5 reasons why the FreeForce Beach Cruiser electric bike is awesome for women

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Meet the FreeForce Electric Beach Cruiser eBike

Women, have you been looking for the perfect electric bike, but overwhelmed by the choices? Well, look no further than the FreeForce Beach Cruiser Electric Bike. This beautiful and sleek bike is not only a joy to ride but it’s incredibly simple (in the best way possible).

FreeForce Beach Cruiser Ebike Review Overview

The Good

  • A great value eBike at $1,599
  • Super simple and easy to use
  • High quality, name brand components
  • Great range

The Bad

  • Slightly more expensive than other eBikes
  • Not a super powerful motor (but gets the job done)
  • Still over 50 pounds

In this article, we cover 5 reasons why the Freeforce Beach Cruiser Electric Bike is AWESOME for women. So read on and find out what else makes this bike stand out from all others in its class.

In fact, this bike was called the “perfect eBike for the ladies of Bucking Horse” by the bike mechanic that helps check out eBikes after we put them together (in fact, it’s one of the tips we recommend when buying an eBike).

Video Review of the FreeForce eBike – Beach Cruiser

Who the FreeForce Electric Cruiser is for

To be honest, this bike isn’t for me (this is Mr. We Tried It writing this).

My mother-in-law loves this electric beach cruiser bike

This eBike is for my mother-in-law, and it’s perfect for her. It’s perfect because she loves riding it, and it’s perfect because it’s electric and let’s her go much farther than she can go on a regular bike.

It’s also simple. No complicated instructions – just two buttons and incredibly easy to use.

She loves riding her electric cruiser.

I have a mechanic overlook all the eBikes I put together (and you should, too). He dubbed this electric bike the Official eBike for the ladies of Bucking Horse because it’s beautiful, simple and of great quality. He really liked this eBike.

A 7 speed Shimano shifter

The Shifter on this beautiful beach cruiser ebike.

The 7-speed Shimano shifter is a fantastic feature for those who have a lot of different terrains they are covering on their bike. The pedals sync seamlessly with the gears so you never have to worry about them disconnecting. The shifter is placed in an ergonomically friendly place so that it doesn’t put any strain on your hands, making this bike easy to use.

Kenda 26 x 2.125 inch tires

Kenda 26 x 2.125 inch are important on an ebike because they are great for biking over urban terrain. They are also really durable and last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Lithium ion battery 36V 10.4AH 

This isn’t just any beach cruiser ebike – it’s a FreeForce Beach Cruiser eBike!

The Lithium ion battery is 10.8AH, which is great because it allows you to bike for longer periods of time without stopping and without worrying about running out of charge. This means that if you need a break, you can stop at any time and get back on the bike without worrying about your battery dying on you.

53.3 lbs – sounds like a lot, but it’s not

The 53.3 pounds sounds like a lot of weight but paired with a battery, it really isn’t. The bike isn’t super lightweight but is a good, happy medium. Most ebikes are much heavier, which makes them difficult to handle on the bike and can be unsafe.

250W rear drive motor

This eBike motor isn’t super heavy-duty, but it’s just enough to give you that added boost on hills and to take you farther. A 2 hour bike ride is nothing with 250 watts of power.

It’s also not overwhelming to someone not looking for a lot of power, like some of the other ebikes we’ve tested (I’m looking at you Himiway and RadRover 5 – read our full Himiway Escape Review and full RadRover 5 Review).

Kenda 26 x 2.125 inch tires

The Kenda 26 x 2.125 inch tires are great because they are great for biking over urban terrain. They are also really durable and last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

3 levels of pedal assist

The perfect number of pedal assist levels for this electric bike is 3. If there was only 1 level, that would be annoying. Other ebikes have more than 5 and it’s just overkill!

A built-in thumb throttle

FreeForce Beach Cruiser eBike

Once again, the built-in thumb throttle is super simple. It’s easy to find, easy to use and gives you that little extra push when you need it. You can turn the throttle on or off whenever you want, so you have complete control over your bike.

A respectable range

This FreeForce Cruiser Electric Bike gets about 30 – 50 miles with pedal assist only

You can expect about a 20 – 35 miles range using just the thumb throttle. The battery is more than capable to handle a good number of miles per charge. The top speed of 20 MPH is a good pace, too.

The best part about the range is that it is actually unlimited. That’s because even if the battery runs out you can simply pedal. It’s that simple to get where you are going!

5 Reasons Why the FreeForce electric beach cruiser bike a great woman’s eBike

A great beach cruiser electric bike… even if you don’t live on the beach.

The FreeForce Beach Cruiser eBike is perfect because it has all of the great features most Class 2 eBikes have (throttle AND pedal assist), but the FreeForce Beach Cruiser simply doesn’t have the extra frills you don’t need.

  1. This is a Class 2 eBike: that means it has a throttle AND pedal assist. It also can go most places that a non-electric eBike can go.
  2. It’s simple: no crazy controls, no fancy LCD screens.
  3. It’s low maintenance: there is no fancy suspension or hydraulic disc brakes.
  4. It’s lightweight. While 53 pounds doesn’t sound lightweight, it is light for an eBike with a rear hub motor and battery.
  5. It looks great!

