Marc Nolan – A Great Alternative to Cole Haan Zerogrand Dress Shoes

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Yes, I’m wearing shoes in this photo – not that anyone would notice!

My Marc Nolan Shoes Story: I needed some black dress shoes, and quick! Luckily, I had this pair that I forgot about and decided to roll the dice and wear brand new shoes for a big fundraiser I volunteer for. Were they any good? Did they stand up to the test? Keep reading our honest Marc Nolan Shoes Review to find out more!

About Marc Nolan Shoes

Marc Nolan Shoes was founded by Sebastian Malczewski, who saw a gap in the market for stylish yet comfortable men’s shoes that could be dressed up or down. Marc Nolan Shoes provides a unique collection of shoes made from premium quality materials, which are both refined and relaxed, and blur the lines between dress and casual.

Sebastian’s years of retail experience and passion for fashion led him to create Marc Nolan, a brand that pays homage to the two most important men in his life: his son, Nolan, and his mentor, Marc.

Marc Nolan Shoes Founder – not named Marc… or Nolan.

Marc Nolan Shoes are the perfect choice for any man who wants to look good and feel comfortable at the same time.

What I tried from Marc Nolan… and why it saved my booty

For the approximately 1,286 pairs of shoes I get asked to try, somehow I did not have pair of nice, black shoes.

What I usually wear

Sure, I usually wear brown shoes (or something more casual like Allbirds – read our Allbirds Review). When I wear brown shoes, I skip the staple Cole Haan shoes. The Zerogrand shoes simply look a little too “out there” for shoes – especially some of their more unique styles. They are like a party on my feet that you can hear from a mile away. Read our full Zerogrand Review, but also check out the shoes we like even more: Amberjack (and our Amberjack Review).

But sometimes, a guy’s gotta dress up. And when that time comes, I need a nice shoe to get me through the day without killing my feet. That’s where Marc Nolan comes in…

My first experience with Marc Nolan shoes – the leather shoes that delivered

I volunteer for a men’s charity organization, Noco Unify.

We raise money for charities that help underprivileged kids in Northern Colorado. To do that, we throw some pretty epic parties.

One of the biggest parties we throw is called The Suitcase party. We call it that because we hold the party at an airplane hanger and you need to pack a suitcase. Why?

The airplane hangar… after the party and scrubbing the floors.

We pick a random party-goer to jump on a private plane from the party. This year, we sent them to Napa. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, because I volunteer for this group, I’ve got to help throw the party, too.

That means a whole day (and night and part of the next early morning) to set up, refill drinks and make sure everyone is having a great time (and making sure we raise lots of money for kids).

This year’s theme was Black and White – and so we had to wear all white.

To be honest, I had my Narc Nolan shoes to try out and forgot I needed some black shoes. Luckily, they sent me a pair of the Jasper Black Wingtip shoes.

A great take on the classic black wingtip
Jasper Black Wingtip Sneakers - Marc Nolan

Comfortable, lightweight and all the right details. Not too many, but just right.

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The best news? Besides the fact they were super comfortable? They matched the theme of black and white perfectly.

What I like about Marc Nolan Shoes

Marc Nolan shoes are great! They’re a better version of Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes, in my opinion. The styles are great and they’re still comfortable. The materials are higher quality and they look like they’ll age well over time. I also appreciate that they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Overall, I would highly recommend Marc Nolan shoes to any man shopping for a great pair of dress shoes.

The Looks

Sure they’ve got some funky colors, but they also have some classic styles, too. Even classic marc nolan loafers.

What I really like about Marc Nolan Shoes is they don’t look like they are super high-tech shoes. They look like classy dress shoes with a slight variations and pops of color and details in all the right places.

I really like that you can get shoes with – or without – these added flourishes. I don’t care for something with bright red soles, for example. However, Marc Nolan makes some eccentric versions if that’s your thing.

Check out my current favorite, best loafers.

The feel

Marc Nolan shoes feel great. They are extremely comfortable and the materials they use are high quality. The leather is soft and pliable, yet still stiff enough to provide support. The soles are cushioned and supportive, too. I can wear these shoes all day without having any issues.

I was able to put over 10,000 steps on these bad boys without any problems at all.

marc nolan review
The shoes (slightly cut off here, sorry), lasted all night without a problem!

The Weight

The weight of these shoes are also super light. I like how they are lightweight but still feel structured enough to be comfortable.

The shoes are about on par with the weight of the Zerogrand shoes. Amberjack shoes are a little heavier, but also, I think a little higher quality.

Marc Nolan Shoes Sizing

Marc Nolan shoes come in a variety of sizes and widths. I wear a size 10 and they fit great.

I would say they are true to size and they are very easy to break in. I wore them around the shoes for a couple of hours a couple of days before the big even, but I don’t think I needed to.

I did bring bandaids with me, just in case, but I didn’t need them at all.

What I didn’t love about the Marc Nolan Shoes

I won’t dwell on the style, as I’ve already discussed that you can have it either classic or a little gussied up.

The only thing I didn’t love about the shoes is that you can’t really wear them without socks. Some shoes are more breathable than these, but these had a super interested, um, “feature,” if you’d like to call it that (sarcastically, of course).

Since the shoes are leather and not breathable. As a result, the shoe makes a bit of a “farting” sound about ever 2-3 steps.

An interesting, un-intended feature, for sure. But it can be fixed with a very simple piece of clothing: socks.

Socks cushion the foot and remove the moisture and vacuum of air that can cause the farting sound. So, if you’re planning on wearing Marc Nolan shoes, make sure to bring some socks along.

Marc Nolan Shoes: Any good? The Final Review

If you are in the market for a new pair of dress shoes, I would highly recommend checking out Marc Nolan. They are a great alternative to Cole Haan Zerogrand dress shoes with high-quality leathers and suedes that last longer, age better, and look beautiful. The full leather lining, memory foam insoles, and durable outsoles provide all day cushioning and support. They have a wide variety of styles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Marc Nolan Shoes:

1. They are a great alternative to shoes like Cole Haan Zerogrand dress shoes. 

2. High-quality leathers and suedes that last longer, age better, and look beautiful. 

3. Full leather lining, memory foam insoles and durable outsoles that provide all day cushioning and support.

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