The Best Allbirds: Wool vs. Tree, Runner or Dasher? Our guide to the Best Allbirds

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The number of Allbirds styles – now around 11, if our math is right – can be dizzying! So, how do you know what Allbirds style right for you? Read on to discover the best Allbirds style for you in our ultimate Allbirds Comparison!

Want to jump ahead? 👉🏻 Most folks want to know about the Allbirds Tree Runners vs Tree dashers and about Allbirds Tree Runners vs Wool Runners.

Looking for the Best Allbirds? These might be the pair for you! This may answer, “tree runners vs wool runners” for you!

Overview of the Styles + Why They Might Be the Best For You

Allbirds Wool Runner

The original Allbirds Merino wool shoe that started it all. Classic style, washable, warm on your feet.
Men + Women
Read the full Allbirds Review

Allbirds Tree Runner

The tree version of the original shoe. Slightly funky style, washable, breathable.
Men + Women
Check out the Allbirds Tree Runners Review

Allbirds Tree Dasher

Allbirds makes a running shoe. The best of athletic shoes meets the best of Wool + Tree Allbirds.
Men + Women
Full Tree Dasher Review

Allbirds Wool Lounger

The follow-up to theoriginall merino wool shoe, the wool lounger. Classic style, washable, warm on your feet.
Men + Women
Read the full Allbirds Review

Allbirds Tree Loungers

The tree version of the original shoe. Slightly funky style, washable, breathable.
Men + Women

Allbirds Wool Lounger Fluffs

The updated, extra fluffy version of the Wool Lounger. So Toasty!
Men + Women

Allbirds Wool Pipers

A mix between the Wool Runner meets Addidas Stan Smiths.
Men + Women

Allbirds Tree Skipper

The perfect summer shoe. Light and breezy + super comfortable.
Men + Women

Allbirds Mizzle High Top

For mist meets drizzle, get it, Mizzle? A water-resistant + merino wool take on Allbirds classics.
Men + Women
Full Allbirds Mizzle Review

Allbirds Tree Toppers

An interesting mix of Allbirds Tree material and High Tops – for the adventurish.
Men + Women

Allbirds Tree Breezers

A super minimal take on the classic flat.

Smallbirds - Kids Allbirds Review
Allbirds Smallbirds

An awesome children’s shoe – our favorite shoe for kids – merino wool and even washable! Full Smallbirds Review

Now, some crazier styles…

Allbirds Couriers

A super odd mix of shoes from Allbirds.

Allbirds Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus

Next-generation water protection comes to the Mizzle line of shoes.

Allbirds Tree Dasher Relay

Running shoes, without laces.

Also, now there are even more Allbirds styles. Check out our Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 Review.

The Best Allbirds: What do we even know?

This whole blog post started when Mrs. We Tried It had a friend reach out and ask what Allbirds she recommend. She just responded with this picture:

Just a couple of our Allbirds Collection

Want to know the crazy part? That’s only part of them! We might have a problem…

Needless to say, we love Allbirds, tell everyone about them but it can be a little overwhelming to discover what style is right for you. So, let’s start with the basic: Allbirds Wool Shoes (like the Wool Runner) or their Tree Shoes (like the Tree Runner, Boat Shoes, etc.). Let’s dive in.

Allbirds Wool vs. Tree – Which material is the best Allbirds?

The main difference between Allbirds Merino Wool and Allbirds Tree Shoes is the warmth. The Tree Shoes are lightweight and more breathable. They also keep their shape better than the Wool shoes. However, the Allbirds Merino Wool Styles are warmer.

Almost all Allbirds have wool insoles.

This is the first, natural question you must consider when considering Allbirds. Do you want Wool or Tree material. What’s the difference between Allbirds Merino Styles and Allbirds Tree Styles?

First, how almost all Allbirds are the same: they almost all have some wool on the inside of the shoes. Almost all of the shoes have wool on in insole (the part inside of the shoe). Wool is where Allbirds started and you’ll see that throughout their shoe line.

They are also all made from sustainable materials and have a low carbon footprint – something we can all get behind!

All Allbirds are also machine washable. Read our Allbirds Washing Instructions.

Allbirds Merino Wool Shoes: What they are best for

Allbirds Wool Shoes (the Wool Runner, Mizzles, Wool Lounger, Wool Piper, etc) are much warmer than the Tree shoes. They are better for cooler climates and keep your foot warmer. Mrs. We Tried It loves the merino wool styles the most. She calls them her “kittens” – because they are soft and cuddly.

