Look Optic Review: Putting the blue light blockers to the test

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Look Optic Review - We put them to the test.
LOOK OPTIC Review: We test the blue light blockers, some stylish reading glasses!

If you are like so many people right now, you’re probably working from home. Your eyes are probably hurting, getting all red, and maybe even getting some headaches. Today, I’m going to share a great solution for anyone working from home: LOOK OPTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses. We’ve tried Zenni Optical before and since then, we’ve had some issues (I’ll dive into below). But let’s dive into our LOOK OPTIC Review to learn more.

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Different types of Look Optic Glasses

Oh, dear reader, have I got news for you! You know those glasses you find at Walmart, hanging there like lonely wallflowers at a school dance? Well, LOOK OPTIC’s glasses are like the life of the party, and they’ve just waltzed in with a swagger. Let’s dive into why these four types of glasses are not just a feast for your eyes but a treat for your wallet too. 🎉

1. Readers

Imagine being able to read the tiniest print without squinting like you’re trying to solve a riddle. LOOK OPTIC’s Readers are like the superheroes of the reading world, swooping in to save the day. And guess what? They’re prescription quality without needing an actual prescription. It’s like having a custom-made suit, but without the tailor’s bill!

2. Progressives

bifocals without lines… finally!

If Readers are superheroes, Progressives are the Avengers of the eyewear world. They’re here to help you see near, far, and everything in between. No more juggling different pairs of glasses like a circus clown. And the best part? They’re high quality but without the high price tag. It’s like dining at a fancy restaurant but paying fast-food prices!

These are the bifocal glasses without line-type lenses.

3. Blue Light

Your eyes, after a long day of screen time, probably feel like they’ve run a marathon. LOOK OPTIC’s Blue Light glasses are like a refreshing water station along the way. They filter out the blue light, keeping your eyes fresh and fatigue-free. And they do it with style and quality that won’t break the bank. Think of them as the luxury spa treatment your eyes can actually afford!

4. Sun

Sun glasses from LOOK OPTIC are like the cool shades worn by movie stars, but without the Hollywood price tag. They protect your eyes from the sun’s glare with a flair that says, “I’m fabulous, and I know it.” And you don’t even need a prescription to rock these beauties. It’s like getting VIP treatment without being on the A-list.

What’s the big idea?

So, what’s the big deal about LOOK OPTIC’s glasses? They’re prescription quality without the prescription hassle. They’re like the gourmet meal of eyewear but at a fast-food price. Whether you’re a scholar, a tech guru, or a beach bum, LOOK OPTIC has got the perfect pair for you.

And did I mention they’re cheaper and higher quality than those lonely wallflowers at Walmart? It’s like finding a designer dress at a thrift store price. So go on, give your eyes the royal treatment they deserve. After all, they’ve been looking out for you all these years! 🤓👓

P.S. Want to explore these fabulous collections? LOOK OPTIC’s website is waiting for you like a treasure chest full of eye candy. Enjoy!

LOOK OPTIC Review: What we tested.

LOOK OPTIC Review: We Tried the Blue Light Blocking Laurel Style – stylish readers! They now have progressive readers and no line bifocals progressive reading glasses.

I’ve been testing a lot of blue light blocking glasses recently, and I’ve got to share with you my favorite. These are the LOOK OPTIC Blue Light Readers in the Laurel style. They are awesome! They not only look good, but the optics quality in the glass is perfect.

They retail for $78 dollars but you can use our exclusive LOOK OPTIC Promo Code here.

I’m not an expert, obviously, in optics for glasses, but I’ve found the LOOK OPTIC Blue Light Readers to be exceptional. More on Zenni Optical in a second, but I stopped wearing them recently. I was actually getting headaches. Since I’ve been wearing them on a more regular basis, my headaches have almost it’s completely gone away, which is awesome.

LOOK OPTIC Review: The Details

Even the box that LOOK OPTIC comes in is awesome. This makes them one of the best readers for women.. and men!

What is LOOK OPTIC? LOOK OPTIC is a direct to consumer glasses brand. They say, “We’re here to help make wearing readers a fun, fashionable and fearless experience – wherever you need to read the fine print.” We really love that.

Types of different glasses offered

They offer three main types of glasses: Readers (slight magnification for reading the fine print), Blue Light Blockers (which we tried, also available for magnification, but we didn’t get in our pair) and Sun Glasses (also with and without magnification available).

LOOK OPTIC does not offer prescription glasses, just readers. Think the kind of glasses you would typically buy at Target or Walmart without a prescription. But as you’ll read shortly, LOOK OPTIC’s glasses are MUCH higher quality.

