hates socks. Go figure... Real our full Smallbirds Review.

How Much are Allbirds?

Allbirds for men and women are all $95. Kids (SMallbirds) are $55.

Are allbirds worth it?

While 95 bucks for shoes may be on the high side, these shoes are absolutely worth it. Two key reasons we give Allbirds a positive review:

  1. They can be washed. See below on more information about how they stand up to washing, but it REALLY helps. 
  2. Wearing without socks is really game changing. It sounds odd, but we both love to wear Allbirds without socks. The feeling of wool on your naked feet is a thing a beauity. 

Can you really wash allbirds?

In short: yes. And they wash really well. Here are quick instructions on How to Wash Allbirds.

Mr. We Tried It has had a pair of the grey Allbirds since March of this year. He wore them about every other day, if not more often. They've been washed probably 4 times and they have held up really well. 

Here are his Allbirds hundreds of wears later (and several washes later)

Allbirds: We Tried it! IMG_1459-1024x768

My allbirds literally hundreds of wears later.

They still look really good. They've lost some of their structure, as you'll see in the next photo (old pair of Allbirds on the left, new pair of Allbirds on the right), the structure difference isn't as obvious when you are wearing the shoes. I'd say they are only slightly less comfortable many months later - the biggest difference is the "fuzz" of the wool doesn't last for 6+ months. 

Allbirds: We Tried it! IMG_1469-1024x768

Do the allbirds hold up over time?

While the photos don't look like it - they shoes actually hold up really well. They look much better on your feet. See this illustration of me wearing my Allbirds:

Allbirds: We Tried it! qCg4TNr-Imgur-1


What don't we love about Allbirds?

Allbirds: We Tried it! Allbirds_M_Wool_Runner_Kotare_BLACK_PROFILEL-e1514086743183-300x146 As we mentioned, we didn't like the look of the first pair of Allbirds we purchase, the all black pair. They looked a bit like Orthopedic shoes. You can be the judge of how ugly they are. Allbirds customer service is incredible. We simply requested to return them and their customer service took care of the rest. If you have any issues at all, their customer service will be there to help. 

We also uncovered a bit of an odd issue with Allbirds. We don't know if it's just because he has huge "big" toes or what - but some of the fabric where the big toe is, on the inside of the shoes, is broken. This sounds like a really big deal, but only if you stick your finger in the area can you really tell there is anything wrong. 

Allbirds: We Tried it! allbirds-review-inside

We contacted customer service about the issue and they said they are working on it. We believe them. They gave us a solution (getting some moleskin repair to put on the inside) and a discount on my next pair. We're optimistic that they will continue to improve the product - but you don't even notice that little issue. 

Allbird's website also says that Allbirds don't stink. That's partially true. They smell far less than a traditional shoe, but if you haven't washed them in a while, they WILL smell - especially in the summer heat. Not a big deal, but these aren't miracle shoes. 

Allbirds Review: We test the claims 

  • You can Wear Allbirds without socks

    Yes. You can wear Allbirds without socks. In fact, we never wear them with socks.

  • "The Most Comfortable Shoe"

    We agree. Allbirds is the most comfortable shoe we own.

  • Allbirds don't stink

    Allbirds don’t smell as bad as other shoes that you would wear without socks. However, if you wear them for multiple days without washes, they can start to stink a LITTLE. They aren’t magic.

  • You can wash ALlbirds easily

    We’ve both washed our Allbirds multiple times, without an issue. They clean easily!

Allbirds Review: The Verdict

If you had to buy one shoe to wear the rest of your life, we'd recommend a pair of Allbirds. Sure, they aren't going to surpass Allen Edmonds or Christian Louboutin in the dressy category, but they are incredibly comfortable and don't look like Crocs.

They are a respectable shoe you can wear with a lot of different outfits, wear without socks (how liberating!) and even wash when they get a little stinky. 

Buy a pair of Allbirds today.