ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? 1

ZeroGrand Review – Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it?

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? zerogrand-review

Zerogrand Shoe Review : Have you had your eyes on a pair of Cole Haan Zerogrand (or as Cole Haan writes it, ZEROGRAND) Shoes? Are the Zerogrand Shoes worth the extra price? Let's dive into our Cole Haan Zerogrand Review!

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? we-tried-it-we-loved-it2
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    The most amazing shoes that your didn’t know you needed…until now.

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    My favorite non-casual shoe. The best of the casual and formal worlds!

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    I love these shoes. If he looks good and feels good, that’s all that matters.

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What is ZeroGrand?

It might seem odd, but Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes are shoes that have what is called "GrandOS" - a shoe operating system. All Zerogrand Shoes contain parts of the GrandOS. GrandOS simply means the shoes have a couple of the following features:

  • Flexibility
  • Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Energy Return
  • Durability
  • Breathable
  • Stability
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomic

This is how the Cole Haan website puts it:

Grand is our name for innovation, and the innovative approach that comes from marrying craft, style, and engineering.

Grand means putting a forward-looking, human-driven lens on everything we create – delivering more relevant and better feeling products for those unwilling to sacrifice elegance or performance.


That all sounds good, but what does it mean for you, the shoe buyer?

ZeroGrand Shoe Review: What does Zerogrand mean for you?

Simply put: Zerogrand shoes are shoes that have been completely reimagined. Not partially - but fully reimagined from scratch. The best example is the Zerogrand Oxford Shoe (right) compared to a "regular" Banana Republic Oxford Shoe (left):

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? IMG_0364-1024x422

Banana Republic Oxfords on the left vs. Zerogrand Oxfords on the right.

Zerogrand: What's the big deal?

While the shoes look similar. They are very, very different. If you pick them up - you'll notice the Zerogrand Shoes are incredibly light. In fact, they weigh the about the same as Allbirds (read our Allbirds Review)

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? zerogrand-weight-allbirds34-1024x576

Zerogrand Review: It's amazing they are as light as Allbirds!

Obviously, the Allbirds are a much more casual shoe. You can't wear them with dress pants. But the amazing thing is Allbirds and the Zerogrand Oxfords weigh about the same: Only 9 ounces.

That's incredibly light for a dress shoe. It's really hard to explain how light they feel on your feet.

The weight, combined with the cushioning in Zerogrand Shoes makes them extremely comfortable for travel. I've worn them walking all across New York City without any problems.

What else should I know about Zerogrand Shoes?

Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes come in all shapes and colors. Ranging from the bright, but not terrible shoes shown above to the terrible, awful, "What were they thinking?" shoes below.

However, the shoes below will probably be my next pair of Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes. They are actual part of the "stitchlite" collection. That means they are made of a thread-like material and very breathable (and not to mention, light!). I tried this at the Nordstrom Annual sale and really liked them.

Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes run anywhere from about $150 to about $300. I found the best deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

You can also get $25 off your next order with our Cole Haan Zerogrand Promo Code.

What clothes do Zerogrand Shoes go with?

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? zerogrand-shoes-jeans

Zerogrand Shoes go really well with a pair of dark jeans. I'm wearing them with Duer Jeans in the animated GIF above (our Duer Jeans Review is coming soon, but enjoy our Duer Promo Code while you wait!).

I've also worn them with Lululemon ABC Pants (read our ABC Pants Review) and Mizzen + Main Pants (read our Mizzen + Main Review).

The key to making the Zerogrand Oxfords look good with dark jeans or dress pants is a matching belt. You can't use just a kinda-matching belt, you need a perfectly matching belt. We found this matching belt at Nordstrom.

ZeroGrand Review - Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it? zerogrand-matching-belt-1

Are Zerogrand Shoes Worth it?

I get it. Spending $150+ on a pair of shoes is a lot. More than you might want to spend. However, if you spend a lot of time in dress shoes, I'd say it's 100% worth it. They are very versatile and incredibly comfortable.

What don't we love about Zerogrand shoes?

Nothing is perfect. However, Zerogrand by Cole Haan is very close. Here's what we don't love:

  1. There are a dizzying array of styles. Some look very similar to others but are half as expensive. We recommend you order the shoes (with our Cole Haan promo code) and take advantage of their free returns and shipping.
  2. Some of the shoes are just plain hideous (like the neon green ones above).
  3. Why they are called "ZEROGRAND" and the whole operating system is a bit of a marketing gimmick to us. However, the shoes are still great!

Zerogrand Review: The Verdict

Mr. We Tried It has always had his eyes on a pair of Zerogrand Shoes. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had a couple of pairs on sale and he had to try them.

He's glad that he did! While they can be a little on the expensive side, they are well worth it (make sure to use our Cole Haan Promo Code to make the shoes a bit more reasonable). They are comfortable, light, flexible and look great. It's literally like wearing Allbirds that look like dress shoes. What more do you want?!

You can get Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes on Amazon (some are even part of the Prime Wardrobe program). However, you can use our Cole Haan Promo Code to get $25 off your first order.

Have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!


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