Best Cheap Lifehacks We’ve Never Written About

Best Cheap Lifehacks We’ve Never Written About

For whatever reason, we’ve never wrote about these handful of Lifehacks you’re about to hear about. So, we thought we’d provide it special to our email subscribers.

Most Comfortable Shorts to Sleep In

These sleep shorts are only $20 for two pairs on Amazon. You read that correctly: only $10 a pop!

These are super soft, comfortable and have lasted over a year. An easy way to upgrade your sleep.

This little sucker

This BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum is awesome to have in your home. We actually have several – one if the office, one out in the garage.

This is about $50 and has latested us years. It’s a great way to go quick spot cleans on the floor, or something a kiddo spilled.

Grocery Bags for Garbage

In the office, we buy this 100 Pack of T-shirt Garbage Bags for about $10. We then use a Command Adhesive Hook for garbage in the office (think cans, paper, etc). It works REALLY well!

Give me a light!

…for a candle, obviously. This little USB powered lighter is perfect for lighting candles.

All you need to do is simply charge via USB and you have a lighter that works for candles – without the messy kerosene or matches. You can’t beat it for about $15!

No more moths!

Do you have moths? In Colorado, we get a ton of moths on our front porch, or even our fireplace – YUCK! Use this peppermint scent to get rid of them once and for all.

We placed one on our front porch and have had zero problems!

Another awesome sleep-hack

If you are having problems falling asleep or staying asleep, try some Passionflower Extract. It doesn’t taste great, but it will help you get some much needed Zzzzssss…..

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