Our honest Rothy’s Men’s Shoes Review: You won’t believe the final verdict

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Rothy’s Men’s Shoes Review – any good? Our take on
rothys mens shoes.

We love Rothy’s (read our full Rothy’s Review) on We Tried It. Well, Mrs. We Tried It has loved Rothy’s. That’s because Rothy’s has only made Women’s shoes for the past several years. However, Rothy’s now makes several different styles for men. Keep on reading our honest Rothy’s Men’s Shoe Review to find out what we think!

A great pick
Rothys Men's Shoes

Great design, machine washable, breathable and incredibly comfortable - we love Rothys take on men's shoes. From the RS01 Sneaker to the driving loafer, now men can experience Rothys comfort.

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Rothy’s Men’s Shoe Review

Rothy’s Mens Shoes: A shoe… made out waterbottles?!

Rothy’s are made of of recycled water bottles… even rothys mens…

All of Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled water bottles (but not the Cirkul Bottle). How does Rothy’s do this? They divert plastic bottles from landfills and transform them into their signature thread.

They take this thread and knit it into durable, washable, and sustainable styles? Much like Allbirds and their Tree Fiber (read about Allbirds Wool vs. Tree), who knew that water bottles could actually be comfortable?!

Obviously, not rothys men shoes.

The best part about Rothy’s? They are machine washable, just like Allbirds!

Yup! You can wash mens rothys just like you do their women’s shoes!

Rothy’s now has a men’s wallet that is made from the same material, too! Check out our Rothy’s Wallet Review.

Rothy’s Men’s Review: What we tried – The RS01 Sneaker + The Driving Loafer

Rothy’s introduced two new men’s styles: the RS01 Sneaker and the Driving Loafer. We’ve tried them both.

See more of our Best Summer Shoes for Men – and great shorts to pair them with – in our Summer Shorts Guide.

The RS01 is $175 and the Driving Loafer is $185.

Rothy’s RS01 Review vs RS02 Review: Which is better?

We actually did the ultimate RS01 vs RS02 Comparison to answer this very question!

The quick Rothy’s RS01 vs RS02 comparison: the RS01, at $169, sports a classic, heavier build with a retro flair, perfect for a sophisticated look.

The RS02, slightly more affordable at $149, offers a lighter, everyday style suitable for both men and women.

Both models, made from recycled materials, emphasize eco-friendliness.

The choice boils down to personal style: the RS01 for a premium, high-end feel, or the RS02 for casual, versatile wear. Each has its unique color offerings, including an all-white option for the RS01.

What Rothy’s Says:

These sure don’t look like they are made from plastic water bottles or any plastic bottles, do they?

The RS01:

Raising the bar for white sneakers everywhere. An American classic made sustainably, this versatile style takes comfort, durability and style to a whole new level.


The Driving Loafer:

Comfort on and off the road. With its soft knit feel and dual-density insoles, our versatile slip-on in black is a timely upgrade to the nubby-soled, roadster-approved classic.


Is this all hype? Keep reading out honest Men’s Rothy’s review to find out!

Rothy’s Men’s Shoes Review: The first thing you’ll notice – the weight

Rothy’s Men’s Shoes are heavy compared to others! They are 430 grams (or about 15 ounces)

When I took the Rothy’s Men’s Shoes out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight… surprisingly.

My wife’s Rothy’s shoes were always super lightweight, so I was shocked at how heavy they felt.

They were so heavy, in fact, that I thought there were weights or something stuck inside the shoes. Yes – they were that heavy!

To me, weight = comfort. I know that isn’t 100% true in reality, but that’s the way I feel with many shoes. The lighter they are, the freer that I feel.

While these shoes are heavier, they are also sturdier and feel great after wearing for hours on end.

How Rothy’s Men’s Shoes Compare in Weight

For comparison, the Allbirds Tree Piper (read our full Allbirds Tree Piper Review) weigh only 226 grams (just under 8 ounces) – that’s about half the weight of the Rothy’s RS01.

Even my wife’s Rothy’s shoes are lighter than the RS01.

My wife’s shoes only weigh about 265 grams – much lighter than the men’s version of Rothy’s.

The Extra Weight: Where does it come from?

It’s not entirely clear where the added weight comes from. However, this shoes simply has more overall structure than shoes like Allbirds.

One area where the shoe is much thicker is the sole of the Rothy’s Sneaker:

Rothy’s Men Shoes: The Comfort

Overall, I thought these shoes were on par with the comfort of other shoes like Allbirds or Suavs (read our full Suavs Review).

The Rothy’s Sneaker for Men did have some nice extra padding on the back heel, which was a really nice touch.

The extra padding in the heel was a nice touch, too.

The insole also was made of a really nice, almost moleskin type texture that I really enjoyed. It was super comfortable!

Sizing: How do the Rothy’s Men’s Shoes fit?

