Quick-Step Through Any Airport: Time-Saving Tips for Fast Flyers

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There’s nothing worse than needing fast airport entry, and being stuck in lines…. right?

Alright, jet-setters and airport ninjas, let’s cut to the chase—you’re here because your time is precious, and you’ve got about as much patience for airport lines as a toddler has for quantum physics. We’ve all been there: tapping our feet, sighing dramatically, checking our watches every 12 seconds—only to move forward three inches. Well, it’s time to hack the system and transform your airport trudge into a speed-walking victory lap.

Security Checkpoint Tips: The Fast-Pass Foxtrot

Here’s my best-kept secret: get yourself both Clear AND TSA PreCheck tucked in your travel utility belt. Think of Clear as your VIP nightclub bouncer and TSA PreCheck as the secret password. Occasionally, Clear alone gets jammed up when it’s everyone’s favorite new toy, and that’s when you swoop into the TSA PreCheck line, smirk at the regular queue, and slip off your shoes with a swagger.

With TSA PreCheck, enjoy a sweet serenade of benefits: shoes on, laptop nestled in your bag, and your dignity mostly intact.

Clear, though? It’s the superhero of airport security, swooping in with biometric prowess to whisk you to the front. It might not be at every airport yet, but when it’s an option next to that magical combo of TSA + Clear lines, you’ll dance through security faster than you can say “pat down.”

Packing Like a Pro

Pack like a pro—make sure everything’s in your carry-on (read our Hotel Collection Luggage Review) and personal item. You know that bag that straps to your suitcase like a koala clinging to a tree? Yeah, get one of those. Before you queue, pocket dump into your bag. Presto, you’re not the person fishing for change while the line gives you the stink eye.

And folks, please, for the love of punctuality—please get rid of any liquids in your bag before you hit security. Your fellow travelers and future self will thank you.

Insider Tips: The Airport Ninja’s Crib Sheet

Knowing airport specs is your reconnaissance mission. Denver Intergalactic—I mean, International—Airport may have the full suite of lines, but other airports have more unpredictable layouts than a season of ‘Lost.’

Chose How You Get There

Choose your chariot wisely! Uber may be your trusty stallion one day, but the airport valet could be your knight in shining armor the next. They’ll treat your ride like royalty while you avoid peasant parking problems.

Get TripIt Pro

Before heading to the airport, let’s spotlight our unsung hero, TripIt Pro. This app acts as your personal travel assistant, always ready and remarkably organized.

TripIt Pro manages every aspect of your travel plans, from flight details to hotel bookings and rental car reservations, ensuring everything is in one place. It keeps you informed about gate changes and flight delays before anyone else, and even tracks your reward points for those welcome bonuses. Think of it as the trusted guide for your travels, ensuring you’re always on top of your plans and never miss a boarding call.

This app also has a sweet “time to go” feature that notify you when it’s time to go the airport.

Once You Land at the Airport: The Lean, Mean, Airport-Surviving Machine

Ounce you arrive at the Airport, double-check the flight app; those gates can be more elusive than a good rom-com on Netflix.

A Bonus Tip: American Express Platinum For the Win!

Hungry? Sprint to a lounge, my friend. Here’s a hack: My American Express Platinum Card isn’t just for show—it rolls out the red carpet to the Centurion Lounge and others, foots the bill for Clear and TSA PreCheck, and essentially pays for itself. That’s more savings than a Black Friday sale.

The best card for perks... and lounges
American Express Platinum Card


  • Centurion Lounges
  • Other Lounges
  • $200 Hotel Credit
  • $240 Digital Entertainment Credit
  • $155 WalMart+ Credit
  • $200 Uber Credit
  • $200 Airline Credit
  • $189 Clear Credit

....And Much more!

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Now, about my trusty American Express Platinum Card – let’s spill the tea on why it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of cards for us high-flyers. With this little piece of metal (it’s literally made of metal), you’re practically in airport lounge heaven.

It’s like having a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s, but instead of chocolate rivers, you’ve got comfy seats and fancy nibbles. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel like travel royalty, sipping on something bubbly while the common folk periodically glance at the lounge door, hoping for a miracle?

Other Perks of the American Express Platinum Card

The other Amex Platinum Card perks? They’re sweeter than grandma’s peach pie. Apart from muscling you into lounges, it’s throwing in a $200 airline fee credit to cover those annoying extra charges. Burned by baggage fees? Not you. You’ve got insurance for that, and for delayed flights too, so you can shop those airport boutiques like you’re not on a budget.

But wait, it gets better. You get a personal travel concierge, kind of like having Batman’s Alfred in your pocket – they’ve got your back for all your high-maintenance travel needs. So, if you’re not already maxing out these benefits like a boss, what are you even doing with your life?

Look Ma, I’m Practically Flying!

In the end, my time-crunched comrades, it’s about weaving through airports with the precision of a Swiss watch and the grace of a gazelle. Adopt these hacks and watch yourself evolve from airport amateur to terminal trailblazer.

Implement the tips and prepare to bask in the glory of your newfound free time. You’ll glide through the airport with such finesse that fellow travelers will wonder if you’ve discovered teleportation.

So go forth, use that Platinum card like a worldly wizard, flit through terminals like a caffeinated fairy, and remember: those lines are for mere mortals—and you, my friend, have officially transcended. Happy travels! 🛫🌟

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