KBO Breeze Step-Thru Review – A step up from the original?

KBO Breeze Step Through eBike Review: We’ve given you our honest review of the KBO Breeze eBike, but what about the Step-Thru model? Is the KBO Step-Thru any good? Take a deep dive into our honest KBO Breeze Step-Thu Review to find out! KBO Breeze Review: Meet commuter bike, packed with features at a budget …

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KBO Hurricane Review: Is the 36-pound electric bike any good?

KBO Hurricane Review: The KBO Hurricane electric bike is a light and stealthy electric that leads with its weight. At 36 pounds, it’s less than half the weight of other models – but does this make for an inferior product? We take a closer look in our honest review of the electric bicycle below. We …

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KBO Breeze Review: The “budget” eBike put to the test

KBO Breeze eBike Review: While you can’t call a $1,400 eBike a “budget” electric bike – it is less expensive and comes with some options that typically cost more on other electric brands. But is the KBO Breeze any good? Take a deep dive into our honest KBO Breeze Review to find out! We love …

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