I typically wear a size 9.5 or 10. In Allbirds, I wear a 10 and order these in a 10. They fit perfectly.

I like my shoes to be a little on the looser side, just an FYI – and the Rothy’s Men’s Shoes doesn’t come in half sizes. But take their advice if you are between sizes: size up!

Quick warning on the driving loafer

I recently tried the driving loafer and I really like them. However, a quick warning: the back of the shoe can rub your heel the wrong way and cause some blisters.

Plastic Bottles + heels don’t always work out.

So, just a quick tip: even if you size up a half size (Rothy’s doesn’t have half sizes), you could get some rubbing.

I recommend that you wear them without a bandaid in short bursts, but make sure you have a bandaid on you if you need it.

My wife (who love rothy’s) has said she had the same problem with her driving loafer other shoes – even in womens.

They are the same style in men and women (made from the same recycled materials) but they can cause some blisters.

I didn’t have the same problem with the RS01 Sneaker. just the Driving Loafer.

Driving Loafer: what else to know

I also love the super subtle details and style in the loafer.

The light purple doesn’t bother me (I am a TCU Horned Frog, after all), but the signature thread just works incredibly well for these bad boys.

You can wear the loafers with jeans (read all about the best mens jeans), chinos or even shorts (read about the best summer shorts). This is one of our favorite new styles.

Other Rothy’s: How does it compare?

As mentioned, my wife loves her Rothy’s shoes. She loves them for many reasons that do bleed over to the Men’s shoe.

Women’s Rothy’s

Machine Washable

My wife loves that her Rothy’s are machine washable. So are the Men’s Rothy’s Shoes! Even the white Rothy’s are machine washable. That’s perfect when you have two kiddos.

Sidebar: why do kids always step on your toes? Seriously?!

Sustainable Material

Just like Allbirds, Rothy’s are made from sustainable materials – plastic water bottles. We love that at We Tried It! It’s even better that these Men’s Rothy’s are made from the same recycled water bottles as the other Rothy’s. Pretty cool!


I didn’t think that the Men’s Rothy’s Sneakers were UN-comfortable, I just didn’t feel they were AS COMFORTABLE as other shoes like Allbirds.

However, the RS01 Sneaker is simply a more substantial shoe with more to it, overall.

Style with… or without socks!

Rothy's Men's Shoes Review: Socks or no socks?!
Look mom, no socks on these!

Like other Rothy’s shoes, you can wear the Rothy’s Men’s Shoes with, or without socks. Seriously, if you have the choice (and aren’t going to be hiking… why would you ever wear socks?.

These shoes are breathable and washable. This equals a big win for people that hate wearing socks (and the people around them that don’t want to smell stinky feet).

Rothy’s Men’s Sneakers: What we don’t like

We’ve harped on the weight a lot, but the other big thing we don’t like is really simple: the price.

Granted, Rothy’s makes an incredibly high-quality shoe. At first, we didn’t think the shoes were worth it. In fact, I returned the first pair.

But after a couple months, I wanted to give the RS01 Sneaker another shot. And I’m glad that I did.

For example, the Allbirds Tree Piper is $95. The Rothy’s RS01 Sneaker is $175.

The Rothy’s RS01 Men’s Sneaker is almost twice the price as the Allbirds Tree Piper.

The Rothy’s RS01 is more expensive, but I think it’s better made, overall.

You can, however, save some $$ by using our Rothy’s Promo Code, too.

How to Style the Rothy’s Men’s Shoes

As the designer for the RS01 Rothy’s Sneakers said, “White shoes never go out of style.”

We totally agree! Here are some style you can try with the Rothy’s Shoes for men:

My favorite thing to pair this shoe with? The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill Pants. Read our Ministry of Supply Brand review and our Ministry of Supply Kinetic Twill Review.

Rothy’s Men’s Shoe Review: Are Rothy’s Worth It?

I’ve told you everything I could about the Men’s Rothys shoes. But the ultimate question: are rothy’s sneakers worth it? We think so – especially if you want a sturdier, higher-quality shoe.

A great pick
Rothys Men's Shoes

Great design, machine washable, breathable and incredibly comfortable - we love Rothys take on men's shoes. From the RS01 Sneaker to the driving loafer, now men can experience Rothys comfort.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Rothy’s Men’s Sneakers are super comfortable, machine washable and made from sustainable materials.

We originally didn’t recommend them – but now see they are a much better than value we first thought. Want to save some money on a similar shoe? Check out the Allbirds Tree Piper Shoes instead.

Read our honest Allbirds Tree Piper Review and Suavs Zilker Review for much cheaper – and lighter – shoes! Also, read our other rothys reviews: women’s Rothy’s Review, Rothy’s Wallet Review and Rothy’s Merino Review. You might also want to check out our Allbirds Wool Runner 2 Review.

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