The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers: Dress Pants Disguised as Sweatpants

Mr. We Tried It
Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers Review

Ever found yourself squeezed into a pair of dress pants on one of those sweltering Monday mornings, yearning for the sweet, cottony embrace of your weekend sweatpants?

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers: The Jogger That May Just Change Your Work Wardrobe Forever

Well, my fellow comfort-connoisseurs, brace yourselves: I’ve stumbled upon the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Jogger, and let’s just say, my legs are rejoicing.

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Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers
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They’re Not Magic, But They’re Close

Designed with the elusive blend of sophistication and coziness, the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Jogger is basically the clothing equivalent of a stealth ninja. On the surface? Sharp enough for that 10 am meeting with “The Suits.”

Underneath? Your legs might feel as comfortable as resting on a fluffy cloud. More so that even lululemon ABC Pants (read our ABC Pants Review and our guide to cheaper ABC Pants alternatives).

A Top Pants Pick
The 1, the only... lululemon ABC Pants
  • Super comfortable ABC Technology (Anti-Ball Crushing), yes, you read that correctly.
  • Comes in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics
  • A great all-around pair of pants
  • The only thing we don't like? The seam behind the knees and some inconsistent sizing (but lululemon has SUPER easy returns).
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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

All about the fabric

With fabric that’s got more moves than Jagger thanks to its four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking wizardry to keep you fresh as a daisy during your most stressful moments (like when you’re sprinting for the morning brew before the boss notices you’re late), these pants are a game-changer.

Let’s get sciency for a second. These pants are made with what the folks at Ministry of Supply call “Kinetic fabric.” What is that, you ask? Imagine if cotton had a love affair with elastic and they had a baby that was blessed by the hydration gods – that’s Kinetic fabric for you. It’s durable yet comfy, flexible yet snappy, and keeps your legs looking and feeling chill.

My Work From Home—No, Wait—Go Back To Work Saga

Here’s a little story for you. Since the pandemic decided to give us a raincheck, my home office turned back into a traffic-clogged commute. I’m talking about swapping those glorious shorts (my legs are indeed glorious) for something… more office-appropriate. Enter these Kinetic Joggers, which somehow manage to make me look put-together while I’m mentally cuddled up on my couch. Win-win.

Wearing these joggers, I’ve single-handedly duped every person in my circle into thinking I’m the sort of guy who irons his clothes. Suckers! Plus, for someone with a build like a garden gnome on stilts—short legs, long torso—these things are a fit from the divine tailors above.

Who Are These Miracle Pants For?

They’re built for the 30-to-40-something-year-old dude who crushed it in his college days, still kills it at the office (whatever that may resemble these days), and wants to sneak in comfort with the cunning of a fox. They’re also perfect for life-hacker types who count steps and measure the most efficient way to walk to the break room.

And get this – they don’t just mop up my nervous sweat when I see a conference room booking with my name on it, they literally wick away moisture. I could go for a jog, or pretend I just did because that’s what active professionals do, and no one would be the wiser.

How to style these pants

One of my favorite ways to style these pants is by pairing them with a stunning pair of white shoes. I love the contrast between the dark color of the pants and the crisp, clean look of white footwear. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

My go-to option for white shoes are my Rothy’s RS01 (read our full Rothy’s Men’s Shoe Review). These sustainable and eco-friendly shoes are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. The sleek design and pointed toe add a chic touch to any ensemble, making it perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. Plus, knowing that they are made from recycled plastic bottles gives me a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I am doing my part for the environment.

My go-to white shoes
Rothy's RS01 Sneaker
They are washable, comfortable and look great.
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Another fantastic option for pairing with these pants is the new Allbirds Wool Runners 2 (read our Wool Runner 2 Review). These shoes are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. The soft wool material provides comfort and support to my feet, making them perfect for all-day wear. Plus, their simple yet classic design adds a relaxed and effortless vibe to any outfit.

The OG Gets Even Better
Men's Wool Runner 2

The original gets even better. With a load of improvements, this may be our new favorite Allbirds.

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I love how versatile these pants can be when paired with either my Rothy’s or Allbirds. For a more formal look, I like to pair them with my Rothy’s RS01 and accessorize with some statement jewelry. This combination creates an effortlessly chic look that is suitable for work or even a dinner date.

For a more casual look, I opt for my Allbirds Wool runners 2 as they provide a laid-back vibe while still looking put together. I usually pair them with a basic t-shirt or sweater and throw on a denim jacket for an extra layer.

In conclusion, these pants are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether it be running errands or going out for drinks with friends, pairing them with either my Rothy’s RS01 or Allbirds Wool runners 2 always elevates my outfit and adds that extra touch of style and comfort.

The Stylish Chameleon

I’ve got style tips galore for these bad boys. Pair ’em with a crisp white tennis shoe, like my Rothy’s RS01s, and bam! Instant chic. Top it off with a dress shirt, a vest if you’re feeling extra dapper, or even just a polo. It screams, “I’m too cool to try hard, but look how effortlessly awesome I ended up.”

And let’s address the elephant in the walk-in closet — other joggers. Sure Mizzen and Main Helmsman have some decent offerings, and Western Rise does techy alright, but when we’re talking dressy, the Kinetic Joggers are in a league of their own. Those Public Rec ones? Great for Netflix binges, not for boardroom battles.

These are the Mizzen + Main Helmsman Chinos.

Let’s pretend I’m some sort of jogger-wearing sommelier, swirling these pants around to give you the tasting notes:

  • Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Jogger – they’re like that friend who shows up to a casual brunch looking runway-ready without even trying.
  • Public Rec – now they’re the childhood buddy that never grew up. Always down for a chill session but gets a bit sweaty when it’s time for adulting. Don’t miss our Public Rec Pants Review.
  • Western Rise is the techie cousin who probably has a patent or two under their belt. Sure, they’re wicked smart and versatile, but sometimes you wanna feel fancy without calculating how breathable your pants. Check out our Western Rise Review.
  • Mizzen and Main Helmsman? Yeah, we’ve moved past them just like we moved past frosted tips and boy bands – they’re decent, but they are also a little thing and not super dressy. Read our full Mizzen + Main Review for more information.

So in the great jogger showdown, if I had to pick my ride or die, it’s the kinetic secret agent pants that let me slide from a snooze to the boardroom. They’ve got more balance than a yoga instructor on a tightrope. And while the others have their moments in the sun, Public Rec’s for the lazy river days, and Western Rise is my ‘MacGyver’ on camping trips, Ministry of Supply, well, they’re my Batman in the corporate Gotham.

The Wallet Impact

Now, for the part that hurts – the price. But bear with me; they’re competitively priced given they moonlight as workout gear, business casual staples, and a substitute therapist providing comfort. Better yet? You’re saving money on not having to buy actual sweatpants.

Bottom Line – No Pun Intended

Our Go-To Pick for Back to office
Ministry of Supply Kinetic Joggers
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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

So here it is—my Ministry of Supply Jogger Review. They’re the Swiss Army knife of legwear, the Bruce Wayne of a casual Friday, the Kinetic Jogger Performance that your men’s office jogger wear dreams are made of. Grab a pair, the office gauntlet awaits, and with these joggers, you might just be the champ.

Click here to check ’em out – your calves will thank you, your style will tout you, and your couch will miss you. Peace out!

Don’t miss our full guide all things “MoS” in our Ministry of Supply Review.

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