SmallBirds Review – The Best Toddler Shoe?

You already know that the parents here at We Tried It love Allbirds (read our Allbirds Review). But what about Allbirds Children’s shoe – SMALLBird (Get it? Small…birds…?) Read our quick Smallbirds Review.

As of writing this, our little nugget is 20 months old. Like most little kids, he hates socks – a lot. That makes it a challenge to wear any type of shoe – let alone a full shoe with laces and all. When we saw Smallbirds, we jumped at the chance to try a toddler shoe that didn’t need socks.

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Is this the best toddler shoe? The Smallbird by Allbirds.

As you can see, the SmallBird shoe looks like the Allbirds Wool Runner for adults. It also comes in other colors (Grey, Green and Redish Pink) if Blue isn’t your forte. They come in sizes on 5T through 10T.

The Smallbird Shoe has elastic in the tongue of the shoe, to make the opening wider and easier to slide in wiggly feet. The shoe is lightweight and has a soft, rubber sole.

Smallbirds – Why this is the best shoe for toddlers that hate socks

As mentioned, our nugget hates socks. We’ve tried all different kinds but he just hates socks. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, but his little feet stink. Bad. Like, I-didn’t-know-you-could-make-that-much-stink bad. We thought about getting him foot powder it smelled so bad. Add to that, he loves to be outside and it creates the perfect storm of stink. It’s incredible.

One of the secrets of Smallbirds is that wool, the material of the upper and padded insole is made of, minimizes odor. We’re seeing more and more wool products on the market right now because it does minimize odor. We didn’t really believe the claims that it minimized odor until we put on one of nugget’s older pair of shoes – some Nike Velcro. They stunk to high heaven! The difference was real. We could smell his feet from a distance. With the Smallbirds, it’s much, much better. Wool isn’t magic, but it’s darn close.

The other great thing is you can wash Smallbirds (see our instructions on how to wash Allbirds). So, even if the shoes do start to get a little funk in ’em – you can wash them.

We haven’t to wash them yet, but we’ll update this post to let you know how they hold up after a wash.

They’ve held up really well since he started wearing them in January (it is now almost the end of April). Here are some photos of how they’ve held up in four months of almost constant wear and tear.

SmallBirds Review - The Best Toddler Shoe? small-birds-1024x667

Smallbirds Review: How do they hold up?

SmallBirds Review - The Best Toddler Shoe? smallbirds2-1024x882

Smallbirds Review – How do they look after 4 months of use?

SmallBirds Review - The Best Toddler Shoe? smallbirds3-1024x558

Smallbirds: How the soles look after four months of use.

What we don’t love about Smallbirds

Nothing is perfect and Smallbirds aren’t an exception. At $50, they are a little expensive. It’s literally the only shoe our little guy wears now.

Smallbirds also run a little small, at least in our experience. The good news is that Allbirds has incredible customer service! We originally ordered the normal size he current wears and they were far too small. We simply contacted customer support and got another pair shipped to us (we sent back the smaller pair with prepaid shipping).

SmallBirds Review - The Best Toddler Shoe? allbirds-review-1024x768

We can’t recommend adding Smallbirds to your Allbirds family – especially if you have a little one that hates wearing socks!