Amberjack Shoe Review: The Best Dress Shoes You’ll Ever Own. Period.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of dress shoes, look no further. The Amberjack Original is the Best Dress Shoes You’ll Ever Own. Period. This isn’t just any shoe though; it’s made with high-quality materials and designed specifically for comfort so you can wear them all day long without having to worry about foot …

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ZeroGrand Review – Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it?

Zerogrand Shoe Review: Have you had your eyes on a pair of Cole Haan Zerogrand (or as Cole Haan writes it, ZER0GRAND) Shoes? Are the Zerogrand Shoes worth the extra price? Let’s dive into our Cole Haan Zerogrand Review! Updated to update our pick. We no longer pick these shoes as a We Tried It …

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Wolf and Shepherd Review: We Test Another High-Tech Dress Shoe

Wolf and Shepherd Review: this one is interesting for a lot of different reasons. I love testing out high-tech dress shoes for some reason, but when my wife saw these shoes, she asked, “How many high-tech brown shoes can different companies make?” And there’s some truth to that. There are a lot of dress shoes meet …

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Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Loafers Review: My New Favorite Loafers

Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Loafer Review: meet my new favorite loafers from one of my new favorite brands. I’m a big fan of Wolf & Shepherd shoes, and you can read our full Wolf & Shepherd Review to learn all the details. I was excited to try their new crossover loafers. And they did not …

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