ErgoChair Pro Review: The Ultimate Throne for Comfort and Health

Suffering through endless Zoom marathons or wrangling with the deadline dragon? Say goodbye to sore backs and creaky chairs with a potential knight-in-shining plastic: the ErgoChair Pro. Let’s roll up our sleeves, sit down, and dive into our ErgoChair Pro Review – discover what makes this ergonomic sultan of seating so highly acclaimed in the …

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Jarvis Standing Desk Review: we put the best-selling standing desk to the test

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing the Jarvis Standing Desk. Read what we found in our Jarvis Desk Review! Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Review: we put the best-selling standing desk to the test. Like so many people working from home, you might be looking for a new home office desk that you can sit, stand …

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Look Optic Review: Putting the blue light blockers to the test

If you are like so many people right now, you’re probably working from home. Your eyes are probably hurting, getting all red, and maybe even getting some headaches. Today, I’m going to share a great solution for anyone working from home: LOOK OPTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses. We’ve tried Zenni Optical before and since then, …

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The Very Best Standing Desk Chair: Our Tested and Approved Picks

Finding the perfect standing desk chair is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time working from home. After all, you want to be comfortable while you’re working – and a good chair can make all the difference. But with so many different chairs and stools on the market, it can be hard to …

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NexFan Review: The best room-sized air conditioner?

We backed the NexFan Ultra on Indiegogo back in May and have been using it in our home office while working from home. Is it the best small, portable AC? Read our honest NexFan Review to find out more! 👍🏻What We Love 👎🏻What We Don’t Love – Great size and price.– Can be used as …

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Work From Home Guide: 14+ amazing products you need in upgrade your home office

Want to upgrade your home office? What amazing work from home upgrades are you missing? We’ve got the ultimate home office upgrades for you! Why should you trust our work from home upgrades? Well, for starters, Mr. We Tried It has been working from home (or on the road) for the past 5+ years. So, …

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Twillory Henley Review: Comfortable, stylish, but also functional?

Are you living in Henleys these days? I sure am. That’s why I’m excited to bring you our honest Twillory Henley Review. Is the Twillory Henely the perfect blend of function, form, and comfort? Read our full review of the Twillory Henley to see if it’s worth your almighty dollar. Twillory Performance Henley: Rapid Video …

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Myles Weekend Sweat Short Review: Ready for the weekend – and the workweek?

Myles Weekend Sweat Short Review: I love wearing sweat shorts, especially working from home. When Myles released their new Weekend Sweat Short, I had to give them a try. Frankly, the Myles Weekend Sweat Short is becoming one of my new favorites, especially to wear around the house. But: how comfortable is it? Can you …

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Everlane Performance Polo Review

Besides being work from home season – spring is here. That’s when I like to bust out Polo Shirts the most – it’s the perfect temperature for polo shirts. The collar on a Polo Shirt makes it look slightly less casual than a T-shirt. When one of our favorite brands, Everlane, released the Everlane Performance …

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