Allbirds Wool Runner
The OG, the original Allbirds, the Allbirds Wool Runner. Not really running shoes, but great shoes.

The wool shoes also look more “normal.” The Tree shoes, on close inspection, don’t look as much like “real” shoes as the wool shoes do. That’s due to the perforated texture.

The Allbirds Tree Runner – See the wool inside and the close-up of the fibers – eucalyptus tree fiber. actually.

Did you know there are also eucalyptus sheets? Check out our Sijo Home Review to read about their awesome sheets, made with eucalyptus, too!

Allbirds Wool Shoes: Where they fall short

If Allbirds Wool Shoes are great for cooler climates, they naturally aren’t as suited for warmer climates. While Merino Wool is breathable (which Allbirds Wool is made from), it isn’t nearly as breathable as the Allbirds Tree Shoes, which is perforated.

But, here’s the real kicker on Allbirds Wool Shoes: the Toe Box. I didn’t know what the Toe Box was until I got Allbirds and misspoke on a YouTube video (imagine that!).

The Toe Box on Wool Allbirds tends to deflate over time. When you put the shoe on, it isn’t nearly as noticable, but it was a big deal to a lot of people (just check out the comments on this video).

So, yes, the Toe box does deflate over time, but when you put the shoes on, it is not nearly as noticeable. This is kinda noticeable on the Wool Runners, but REALLY noticeable on the Wool Loungers.

The Wool Runners 2: Fixing Deflated Shoe Box?!

Ah, the Allbirds Wool Runner 2!

Here’s the scoop: these bad boys got a fab makeover. We’re talking sturdier toes and cushier soles – a total upgrade from the original.

But don’t worry, they’re still rocking the eco-friendly vibe with that fancy Merino wool and sweet sugarcane soles. Perfect for those who dig a sneaker that’s kind to the planet and your feet. In short, if you’re hunting for a sustainable, comfy, and stylish sneaker, the Wool Runner 2 should be at the top of your list.

This may make the Wool Runner a slightly better shoe than the Tree Runner, but I still like the breathability of the Tree Runner, since I run pretty hot!

Allbirds Tree Shoes: Where they shine

This is where Allbirds’ strategy is brilliant: their shoes compliment each other. Where the Allbirds Wool shoes run a little hot, the Allbirds Tree Shoes run a little cool. They are more breathable.

The Toe Box on the Allbirds Tree shoes also tends to hold its shape a lot better than the Wool Shoes.

Mr. We Tried It loves the Allbirds Tree Shoes the best, since they hold their shape. Allbirds even calls the Tree Runner their 98% shoe – because it’s good for 98% of time.

Allbirds Tree Shoes: Where they fall short

As previously mentioned, they run a little on the cooler side. They also aren’t the most stable shoe in the world – especially the boat shoe. But, boat shoes aren’t exactly known for their stability, are they? They don’t even go over the ankle.

Allbirds Comparison: Which style is best?

This is where things get a bit subjective. Let’s start with the easiest and work our way to the hardest. Deal? Deal!

Allbirds Tree Dashers vs Tree Runners

The main difference between Allbirds Tree Runners vs. Tree Dashers is the Tree Dashers are a true running show. Don’t let the name fool you. The Runners are more of a casual shoe. The Tree Dashers are more of Running Shoe.

Want a running shoe? From the eucalyptus tree fibers to the castor bean oil sole, these are the best allbirds shoes for running.

This is a no-brainer: hands-down, if you are going to be running – you need the Allbirds Tree Dasher. Read our full Tree Dasher Review to see how the Tree Dasher stands up to the test.

I, honestly, think that Allbirds made a mistake in their original naming convention. If Allbirds would have known they were going to eventually make the Tree Dasher, I think they would have named their running shoes something different.

Also, but sure to check out our Allbirds Tree Runner Review.

Tree Dasher vs. Tree Runner: Which is Best?

The main difference between the Tree Dasher vs. Tree Runners is the overall design. The Tree Runners were designed as more of a casual shoe. The Tree Dasher was designed as more of a running shoe. I know the names are confusing, but that’s the truth.

(LEFT) Tree Dasher vs. Tree Runner (RIGHT)

Both are made from a similar Tree Material. But that’s several other things to consider:

Tree Dasher

✅ One-piece upper
✅ Dual-density SweetFoam™ midsole
✅ 7mm heel-to-toe drop
✅ Machine Washable
✅ Wear with or without socks
✅ Castor bean oil soles

Tree Runner

❌ Two-piece upper (body + tongue)
❌ Single density SweetFoam™ midsole
✅ 15mm heel-to-toe drop
✅ Machine Washable
✅ Wear without or with socks
✅ Light and breezy

If you are a serious runner, I’d recommend checking out the Tree Dasher. Check out our full Allbirds Tree Dasher Review.

