Honbike HF01 eBike Review: A Truly Unique Bike, but any good?

The Honbike HF01 eBike is an interesting bike. It’s lightweight, has a super unique design, and is even foldable. But it gets even more unique as you examine it closer: it doesn’t have a traditional bike chain.  Honbike is obsessed with minimalist design, in the best way possible. They claim the driveshaft provides thousands of …

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Charge Comfort 2 eBike Review – The VERY best everyday bike?

If you’re looking for a comfortable and easy-to-ride eBike, Charge’s Comfort 2 could be the perfect choice. With a light-weight frame, upright seating position, and wider tires for more stability, the Comfort 2 is perfect for those who want an enjoyable ride without all the hassle. The Comfort 2 now also comes with enough rear-rack …

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