Mizzen + Main Vest Review – I used to hate vests. Did this change my mind?

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Mizzen + Main Fairway Vest Review

Mizzen + Main Vest Review – to be honest with you, I was never a “vest” guy until I found the Mizzen + Main Vests. Now, it’s one of my go-to Fall/Winter staples. Why is that? Read more in our honest Mizzen + Main Vest Review!

Vests are a huge part of our Men’s Fall Fashion Guide, and for a good reason: they are incredibly versatile, look good, and are not too hot or warm.

As you know, we are huge Mizzen + Main fans on the site. If you haven’t seen, check out our full Mizzen + Main Review, our Mizzen + Main Chino Review, Mizzen + Main Flannel Review and also see Mizzen + Main in our Men’s Best Clothing Guide. Whew!

To be honest, I got the Mizzen and Main vest a year ago and it sat in my closet completely unworn. It’s sad, but true.

I was about to head to a meeting and it was just cold enough to not leave the house without a jacket but too warm to wear a full on jacket. I was wearing my Mizzen + Main Flannel (similar to this one):

Some Duer Jeans and my Hari Mari Boots.

I asked Mrs. We Tried It if the Mizzen + Main Vest works, and she said yes! So I put it on and I’ve been wearing it ever since!

Mizzen + Main Vest Review: The Features

The vest that made me a "vest guy"
Mizzen and Main Vests

Yes, I used to hate vests, now I love them. All thanks to Mizzen and Main.

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Mizzen and Main Vest Details:

  • Performance fabric vest
  • Ultra-soft
  • Quick-dry properties
  • Wind-resistant
  • Heat absorbing quilting
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Suede logo zipper pull
  • Fabric contents: 55% cotton, 45% modal

Mizzen + Main Vests Review – What We Love

I run hot, like really hot. I am usually wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the house, even during the winter. I hate to be hot. Are you like that? Then try out the Mizzen + Main Vest. It’s a great way to keep warm but not too hot. The open sleeves do allow some air to get through and not keep you super toasty.

I also really like having pockets where hoodie pockets usually are, but not the extra fabric.

The Mizzen + Main Fairway Vest is also SUPER, soft. Like, incredibly soft.

Mizzen + Main Vest Review – How to Style

Mizzen + Main Henley Review : The fabric

Because the vest has the nice quilted design, it looks a little bit fancier than normal vests. So, you kind need to dress it up just a little bit.

I typically wear the vest with Jeans (either Duer or Perfect Jean NYC – read our Duer Review and our Perfect Jean Review) or lululemon ABC Pants (read our ABC Pants Review, too).

For a shirt, I usually pair with a Mizzen + Main Flannel, Mizzen + Main Henley or a Buck Mason Henley (read our Buck Mason Review).

For shoes, I typically wear Cole Haan Zerogrand Chukkas, Hari Mari Boots or Allbirds. Typically, I’ll only wear the Allbirds with a Henley, but not with a button up shirt – the Allbirds just aren’t dressy enough.

Mizzen + Main Vest Review: Alternatives

Many people that look at the Mizzen + Main Vest will probably also look at something like the Patagonia Better Sweater Vest.

Mizzen + Main Vest vs. Patagonia Vest

At $99, it’s slightly cheaper than the Mizzen + Main Vest. However, we typically don’t like logos on our clothes, so we’d prefer the Mizzen + Main Fairway Vest over the Patagonia Vest.

Mizzen + Main vs. Bluffworks Oslo Vest

We also really like Bluffworks a lot. They have the Bluffworks Oslo Vest, and we just got it to test out. We love it at first touch!

The Bluffworks Vest retails for $115 but is on sale here as of writing this post. The Bluffworks Vest does have more pockets and some additional features – there are actually 5 pockets.

Another great pick
Bluffworks Oslo Travel Vest

This has... pockets! And a lot of them. There are actually 5, which makes this perfect for traveling.

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Mizzen + Main Vest Review: The Final Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with the Mizzen + Main Vest. It’s a little on the expensive side ($118 Retail), but it’s an incredibly high-quality, soft item.

If you are a guy that runs a little hot and wants something for when it’s too cold to NOT wear a jacket, but not warm enough to go without a jacket, check out the Mizzen + Main Vest.

Like all Mizzen + Main items, they are machine washable and they stand behind their product – with free returns, super fast shipping and great customer support.

Here’s where I’ve found the best deal on the Mizzen + Fairway Vest.

Have any questions or comments about our Mizzen + Main Vest Review? Leave them in the comments below!

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