Don’t worry, Allbirds has an incredibly return policy. They allow you to return the shoes – even if you’ve already worn them! And, they are super nice about it, too. 🙂

Allbirds Tree Dasher vs. Allbirds Wool Runner – which is best?

The Wool Runner is a great everyday shoe – not a running shoe. We’ll keep this short. For running, the best is the Tree Dasher. For an everyday shoe, we’d probably recommend the Wool Runner – but see more about Allbirds Wool vs. Tree and much more below.

Allbirds Wool Runners vs. Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners vs. Wool Runners

The main difference between Allbirds Wool Runners vs. Allbirds Tree Runners is the fabric. The wool keeps your feet warmer, but the tree fabric allows the shoe to breathe.

Best Allbirds Overall Style: Cooler Climates – Allbirds Wool Runner

Allbirds Review - how do they hold up?

You can’t go wrong with the Original – the Allbirds Wool Runner. The above photo shoes you how the shoe ages, which isn’t that bad – especially since this will become your new favorite shoe.

You can wash these shoes and they are insanely comfortable. Read more in our original Allbirds Review.

Once again, this may change with the new Allbirds Wool Runner 2.

The OG Gets Even Better
Men's Wool Runner 2

The original gets even better. With a load of improvements, this may be our new favorite Allbirds.

Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Allbirds for Lounging: Wool Lounger

Mrs. We Tried it loves the Merino Wool Lounger over the Allbirds Tree Loungers

Another no-brainer here: the Wool Lounger is what got Mrs. We Tried It to fall in love with Allbirds. They now have an even more Epic version of the Wool Lounger: The Wool Fluffs. Awesome!

The Wool Lounger suffers from the same issue the Wool Runner goes with the Toe Box, but it’s perfect for around the house or running to and from Yoga classes.

Best Allbirds Overall Style: Warmer Climates (or if you want them to last longer) – Allbirds Tree Runner

Allbirds Tree Runners – the Eucalyptus Tree Fiber makes for a SUPER light and breezy shoe for everyday sneakers.

This shoe, as mentioned, is Mr. We Tried It’s favorite. He wears the grey version all the time. In fact, even though it was cold outside today in Colorado, he wore them on a bike ride with the kids this evening.

The style isn’t as awesome as the Wool Runners, but they are pretty awesome, still.

Be sure to take our Allbirds Quiz to get the right style for you!

Best Allbirds for rainy climates: Allbirds Mizzles

This is where Allbirds line gets a little confusing. The Mizzles are simply a term they use for the style that is built for Mist and Drizzle (get it, Mizzle?). They aren’t 100% waterproof but they are water resistant. They come in two styles: a modified version of the Wool Runner and a High Top.

Best Allbirds for the most fashion-forward person

As we said, this is where our Allbirds comparison and finding the best Allbirds is really tough. For guys, we’d consider either the high top Allbirds or the Allbirds Boat Shoes (the Tree Skippers):

Frankly, Mr. We Tried it can’t pull off the high tops, so it’s to the Tree Skippers for him. The Tree Skippers are not as stable as the High Tops (their’s no ankle support), however, the Tree Skippers did go through 2 days at Disneyland with no problems at all!

Best Allbird Flats: Tree Breezer

Allbirds Tree Breezer – made with Made With Eucalyptus Tree, not recycled plastic bottles like Rothy’s.

Well, this one is technically really easy, since there are only one pair of Allbirds Flats – the Allbirds Tree Breezer. These are super simple but we just aren’t sure if they are worth the $95 price tag. Personally, we recommend Rothy’s (check out our full Rothy’s review) if you want some great, washable flats. Also, be sure to check out our Rothy’s vs. Allbirds guide.

Still unsure?
Be sure to take our Allbirds Quiz to get the right style for you!

The Best Allbirds for… what did you think?

Do you have any questions or comments about our Best Allbirds post? Let us know in the comments below! If you’d rather take the Allbirds Quiz, take it right here.

Are Allbirds good everyday shoes?

Yes – they are great everyday shoes because they are lightweight, very comfortable, AND washable.

Are Allbirds good quality?

Yes! We’ve had Allbirds last for years, even with multiple washes and still be comfortable and look good. The tree shoes tend to hold up a little better over their wool shoes.

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