The eBike isn’t intimidating at all, in fact it’s a fun bike for all skill levels. It’s not very flashy (well, the blue color is!) but has a nice, sleek design. It looks like a regular beach cruiser just with an added battery and motor. The FreeForce Electric Beach Cruiser isn’t the cheapest we’ve tested but it is an all around great-value.

What don’t we like about the FreeForce eBike?

That said, there are some downsides to this bike: 

I wish it was slightly lighter in weight. While just over 50 pounds, that sounds like a lot. However, the only time you’ll notice the weight is when trying to pick up and move the bike. Otherwise, it’s not a big deal.

It doesn’t have front shocks like some of the other electric bikes we’ve tested (like the RadRover 5 or Himiway Escape fat tire electric bike) since this bike is made to be used over paved roads and beaches. If you wanted to use it off-road, that might become an issue.

This Himiway Escape has a both a front and rear suspension for serious off-roading – read our full Himiway Bike Review.

The pedal assist can also be a bit sensitive, especially if you aren’t used to pedal-assist at all. I’d say this is one of the more sensitive pedal-assist electric bikes that we’ve tested. Most folks will probably not notice it, especially if you haven’t tried a lot of other eBikes.

However, my mother-in-law, whom this eBike is for, was shocked the first time she felt the electric motor kick in. She was like, “Wait! What is that? That’s not me pedaling?”

How easy the Freeforce Ebike to use?

The FreeForce Electric Beach Cruiser is incredibly easy to use.

We get it. Electric Bikes can be intimidating.

It’s not just that they weigh a lot, which some people don’t mind, but it’s also because the idea of pedaling and dealing with gears and a motor can be daunting for many. But not this ebike!

To make things easier, there is no complicated LED or LCD display. There are only two buttons: On/Off and Pedal Assist Level. That’s it!

The best feature of this electric cruiser: simplicity!

Look how easy this is – only 2 buttons!

One of the best features of this ebike is that there are only two buttons. This means that it’s not complicated to figure out how to use. To make things easier, there is no complicated LED or LCD display. There are only two buttons: On/Off and Pedal Assist Level. That’s it!

The most simple bike we’ve tested

This electric beach cruiser is by far the easiest electric bike we’ve tested.

There are only two buttons on this bike: the On/Off button and the level of pedal assist. The fact that there are only two buttons means that you don’t have to worry about memorizing a bunch of different controls for different levels of pedal assist, going back and forth from different displays.

What this means for you

It also means you don’t have to read any complex directions just to figure out how to turn your bike on! The simplicity of this eBike is also great because it makes it easy for everyone to use, regardless of their age or skill level.

The pedal assist levels are easy to understand, too, so you can control how much power is going to the motor and therefore make climbing hills less difficult.

You’ll never fall too far behind because no matter where you’re at in your pedal stroke, there will always be enough power from this electric bike motor to give you an extra boost up those hills. Plus, if you want or need more help with the built in throttle.

An added bonus: the ability to charge via solar power

The FreeForce Cruiser Bike can be charge via solar power, let me explain.

FreeForce also makes two products that can be paired with the Cruiser Electric Bike to make it solar powered.

  1. The FreeForce Power Station, available via Amazon.
  2. The FreeForce Foldable Solar Panels, also available on Amazon.

The FreeForce Power Station is a portable power station that provides mobile and convenient power for a number of AC-relied devices such as TVs, small kitchen appliances, CPAP machines as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops… and electric bikes.

While you can’t plug the Foldable Solar Panels directly into the eBike, you can plug the solar panels into the FreeForce Portable Power Station. Then you can use the PowerStation to charge the eBike. This is really easy. All you need to do is plug the FreeForce Power Station into the FreeForce Foldable Solar Panels. Then, fire up the FreeForce Power Station and charge your eBike!

The FreeForce power station can be charged by plugging it in (110V) or via solar power (DC), so if you’re camping far away from a city, this is a great set-up for anyone to have.

FreeForce eBike Review: The final verdict

The Final Verdict

The Good

  • A great value eBike
  • Super simple and easy to use
  • High quality, name brand components
  • Great range

The Bad

  • Slightly more expensive than other eBikes
  • Not a super powerful motor (but gets the job done)
  • Still over 50 pounds

The FreeForce Electric Beach Cruiser is a great all-around value. It’s not the cheapest bike we’ve tested but it has lots of features that make it worth the price. Plus, there are some really nice advantages such as being easy to use and having an electric motor with pedal assist levels for providing you with power when climbing hills or going up steep inclines. The only downsides? This eBike isn’t ideal if you want more options like front shocks (for offroad use) and may be more sensitive than other bikes in terms of how much pedal assistance motors give depending on your pedaling speed since this one is so simple.

But, overall, the FreeForce electric beach cruiser bike is an awesome eBike for women. It has everything you want and need in a lower-end Class 2 eBike but without all of the extras that get in your way and you don’t need. I’m looking forward to my mother-on-law continuing to ride this electric bike throughout the town. 

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