You can see clearly with prescription-quality lenses that resist scratches and provide unparalleled clarity.

Fun fact: If you really like their glasses, like the Laurel variety of Blue Light Blockers we got, they also make the same style in Sunglasses. We thought that was pretty cool!

The Lauren Glasses in Sunglasses form.

What Else We Tried – Zenni Optical + more!

I have terrible vision. I wear contacts every day and I wear glasses at night. I don’t like wearing glasses, for some reason. I feel like they make my vision less “pure” (seeing the edges of the frame, etc.). So, I found the cheapest prescription glasses I could find to wear at night: Zenni Optical. They were like $40, as compared to $300 at the Optometrist. My prescription glasses have been fine. I only wear them at night, in case I need to get the kids or something in the middle of the night. No biggy.

So, when I read up on the benefits of blue light blocking glasses, I decided to get the same pair of Zenni Optical Glasses, but without the prescription and no blue light blocking.

We also tried a pair of Target Blue Blocking Sunglasses, but more on that in just a second.

Zenni Optical vs. LOOK OPTIC – Which one is better?

The Zenni Optical Square Glasses 124121 – yes, that’s the name.

I’m not an expert in glasses optics, as I mentioned, but I have to say that the LOOK OPTIC Glasses are far superior here. For some reason, my Zenni Optical glasses give me a slightly distorted view of whatever I’m looking at. It’s not huge, but it’s just enough to make me not want to wear them.

You may have come across this before but Zenni Optical is the best at showing you glasses that are $6.95. But as you go through, you want to get any sort of like blue blocking on them, any anti-glare coating, the price goes drastically up. I don’t like that on any website.

The cheapest you can get into Zenni Optical Blue Light Glasses is about $24, but that’s without anti-reflective coating or anything else. That’s not a bad price, but you also typically have to pay more $10+ for shipping at any sort of speed above “snail.”

LOOK OPTIC vs. Cheap-o Target Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Cheap-o Target Glasses I tried. These are NOT progressive readers glasses.

These are actually the first pair of blue light blocking glasses that I ever tried: The ICU Eyewear Screen Vision Blue Light. They retail for $20 and I think I got them on sale for $9.99. While the glasses look ok, they felt like wearing a plexiglass shield. The reflections were terrible and the vision optics were bad, too. We don’t recommend these.

Does everything look yellow with Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

That’s what I was worried about, remembering these glasses back in the day:

Whenever I used to think about Blue Blockers, this is what I would think of.

When you are looking through the glasses, nothing looks yellow. You can see maybe a little bit of a yellow tint when you hold it far away, but barely noticeable. No one will notice that you are wearing them just by looking at the lenses.

Why you need blue light glasses in the first place

All the devices that we have, all the iPads, all the iPhones, every screen we have, they emit blue light. Blue Light can keep you up at night. It doesn’t help your eyes relax as much. And Blue Light is just tough on your eyes. Our eyes weren’t designed to stare at a screen like this all day long.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses work by blocking some of the blue light that our screens emit to help give our eyes a rest.

LOOK OPTIC Review: It’s not just the optics

LOOK OPTIC has a ton of fun details, even down to the packaging it comes in.

Even LOOK OPTIC packaging is beautiful. These are the best quality non-prescription reading glasses we’ve tried! An affordable price and great quality.

LOOK OPTIC also has two-way hinges that allow the glasses to stretch both ways (inside and outside of perpendicular). These are simply great, designer reading glasses with a great lens thickness overall.

If you are on the market for Blue Light Blocking Glasses (I’d argue that anyone working from home or staring at a computer screen SHOULD own a pair), give LOOK OPTIC a look (yes, pun intended).

LOOK OPTIC Review: The Final Verdict

We’re happy to give LOOK OPTIC our coveted We Tried It Seal of Approval.

We had never really heard of LOOK OPTIC before, but I decided to give them a shot. But $78 does sound like a lot. You can actually get magnification on the same frames for the same price. These are your eyes you’re talking about. I wouldn’t want to spend less to save a couple of bucks on my eyes. And if you’re a little bit nervous about trying out LOOK OPTIC and spending that kind of money, LOOK OPTIC has a great 90-day return policy, one year guarantee and they have awesome reviews (including ours!)

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I am now a giant fan of LOOK OPTIC high quality reading glasses! I hate to be hyperbolic about it, but any product that can help me reduce headaches and eye strain is worth it.

Be sure to check out LOOK OPTIC and use our exclusive LOOK OPTIC Promo Code. Want more great deals? Check out our Pura Promo Code, too.

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