Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 1

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle?

Pura Review: We review the new smart diffuser. Can it really smell like your favorite candles? We dive deep in our honest Pura Review!

Curious about how Pura stands up to Aera? Check out our honest Pura vs. Aera comparison.

Pura Review: Watch the video or read below!
👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– Great scents!
– Smells exactly like the candles you know and love.
– Super affordable.
– One small thing: the scheduling process in the app is hard to follow.

Do you love candles, especially candles like Capri Blue Volcano but wish there was an easier, cheaper way to enjoy these candles?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 2

Do you ever come across a product and you’re just like, man, why have I not heard about this before? Well, that’s exactly what Pura is.

Pura Review: What is it?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 3
Pura: pictured above an Amazon Alexa with the blue night light on.

Pura is a smart diffuser. We’ve talked about smart diffusers before (see our Aera Review and Aera Promo Code) and we love the concept. They are home fragrance machines that replace candles (we love our candles!) in a set-it-and-forget-it way. No worrying about blowing out the candle flame or lighting the candle. Set up a fragrance schedule and it works automatically. Pura even can use your phone to determine your location and automatically turn off when you aren’t home.

Pura vs. Aera: Which is better?

We found Aera first and it was our first foray into smart home diffusers. Here is the biggest difference between Aera and Pura.

Pura vs. Aera: The Price

The biggest difference is the price! Aera costs $200 for the smart version. Pura costs only $39 (and you can save more with our Pura Promo Code).

The fragrances are also cheaper with Pura. Pura’s fragrances are $12-$18 a piece vs. Aera’s $50 for each pod. The Aera Diffuser does last longer, but it’s more expensive.

Pura vs. Aera: The scents

This isn’t something we thought about when we first bought Aera, but it’s tough to know what something smells like online – what does “Cypress” smell like? Aera has some great fragrances, but it’s tough to know if you will like them.

This is where Pura shines: you can get the scents you already know and love! Not only is there Capri Blue but Scents by Nest and apotheke. That is amazing!

Pura Review: The Scents
Some of the scents we tried!

Pura: What else can it do?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 4
Pura Review: What else can it do?

Another cool feature is that Pura takes two vials of fragrance – so you can have the scents alternate. We currently have our Pura Smart Diffuser alternating between Grapefruit (NEST) and Volcano.

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 5
Pura Review: You can use two different scents.

The Pura can also serve as a nightlight. You can customize the color of the light and have it on all the time, or just at night.

How long do the scents last?

Depending on the fragrance, each vial should last for approximately 350 hours or 15 days on a medium scent intensity. That’s pretty incredible.

To put that into comparison, the Capri Blue Volcano Candle (original size) only lasts 85 hours! That’s a huge difference.

Does Pura really smell like the candles?

YES! It actually does. Of course, you won’t get the crackle of the fire like a candle but you will get the scent. It doesn’t even smell like a knock-off scent, the Capri Blue Volcano scent smells exactly like the candle!

It also travels through the house incredible well. We even smell the candle on our second floor when it’s been running.

Pura Review: what we don’t love

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 6
A small gripe: the scheduling could be a lot better.

We have one small gripe about the Pura Diffuser: the scheduling set up. It’d be nice to be able to say: we want scent from 7 am to 8 pm and alternate every hour, for example. But you have to go and set up each hour separately. It’s a bit tedious, but you can get the fragrance EXACTLY the way you want it, which is pretty cool.

Pura Review: The Final Verdict

We don’t say this lightly: the Pura Smart Diffuser is one of our favorite products we’ve test since starting this website. We don’t hesitate to give this the We Tried It Seal of Approval. It’s innovative, easy to use and inexpensive.

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 7

It’s best of candles paired with the convience and safety of a smart diffuser. We don’t hesitate you buy the Pura Smart Diffuser now.

Pura is getting very popular, in fact, they’ve had shortages of product. Check the availability of Pura now and get our exclusive Pura Promo Code. Also, be sure to check out the Best Pura Scents.

How long do pura scents last?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 8

Pura Scents last about 350 hours or about 15 days depending on intensity level, the actual fragrance, and your climate. We’ve found that this estimate is fairly accurate.

When do you replace Pura Scents?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 9

In a recent update to the Pura Smartphone (iOS + Android), the app displays High/Medium/Low Fragrance remaining.
The HIGH oil level is based on 101+ hours remaining
The MEDIUM oil level is based on 51-100 hours remaining
The LOW oil level is based on 0-50 hours remaining

Why can’t I smell my Pura?

There are many reasons why you can’t smell your Pura. But a couple of common reasons include:
1. There is something wrong with you Pura (reach out to support – they are super nice!)
2. The scent you selected isn’t strong enough (Pura’s Website lists fragrances as Subtle, Medium, Strong). Subtle fragrances are good for 300 square feet, while Strong are good for 1,00+ square feet.
3. You aren’t using different scents (or different enough scents) in each slot. We’ve found if the scents are too similar (two citrus scents, for example), it will be tough for your nose to smell the difference when it changes. If you use the same scent, you will get used to it.

How much space does a Pura Scent fill?

In our mostly-open floor plan, we find that Pura fills about 1,000 square feet. The answer depends on many things – the scent, the airflow, and how the space is laid out.

Can you use two different scents in Pura?

Pura Review: Can a smart diffuser really replace a candle? 10

Yes! It’s really easy to. Simply put different scents in each slot of your Pura Smart Diffuser.

Can you put the same scent in both Pura slots?

Yes. However we don’t recommend it. You’ll notice the scent more when you chance between two different scents – like Capri Blue Volcano and Frasier Fir, for example.