Olivers Promo Code - Shorts - Get a discount on olivers now

Olivers Promo Code

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We recently posted our Olivers All Over Short Review. The quick story: we loved it! We think it’s a great athletic short and liked it better than some of the other shorts that we tried. We wanted to provide you with our exclusive Olivers Promo Code.

GQ calls Olivers “Subtle, Premium Workout Gear” and we couldn’t agree more. We hate that so much workout gear LOOKS like workout gear. We like clothes that are simple and don’t look obnoxious. If that’s you, too, then read on to learn more about how you can save $$ with our Oliver’s Promo Code.

Olivers Promo Code - Shorts - Get a discount on olivers now
Oliver”s Classic All Over Short

The only downside Olivers? They can be a little expensive! So, we have an Olivers promo code you can use now to get $25 off your next order.

How to get your Olivers Promo Code

To use our Olivers promo code, click here. You will need to provide your email address first for the Olivers Discount to appear in checkout. Don’t worry – Oliver’s won’t spam your inbox like some other websites.

Why do we recommend at Oliver’s?

  • We love their All Over Shorts the most! They are classic shorts that you can wear with almost anything. They don’t scream “I’m work out shorts” live some other brands. They don’t even have a visible Oliver’s Brand on the shorts.
  • We also really like their Convoy Tee. It’s a little expensive, but it’s a great, long-lasting T-Shirt.
Oliver"s Convoy Tee in light blue, click for a olivers promo code
Olivers Convoy Tee: Long-lasting.

We really like the Olivers All Over Short and we’re happy to give you an Olivers discount code. We hope to try out more of their clothes in the near future.

What don’t we love about Oliver’s?

  • They are a little expensive.
  • Oliver’s doesn’t offer blanket free shipping – you have to spend $100 for free shipping.
  • We don’t love some of their styles – like their striped versions.

If you want to save money on Olivers, just click here for our Oliver’s Promo Code.

Let us know if you have any problems with the Olivers Coupon Code!

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