Best Rad Power Bike Accessories: 7+ You Don’t Want to Miss

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Rad Power Bikes: Meet mine.

We recently got a RadRover 5 (read our full RadRover 5 Review and RadRover 6 Review and Rad Power Bikes Review), but the first thing you’re probably going to start looking for are accessories for your Rad Power Bikes. So, what are the Best Rad Power Bike accessories? Here are the 7 must-have, best accessories for Rad Power Bikes.

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When I first starting looking at Rad Power Bikes, I was amazed at the level of customization – it was even overwhelming:

Best Rad Power Bike Accessories
There are a dizzying number of rad power bike aftermarket accessories available. What are the best Rad Power Bike Accessories?

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#1 Best Rad Power Bike Accessory: Rear Rack

What is this Rad Power Bike Accessory?

A rear rack opens up the possibilities for more accessories (like a child carrier, accessory bag, etc). It’s a must-have if you want to carry any cargo.

Why this Rad Power Bike Accessory?

I really recommend the Rad Power Bikes Rack one because it’s made to for the RadRover 5. The color matches (or you can even get orange for a fun contrast) and it’s designed to fit the bike perfectly.

#2 UrRider Kid Seat – Best Rad Bike Accessory if you have kids…

What is this Rad Power Bike Accessory?

This fun seat allows your kids to sit in-between you and the handlebars. This allows your kid to sit and see the action (and for you to see your kid – it made me nervous to have a kid on the back).

Why this Rad Power Bike Accessory?

Finding a front-facing child seat for the RadRover 5 (and any fat-tire bike or electric bike) was surprisingly difficult.

The only thing that we don’t like is that I have to raise the seat a little bit for this to work. But it’s fairly easy to remove (takes about 1 minute). But, it’s worth it – the 4-year old loves it.

#3 Best Rad Power Bike Accessory – iPhone Holder (and cord)

What is this Rad Power Accessory?

You’ll want a great iPhone holder for your Rad Power Bike for a surprising reason – you won’t want the phone in your pocket, so it doesn’t fall out. This GUB Holder is a great option that is fairly customizable and holds your phone very tight. This is one of the great Rad Rover 6 Plus Accessories.

Why is this the best Rad Power Bike Accessory?

GUB has been making iPhone holders for a long time for bikes. This one isn’t as flexible from a position standpoint but is much more sturdy than others.

It’s also the one that Rad Power Bike recommends on their website.

#4: Best Rad Power Bike Accessories – A bag for the rack

A simple, overall bike bag to use on your bike rack

What is this Rad Power Accessory?

You can spend hours looking for a bike bag and it’s really tough, honestly. This bike bag is a pretty good accessory – not the cheapest, not the most expensive.

Why is this the best Rad Power Bike Accessory?

This is a good mid-level bike bag. It also is expandable, but not huge. It does expand on the sides which is interesting.

The main compartment won’t hold more than about a 6-pack. Slightly taller but not much bigger.

#5 The Best Rad Power Bike Accessories – The Racks

There are two racks that come directly from Rad Power Bikes that we really recommend. We recommend them because they match the bikes perfectly and are designed for the bike.

Rad Power Bikes Large Basket

This basket fits about two full grocery bags, mounted side-by-side. It can also be mounted if you have a front rack, like this set up:

The large basket on the front, using a front rack – not a front basket.

Rad Power Bikes Front Basket

The front basket fits perfectly on the front part of the bike. It also has a nice durable matte black finish and a wood panel. We just really like the overall look.

The front basket.

This item has been out of stock for a while, so you may want to check availability.

#6 Best Rad Power Bike Accessories: A good lock

You can spend a lot of a lock, from over $300 on this lock or $10-$20. However, we recommend getting a lock like this one.

What is this Rad Power Accessory?

This lock is the lock recommended by Rad Power Bikes and it’s foldable. That makes it easy to mount somewhere on the bike, which is super convenient!

Why is this the best Rad Power Bike Accessory?

This is a decent price for this sort of lock. Once again, you can spend hours (or days) trying to find the perfect lock for your Rad Power Bike. I find it easier to go with the one that the manufacturer recommends.

There are cheaper knockoffs of this lock you can also try, like this one.

#7 Must-Have Rad Power Bike Accessory: A Better Allen Wrench

What is this Rad Power Accessory?

While you can put together the Rad Power Bike all by yourself, I’d recommend that you get a better Allen Wrench for installing the bike. The Allen Wrench included with each Rad Power Bike is just a bit weak and can strip the screws.

Why is this the best Rad Power Bike Accessory?

Once again, you can spend a lot more on an Allen Wrench (or set of Allen Wrenches). The reason that I like this one is because you can set up 3 torque levels (4, 5, 6Nm). I had no idea what that meant until I watched the install video on Rad Power Bikes.

#7 8 Must-Have Accessory: A great helmet!

What is this Accessory?

We put together a full review on the thousand bike helmet – read our full thousand helmet review – it’s a great-looking helmet with amazing features.

Want a helmet with lights?! Check out our Xnito Review for another great helmet option.

Why is this a best accessory?

You want a helmet that matches the coolness of your bike. It doesn’t look like a cheap Sci-fi accessory.

What else should you know before buying a Rad Power Bike?

A couple of quick points to know before you put together your Rad Power Bike:

  • You can install the Rad Power Bike yourself, however, I do recommend you get some help to get bike out of the box. It is really heavy.
  • Watch the video to install the Rad Power Bike – they do an incredible job explaining everything.
  • You can get a mobile bike mechanic to do a tune up on your bike.
  • Make sure to tighten the pedals super tight – I didn’t tighten it tight enough and the mechanic said that I could have stripped it if I put a bunch of miles on it.

What other questions do you have about the best Rad Power Bike accessories? What else can we help you with? Let us know in the comments below.

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