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Lemonaid Health Promo Code

We’ve got a special Lemonaid Health promo code for you! Why do you need to use Lemonaid? Feeling a little under the weather and need something for your cold?

Don’t want to venture out to the Doctors office? Then you need to use Lemonaid Health. Don’t want to learn more and just want the Lemonaid Promo code:

Use Promo Code BRYAN277 to get $10 off your next visit.

lemonaid health promo code - here are all the conditions they can treat
Lemonaid Promo Code: It’s easy to use!

It’s easy to use lemonaid health. Simply go to their website and select what you need help with.

You’ll answer some questions and in some states you’ll get the prescription you need. In other states (like Colorado), you’ll need to do a quick video call with a doctor from your phone or computer. It was really easy and super quick.

I waited about 5 minutes to see the doctor and talked to the doctor for about 1 minute. They just wanted to make sure they understood what was wrong and how they can help. Lemonaid is a great service.

To save $10 on your next visit (it’s normally only $25!), use promo code BRYAN277.

What conditions can you use your Lemonaid health discount code on?

In other words, what conditions can you get treated on the Lemonaid website? Here are just a couple ways to use promo codes:

  • The common cold – it’s amazing there still isn’t a cure – but you can get a professional opinion from Lemonaid Doctors in just a couple of minutes.
  • The Flu – once again, another one that is very common and a great use for the lemonaid service.
  • Acne
  • Birth Control
  • Stop smoking
  • Many other common monthly medication prescriptions (like for hair loss, depression, anxiety and much more!

How to get a prescription without seeing a doctor

One of the cool things about lemonaid is that you can get a prescription without seeing a doctor. This is law varies by state, but in some states, a doctor will just review your information. In other states (like Colorado), you need to see a doctor via video (don’t worry – it’s not scary) to get a prescription. I used the service to help with a sinus infection (AKA cold gone wild). I filled out a couple of questions, waited for about 10 minutes to talk to a doctor and then they immediately sent the prescription to the pharmacy. It was that easy.

What was the Lemonaid health promo code, again?

If you’re looking for an awesome lemonaid health promo code, look no further than using out promo code: BRYAN277 on Lemonaid Health.

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