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We just got a new Aera Diffuser and we just posted our full Aera Fragrance review and Aera Mini Review, but wanted to get our exclusive, Aera Fragrance discount code to you ASAP! You’re going to love this fragrance machine like we are. Read on to find out how you can get use our exclusive Aera Promo code right now.

Aera Promo Code
Aera Promo Code: Look for a great deal on Aera? Check our exclusive discount code.

What’s so great about the Aera Smart Diffuser? Read our Aera Review, but here are some highlights:

  • Candles are expensive, like super expensive! We just bought some from Anthropologie and they were about $35 a pop (they were Capri Blue, but still!) The Aera Smart Diffuser lasts for 800 hours!!!! Capri Blue only lasts for 85 hours – that’s about 10x more.
  • The Aera Smart Diffuser is smart – meaning that you can customize different parts about it:
    • When it’s turned on and off.
    • What level (1 – 10) it’s turned to.
    • You can even control it using Amazon Alexa or their smartphone app.
  • It uses less fragrance overall (because it’s so smart), so it’s hypoallergenic and long-lasting.
  • They have tons of great scents available!
Aera Discount Code: Get this smart diffuser today!

Remember: you do not need an actual Aera Coupon Code, just simply click our link to save money on your Aera Diffuser. We really hope you love Aera as much as we do! Let us know if you have any issues or questions about the Aera Smart Diffuser.

Also, check out another Diffuser we’ve reviewed in our Aroma360 Review.


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  4. I tried to order a diffuser and some scents with your link to a $50 discount and it did not wirk! Do you have a code that I should enter?

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