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Nespresso Barista Review: Have you tried every milk frother known to man (and woman)? We have. We were super excited to come across the Nespresso Barista Milk Frother in a Nespresso store. However, we couldn't find much more about the almost $200 "magic" milk frother. In fact, you're probably asking yourself, "what makes the barista recipe maker worth $170?!"

So, we decided to try it ourselves. Let's jump right into our Nespresso Barista Review.

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    The best milk frother we've ever used. A bit of a learning curve, but awesome!

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    I've tried every milk frother and this one is hands down the best!

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    This is my wife's device...but the Nespresso Barista is pretty cool!

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  • A great way to make your favorite coffee drinks at home. 
  • App is always updated - new recipies can be added to the app.
  • Great tasting drinks - that taste like the ones you get at Starbucks.
  • Quick and easy prep.
  • Cleans easily. 
  • Makes things besides lattes - like Hot Cholate and Cortados. 


  • Small learning curve - takes a bit of time to understand how it works.
  • Makes a giant mess if you add too much milk.
  • Expensive.
  • Not clear on how the recipie works, can't customize beyond the different recipies. 

What is nespresso barista?

Put simply: Nespresso Barista is a "smart" milk frother. But it's much, much more. 

The Nespresso Barista connects to your smartphone (via Bluetooth) and can make anything from hot chocolate to Macchiatos to Cortadas. The app tells you the recipe and programs the Nespresso Barista to run the correct program for the recipe.  

Barista Review - Why do you need this product?

Let's be honest with you for a second: we've tried every single milk frothing device known to (wo)man. We've tried everything from the simply wisker:

 The simple Milk Frother is more of a nice mixer than it is an actual milk frother. It more "mixes" the milk than actually makes it foamy.

We've also tried a more advanced milk frother, like the professionals use, attached to our Espresso Machine.

We watched all sorts of YouTube videos to try and make really frothy milk from our espresso machine but could not get anything close to the Starbucks recipes we were used to.

Barista Review - How does the smart milk frother work?

Setting up the Nespresso Barista seemed straight-forward, but we had a couple of small issues with the set up. You simply:

1. Open the Nespresso Barista from the box.

2. Plug in the Nespresso Barista.

3. Pair the Nespresso Barista with Nespresso App by selecting "Pair Nespresso Machine with Connectivity."

Note: we had to try a couple of different times to get the Barista to pair with our iPhone. The App DOES have really good troubleshooting tips within the app. 

4. Explore the Nespresso Barista recipes on the app.


Before you start the first recipe, pay careful attention to the instructions. Or else, this could happen in your home...

We didn't read the instructions carefully. A careful hint: the "Max" label inside the frother is not an overall "Max" ammount of milk you can put it. Some recipies say to fill to the "Mid" line - and if you fill to "Max" - this will happen. See the photo below.

Please learn from our mistake!

How to make a recipe on the Nespresso Barista.

Once you unpack the Nespresso Barista, all you have to do is select a recipe from the Nespresso Barista. The app will show you all the steps you need to make the recipe. Let's take the classic Cappuccino.

The app will tell you, quickly, how long the recipe will take and a little more about the recipe.

For this recipe. It has you make the espresso (the actual coffee) first. Some recipes (like a Macchiato) have you make the milk first. Pay close attention to step 2: do no fill past the minimum level. This graphic shows you the different levels from the wand inside the Nespresso.

Once you fill the jug up with milk, you push the start button on the Nespresso Barista and wait for the Barista to do it's thing. It only takes a couple of minutes.

And here is the finished product, complete in an Ember Mug (full Ember Mug Review coming soon).

The Nespresso Barista does an incredible job at one thing: foaming milk. We weren't the biggest fan of some of the other recipes, like the "Iced Nitro."

Mrs. We Tried It also uses the Nespresso Barista to make hot chocolate. Here are some of our Nespresso Barista Recipes for you to try!

What don't we love about NEspresso Barista?

Nothing is perfect. There are a couple of things we don't love about the Nespresso Barista:

  1. The Price. At $170 in the US - this is one expensive Milk Frother. However, it has drastically cut down on our trips to Starbucks (although, it probably has resulted in a more Shipt Deliveries).
  2. The Learning Curve. We wish the Nespresso came with some more clear instructions to save a big mess. Even a giant warning sticker on the top of the unit would be incredibly helpful.
  3. More control over recipes. Mrs. We Tried It basically uses the Latte Macchiato recipe for everything. It would nice to have some more visibility into what was going on in each recipe.

Is Nespresso barista Worth it?

If you have tried every milk frother in the world and can't get amazing milk: Yes.
If you are a Starbucks Barista: No.
If you want the cheapest solution: No.
If you want the best Milk Frother for the money: Yes. 

We think it's well worth it. It has saved us in the long run. 

Nespresso Barista FAQs

Do you have to use the Nespresso App to use the Barista?
No. The Nespresso Barista comes with a beautiful book with possible recipes. The device itself comes with the most popular recipes pre-loaded.

What kind of milk works best?
Full-fat, whole milk works best with the Nespresso Barista. We've also been testing out Ripple Barista Milk and have really enjoyed it.

Is it easy to clean?
Yes, the Barista comes apart very easily and can be hand-washed.

Do you need a Nespresso Espresso Machine?
No, we have a different brand of espresso machine and it works perfectly. It doesn't use single-serve pods like Nespresso, so we actually prefer it. We use Starbucks Espresso Roast in our espresso machine.

Does the Nespresso Barista make coffee?
No, it simply warms and foams milk. That's it.

CHeaper Alternatives to Nespresso Barista

We get it - at almost $200, the Nespresso Barista is expensive. We searched long and far for a cheaper alternative. A great, basic milk-frother is the Nespresso Aeroccino3.

Nespresso Aeroccino3

Nespresso Aeroccino3: A good, cheaper alternative to the Nespresso Barista.

A couple of highlights that make the Nespresso Aeroccino3 a cheaper alternative to the Nespresso Barista:

  1. Rapid, one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth
  2. Only 1 button for all preparations. No Wifi or App. Simply push the button for 1 second for Hot milk or hot milk froth, 2 second button pressure for cold milk froth
  3. The Nespresso Aeroccino3 has a larger capacity: Maximum hot & cold milk froth capacity: 4. 1 oz. Maximum hot milk capacity: 8. 1 oz
  4. Nice feature for auto shut off when finished.
  5. Non-stick surface, easy to clean.

Nespresso Barista Review: The Verdict

The Nespresso Barista is a great product. Once you get over the learning curve (and the price tag), it's the single best way we've seen to make foamed milk at home. We highly recommend it - especially if you want Starbucks-quality coffee at home (and are going to stop going to Starbucks to pay for it!).

Have a question? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Thank you so much for showing us this. I have looked and looked on Nespresso website and there is such little info on what this actually does. And like you said, for the price we really need to see what it is all about. Great review, thank you!!!

  3. Very good reviews.
    Can you make a comparison
    between the Nespresso Barista
    and the SEVERIN Milk Frother Spuma SM 3587 ?

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