Who is behind We Tried It?


2 of the 2.5 lifehackers behind this site. Little guy (and girl) not pictured. flexoffers

In every relationship, there is brawn. There is beauty.

There is the introspective thinker and the gregarious dreamer.

This relationship is no different. However, there is one key attribute we both share: we are both lifehackers.

What's a lifehacker?

The word lifehacker is overused these days. It's been used to describe people that make their own Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. That is not a lifehacker. They are 89 cents at the gas station and are delicious.

Anything we've made pails in comparison to the mass-produced Peanut Butter Cup (even if it is a "no-fail" food service we tried). It's not even close.

We're not going to make our own dish soap. Or laundry soap. Or any soap for that matter. Or candles. Why mess with something that's not broken?

So, what kind of lifehackers are we? We tested several different methods to get our newborn to sleep quickly and through the night.

We tried several of the food delivery services (like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh) to find out which one didn't require you to pickle your own onions (spoiler alert: Blue Apron does). We've even tried the newest "Food Delivery Service" paired with a Smart Oven. It's called Tovala - and we love it (Read our full Tovala Review). We tested several online mattress services to find the best one.

A quick note on commissions

Yes, we get a couple of cents when you purchase something from our links (maybe). But that's not why we started this blog.

We started this blog because we were tired of all the people just posting positive reviews of everything in order to get a commission - especially if they haven't even tried the product. 

Quick tangent: if you see a review website that ONLY has stock photos, then you know they have never tried the product and are only interested in a commission.

So, why are so many of our reviews positive? Because, frankly, we are pretty upfront with the kind of products we like and don't like and do a ton of research before buying anything. 

Nerd Alert!

Mr. We Tried It, the dreamer, tries out every new technology and product imaginable. Mrs. We Tried It, the ever-loving wife, gives her stamp of approval (or even worse: the scowl of disapproval). She is a late adopter and has JOMO (JOY of Missing Out). 

He is on all things social media.

She isn't on any social media. Yup. You found the one person in the world that is the last holdout of social media. 

We had some friends tell us that we should write about the different things we try to help others. So, that's what we're doing.

How do you have time for this?!

We decided working on this site after the kiddo is asleep is a much better use of time than watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (that gets the scowl of disapproval).

Or even worse, Gray's Anatomy (how has the whole hospital still standing after a fire/earthquake/zombie apocalypse? Aren't the doctors geriatric patients by now? Is there a McWrinkly by now? The jokes could go on and on...).

What are your must-have products?

We have a lot of products that we love. Some of our favorites:

Mizzen + Main Review

Lululemon Swim Shorts Review

Rothy's Review


Anyway, we hope we're able to help you. If you click on a product, there's a chance we get a small commission from it. Don't worry, we'll always give you our honest opinion (trust us: we always give each other our honest opinion and we'll do the same for you).

Have something you want us to try? Have a question? Shoot us a message in the form below.