Our honest Rothy’s Men’s Shoes Review: You won’t believe the final verdict

We love Rothy’s (read our full Rothy’s Review) on We Tried It. Well, Mrs. We Tried It has loved Rothy’s. That’s because Rothy’s has only made Women’s shoes for the past several years. However, Rothy’s now makes several different styles for men. Keep on reading our honest Rothy’s Men’s Shoe Review to find out what …

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The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Fall Fashion—From Flannels to Boots

Ah, fall. The season of pumpkin spice lattes, football games, and—let’s not forget—the perfect time to up your style game and get the best mens clothes for fall! You know, that magical time of year when you can finally break out the layers without melting into a puddle of sweat. But what should you wear …

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Why Amberjack Tux Shoes Are the Best Tuxedo Shoes You’ll Ever Wear!

Ah, tuxedo events. You know the drill. You suit up, looking all James Bond-ish, ready to sip martinis and make small talk. But let’s be real, the moment you step into those traditional tux shoes, it’s like stepping into medieval torture devices. You’re counting down the minutes until you can fling those bad boys across …

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ZeroGrand Review – Are the Cole Haan Shoes Worth it?

Zerogrand Shoe Review: Have you had your eyes on a pair of Cole Haan Zerogrand (or as Cole Haan writes it, ZER0GRAND) Shoes? Are the Zerogrand Shoes worth the extra price? Let’s dive into our Cole Haan Zerogrand Review! Updated to update our pick. We no longer pick these shoes as a We Tried It …

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How to Clean Vessi shoes: Step-by-Step Guide & 2 Hacks!

Are your favorite Vessi shoes starting to lose their luster? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our step-by-step guide show you exactly how to clean Vessi Shoes, we’ll walk you through essential cleaning hacks that will not only revive your Vessi shoes but also help you maintain them for years to come. Ready to see …

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Oaka Shoes Review: Stepping into Comfort: An In-Depth Review

Are you ready to take your shoe game to the next level without sacrificing your precious comfort? Say hello to Oaka Shoes in our Oaka Shoes Review! These bad boys have a sneaky faux heel design that screams classic dress shoe but whispers comfort of a flat shoe. Imagine, lightweight and flexible shoes that won’t …

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Hey Dude Shoes Review: Read this before buying the hype

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Hey Dude Shoes. These shoes are some of the most lightweight, comfortable, and cushiony (is that really a word?!) shoes on the market. They’re a great pair of shoes if, and this is a big IF, you can get over the way they look. Meet Hey …

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Allbirds vs Rothy’s – which is better?

Are you confused about which shoe to buy between Allbirds vs. Rothy’s? Both Allbirds and Rothy’s have become popular with shoppers (including us!) over the past few years due to their machine washable materials and lightweight construction that support all-day wearability. We compared these two brands in all the major categories: design, fit, durability and …

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Wolf and Shepherd Review: We Test Another High-Tech Dress Shoe

Wolf and Shepherd Review: this one is interesting for a lot of different reasons. I love testing out high-tech dress shoes for some reason, but when my wife saw these shoes, she asked, “How many high-tech brown shoes can different companies make?” And there’s some truth to that. There are a lot of dress shoes meet …

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