Cefaly reviews: Can this really stop migraine attacks?

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Looking for 100% honest cefaly device reviews? Meet the cefaly tens machine.

I’m so grateful not to have experienced migraines, but know how debilitating they can be. My dad has suffered from migraines for the past decade or so. He saw some other Cefaly Reviews and asked me if I knew anything about this new device. The Cefaly Device actually came across my radar and I was able to get him a unit to provide an honest review.

So good, my dad approves
CEFALY Migraine Treatment

My dad swears by the revolutionary migraine treatment.

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What is the Cefaly Device?

Cefaly Reviews: Any good?
Suffer from Migraine Attacks? Then you need to check out the product a randomized controlled trial proved to reduce migraine symptoms drastically.

The Cefaly device is an external trigeminal nerve stimulation device that has been proven to work in tandem with medication and help relieve your pain almost instantly, without any prescription needed! It’s also easy enough for anyone–even those who don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to their healthcare needs (or tehcnical knowledge)-to use this medical tech.

This simple-to-use medical device works to treat acute migraine attacks quickly, prevent future migraine episodes and may cut your number of migraine days by almost half.

How Does Cefaly Work? cefaly effectiveness

Suffering from Migraine Symptoms? Check this out before your next migraine attack.

The Cefaly Device is technically an eTENS device (external trigeminal nerve stimulation device). I’ve actually used an eTENS device to treat muscle issues that I’ve had like a sore back and it really does work!

What is a eTENS machine?

An eTENS machine is a device that uses electrical stimulation to help relieve pain. The Cefaly Device specifically is a wearable, battery-operated device that attaches to your forehead with an adhesive pad. The Cefaly device actually sends electrical impulses to the trigeminal nerve, which is one of the main nerves responsible for headaches and migraines.

Similar to my TENS unit
Tens Unit Machine
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Not just for current migraines, but for preventative treatment, too

The device has two settings – acute treatment and preventive treatment. The acute treatment setting is used when a migraine is just beginning or during a migraine attack. The preventive treatment setting is used daily to prevent migraines from occurring. 

It’s unique because it is one Device with two Settings and two purposes.

Use for Acute Treatment

Cefaly tens device

1. ACUTE Treatment: Use CEFALY at the onset of or during a migraine attack. When you feel a migraine coming on, you can reach for your CEFALY device. If you’re new to the ACUTE CEFALY program, you’ll want to slowly ramp up the intensity during the first 14 minutes of treatment.

Use for Preventative Treatment

2. PREVENT Treatment: Use CEFALY daily to prevent the frequency of migraine episodes. In one CEFALY trial, the analysis of 80 patients with migraine revealed that after using CEFALY daily for 20 consecutive minutes, the frequency of headache days and acute medication intake was reduced.

How the use the Cefaly Device

As metioned, The Cefaly device works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for transmitting pain signals from the face to the brain. When the trigeminal nerve is stimulated, it produces electrical impulses that block the pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. This provides relief from migraine pain for many people. 

The Cefaly device is worn on your forehead with the reusable self-adhesive electrode. It is easy to use and can be worn for up to 20 minutes at a time. Most people use the device once or twice a day, depending on their needs. 

Treat the Root Cause of Migraine Pain With CEFALY

The self-stimulating CEFALY treatment has shown promising results in relieving migraine pain. The large and complex trigeminal nerve, which brings messages from your face to various parts of the brain can be accessed through outer layer skin on forehead near hairline; as an e-tens system it delivers small electrical impulses that lessen frequency/intensity with every use until eventually eliminating them altogether!

You control how intense this process will get – whether its only occasional attacks or regular monthly ones depending upon what works best for YOU.

What Does CEFALY Feel Like?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is actually pretty decent and you won’t even notice – depsite the name of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

At the start of a treatment, you may feel nothing or a slight tingling sensation, almost like your hair standing on end. The sensation or tingling feeling increases gradually and spreads through your forehead and the front part of your head. After about 14 minutes, the intensity stabilizes and remains constant until your treatment session is over.

But does it REALLY work?

The Cefaly dual device is proven as a great treatment option. The cefaly dual device really works.

Before I dive into my dad’s experience, let’s see what the scientific studies show.

According to Cefaly’s double-blind, randomized studies, Cefaly has been shown to be an effective treatment for migraines. In one study, Cefaly was found to be 59% effective in reducing migraine pain intensity after one hour of treatment. Additionally, Cefaly was found to be 79% effective in providing relief from acute migraines and 32% effective in providing pain freedom from acute migraines.

So there is some scientific evidence to support Cefaly’s effectiveness in treating migraines. But what about real-life experiences? That’s what I was curious about, so I asked my dad to try Cefaly for himself and see if it helped with his migraines.

My Dad’s Honest Cefaly Review

I sure hope I never have my dad’s fate in late-life headaches. But I was happy he was able to get this product in his hands to test out.

Here’s what he had say:

I’ve been using the Cefaly Device practically every day for migraine prevention, and I’ve found it to be quite helpful. The device emits a low-frequency electrical current that stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for transmitting pain signals from the brain to the face. This stimulation tends to relax the muscles in the head that are often involved in the onset of migraines. Although the Cefaly Device doesn’t always completely prevent migraines, it does provide some relief. The electrode pads have lasted longer than I expected. They can easily be used for two weeks. I have placed a standing order for replacements (a package of them) every three months. At my current rate, they should last that long. I will definitely keep using the Cefaly Device.

In all honesty, my dad never bought this device until I was able to get it for him (in exchange for an honest review).

Would he buy it?

So, I asked him the ultimate question: “would he buy it if he had the option to?”

My dad is notoriously cheap. I get it. He was a minister and my mom was a social worker.

So, he’s always been like a bird, “CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.” Bad dad joke, I’m sorry. But his response, “YES! I’d totally spend the money on this device. There’s nothing worse than a migraine and this is a small price to pay.”

Cefaly Review: Final Thoughts

So good, my dad approves
CEFALY Migraine Treatment

My dad swears by the revolutionary migraine treatment.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

In short, the Cefaly Device is worth it, if you are suffering from migraines. The device is only $350 (here’s the best deal we’ve found) and comes with 3 Reusable Electrodes.

My dad, once again, not one to spend a lot of money, even signed up for reusable electrodes pack every three months. That should tell you everything you need to know about this migraine treatment.

Other FAQs about Cefaly

We get a lot of other questions about this device for acute migraine therapy for the chronic migraine sufferer. Then check out these questions about how this device does to treat migraine symptoms and acute pain.

What are the side effects of Cefaly device?

Cefaly doesn’t have any major side effects.

Is Cefaly the same as a TENS unit?

Although the FDA classified Cefaly into a transcutaneous TENS unit, the device is a more precise external tetraminal nerve stimulating unit. Cefaly has the identical structure as many other stimulatory drug tests are used to treat migraines.

Does Cefaly work for chronic migraine?

Cefaly may also be prescribed for migraine patients. This might also serve people that may not benefit from other treatments.

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