Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 1

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short

Myles Shorts vs. Olivers Short – Which short is better? Myles or Olivers?

Myles Everyday Short vs. Olivers All Over Short: You might have heard some comparisons between the two. Should you get Olivers Shorts or Myles Shorts? It all depends, of course! They are very similar. However, we heard some conflicting reports on Reddit:

“Are they a little noisy? Yeah, but I wouldn’t have even noticed it if people on Reddit didn’t like to bitch about it so much, and even then I only notice it when I’m working out, an occasion when truly nobody gives a damn.”



“Olivers shorts used to bet he same as Myles, but now they are different – much, much better I’d say.”

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Mr. We Tried It has been a Myles Customer for a long-time. Were they a little noisy? Sure. It wasn’t until we had a little one that I noticed how LOUD they were. So, Oliver’s reached out and asked if we would try the shorts and we said yes.

Updated in detail in March 2021 with updates to both the Myles Everyday Short and Olivers All Over Short. Read our full Myles Everyday Short Review and our full Olivers All Over Short Review.

Olivers All Over Short vs. the Myles Everyday Short- How are they similar?

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 2

Olivers All Over Shorts and Myles Everyday Shorts are similar in several ways:

  • 4-Way Stretch: They are both very stretchy.
  • Pockets: They have similar pockets on each side. The updated Myles Short (read our Myles Everyday Short Review) now has a back pocket with a snap button on the back.
  • They are both water repellent.
  • Drawstring: Both have a stylish drawstring (Myles is their signature Blue, Olivers their signature Yellow)
  • Lightweight: Both short are extremely lightweight and weigh next to nothing.

They are both comfortable and look like nice workout shorts. They were both designed to be nice workout shorts that didn’t come in obnoxious colors, so you could wear them “everyday.” Myles even has a Khaki color that could be mistaken for more traditional Khaki shorts.

Olivers Shorts vs. Myles Shorts – How are they different?

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 3
Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 4

✅ 88% Spandex, 12% Nylon
✅ Non-mesh pockets
✅ Available in 5.5″, 7.5″ and 9″ inseam
✅ Available in a lined version
✅ Available with front-zip pocket, no back pocket

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 5

✅ 88% Spandex, 12% Nylon
✅ Mesh Pockets
✅ Available in 6″, 8″ and 10″ inseam
✅ Not available in a lined version
✅ Back snap-button pocket in all styles

What else is different? They have different drawstrings and slightly differently pockets. The Oliver All Over Short comes in 1 length, the Myles Everyday Short comes in Standard (8″ Inseam) and Long (10″ Inseam). The Myles Everyday Short pictured is the standard 8″ Inseam size.

That brings us to the reason you are probably here. The reason there are countless Reddit threads about this topic. That brings us to…

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 6

Myles Vs. Olivers Shorts- Which Short Is Quieter?

Like others, I didn’t notice the “Swish, Swish” sound on my Myles Everyday Shorts until someone else pointed it out to me (my wife). I think she asked, “Are you wearing Swim Trunks?” I said, “No, these are athletic shorts! Do they look like Swim Trunks?” She said, “No, not really, maybe kinda closer up…but they sound like swim shorts!”

As your browse Reddit, you’ll see many of the same concerns. So, we put the shorts to the ultimate test. I used some sophisticated recording equipment (a Zoom H4N, if you must know!) to pick up on the differences in sound between the shorts. I also used a control (some cheap-o cotton shorts, if you must know!) to exhibit the differences. I did not edit the levels in any way on the clip below. They are straight from the recording on the Zoom H4N device. The YouTube Video is queued up to the exact spot where I test out the “Swish” on both shorts:

Which short is quieter?

Now, the Olivers short IS quieter in that video. However, the updated Myles Short is now quieter. See our updated review with the brand new, updated Myles Shorts:

Which shorts are “nicer” AKA Dressier?

While I hate the term “dress” shorts, it’s something to think about. It may simply be because I own the Myles Everyday Short in Khaki, but I think the Myles Everyday Short is slightly nicer/dressier than the Olivers All Over Short.

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 7

However, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, check out the Olivers Capital Short (and our full Capital Short Review). These unique shorts are actually made from the same material as the Olivers All Over Shorts but designed to look like a more traditional khaki Chino Short.

Myles Vs. Olivers: The Final Verdict

Honesty. I love both shorts and I wear both of them all the time. In a given week, I probably wear both shorts about the same equally, to be honest with (well, except when there is 3 feet of snow randomly dropped on us like what happened this weekend).

But there are several things I think about when I’m wearing the shorts.

The lightest short

For this one, Olivers Wins. It is the lightest short. The new and improved Myles Short is better, but not as light as the Olivers All over short.

The most versatile short

I actually would give this one to the Myles Everyday Short. Most of that is simply because of the back pocket. My only gripe is that I wish the back pocket was on the other “cheek” – just because of personal preference.

The most short I’m wearing running errands

I would give this to Myles, too, actually. This is 90% because of the back pocket again.

The best short for wearing around the house

I’d give this to Olivers, simply because it is light and quieter. However, don’t miss our best Work from Home Shorts.

The cheapest short

Myles is the cheapest short here, by a little bit. The Olivers All Over Short is $68 and the Everyday Short is $58. Not much of a difference.

The highest-quality short

I’d say this is pretty close to a tie here. While the Olivers Short MAY be of higher quality, they have a 365-day return policy while Myles has a 5-Year return policy. Talk about standing behind your product. That came into play with our best wool socks review.

As you can see, you clearly can’t go wrong with either pair. They both have their pros and cons. Neither pair is 100% perfect. However, if we had to choose just 1 pair, we’d choose the Myles Everyday Short, simply because of the back pocket. But the race between the two is close. Very close.

We rarely do this, but we are proud to recommend both the Myles Everyday Short and the Olivers All Over Short without hesitation.

Recommendation: Olivers vs. Myles Shorts – BOTH

We’re actually happy to recommend both the Myles Everyday Short AND the Olivers All Over Short.

Myles Everyday Short

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 8

Olivers All Over Short

Olivers vs. Myles: Olivers All Over Short vs. Myles Everyday Short 9

Have any questions about Olivers Shorts vs. Myles Shorts or just Myles vs. Olivers in general? Let us know in the comments below!