How do you wash Allbirds?

If you’ve read our full Allbirds Review, you might be curious how you wash Allbirds. If you’re like us, you probably had a lot of questions around the included Allbirds washing instructions. What washing machine cycle do you use to wash Allbirds? What detergent do you use to wash Allbirds? How do you wash Allbirds?

How do you wash Allbirds? how-to-wash-allbirds-detergent-1024x1024

It turns out washing Allbirds shoes is really easy. Here are the simple steps:

  • Take out the insoles of your Allbirds Shoes.
  • Take a picture of the Allbirds (to remember how to tie the shoelaces again when done) and untie the shoelaces (on the Allbirds wool runner, the Allbirds tree skipper, and the tree runner – the lounger doesn’t have laces)
  • Throw the shoes in the washing machine on your cold, delicate setting. We like to use Woolite Dark for these shoes to make sure they keep their color.
  • If your insoles stink (which they can!) then run a little water and Oxiclean on the soles and soak. Then rinse off and hang dry.
  • When the shoes are done in the washer, hang dry. Allbirds take about 12-24 hours to dry (so make sure you have enough time before you want to wear them! That’s been a problem for us).
  • Put the shoelaces back on the shoes and the insoles inside the shoes.

What detergent do you use to Wash Allbirds?

We use Woolite Dark to was our Allbirds (and other “nice” clothes like Mizzen + Main).

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What detergent do you use to wash Allbirds? We Use Woolite Dark.

How do you wash the Insoles of Allbirds?

As we showed in the video, we use Oxiclean for the insoles. We usually soak them a bit, then rinse and let dry. A little bit goes a long way. Too much Oxiclean take away the softness!

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How do you wash the insoles of Allbirds? Oxiclean. A little bit goes a long way.
How do you wash Allbirds? giphy
Use Less Oxiclean – but this is how we wash the sole of Allbirds.

How do you wash the soles of Allbirds?

How do you wash Allbirds? allbirds-magic-eraser-sole
How do you clean the soles of Allbirds? Use a Magic Eraser!

We simply use a Magic Eraser to clean the soles of the shoe. This works great on any shoe, by the way, not just Allbirds! This helps keep the sole looking great.

How do Allbirds look after washing?

You can see photos from our full Allbirds review, but here is a quick photo comparison:

How do you wash Allbirds? IMG_1469-1024x768

You can see the structure doesn’t hold up as well with so many washes, but once you put on your feet – you can hardly notice the difference. I keep a pair of Allbirds for playing outside with the kiddo and going to the gym and another, new pair to wear around town. That way I can wear Allbirds all the time!

We did a full review of all of our 8 different pairs of Allbirds – and the truth is they hold up pretty well. The Tree-based shoes seem to hold their structure a little bit better than the wool-based shoes.

How do you wash Allbirds? giphy
How well do Allbirds hold up after washing? It all depends!

Can You Bleach Allbirds?

Keeping any pair of white shoes clean is a challenge. Mrs. We Tried It decided to use a Clorox Bleach Pen on her White Tree Skippers. She had some stains that she couldn’t get off by simply washing them. The result?

How do you wash Allbirds? allbirds-bleach
Can you bleach White Allbirds shoes?

It might be tough to see, but the areas that were bleached turn a pink-ish color. It’s very subtle in the photo but less subtle in real life. It’s tough to take a photo of. Next, we’re going to try to bleach the whole Allbirds shoe and see if that makes all of it a uniform, acceptable color.

Can you bleach Allbirds? We wouldn’t recommend it. It makes the shoes a pink-ish color. 

Voila. That’s it. Read more about Allbirds in our Allbirds Review. Also, see how to wash Mizzen + Main.

Can you put Allbirds in the dryer?

You can not dry Allbirds in the dryer. They are (mostly) made of wool and you can not dry wool in the dryer. Simply hang dry them (we use a simple hook to let them hang dry). They aren’t going to dry super fast – but take about 1.5 – 2 Days to via hang drying. So, plan accordingly.

How do you dry the insoles? After we wash the insoles, we hand them over the rods in a wall-hanging unit, like the one below. If you don’t have something similar, you can hang over the faucet. The key is to get the insole exposed to the most amount of air to dry quickly.

How do you wash Allbirds? how-to-dry-allbirds
How do you dry Allbirds? We hang the insoles over the rods on a unit like this. This allows the most air cover the insoles and allow them to dry quickly.

**We are not experts and these are simply our experiences. Your results may vary. Not responsible for any shoes you wash incorrectly! Always follow Allbirds instructions for washing their shoes.