Look Optic Review: Putting the blue light blockers to the test

If you are like so many people right now, you’re probably working from home. Your eyes are probably hurting, getting all red, and maybe even getting some headaches. Today, I’m going to share a great solution for anyone working from home: LOOK OPTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses. We’ve tried Zenni Optical before and since then, …

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Warby Parker Anti-Fatigue Glasses Review: What are they AND are they any good?

If you spent any time on the internet over the last few years, you’ve probably seen Warby Parker’s glasses advertised. They’re trendy, hip, and, most importantly, affordable. You may have seen Warby Parker Anti Fatigue Lenses before, but but what exactly are they? And more importantly, are they any good? I decided to put them …

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