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Do you like free beer? Who doesn’t? That’s not a trick question. Use our exclusive Tavour promo code to get $20 in free beer from Tavour. You can get a $20 credit using our Tavour Code by clicking this link. We hope you don’t mind, but if you use our Tavour Discount Code, we also get $20 in free beer. Cheers to you… and me!

Use our Tavour Promo Code to get free beer!

Have you already installed the Tavour App? No problem – just use my code 770608 in the Promos page of the app.

Already installed the Tavour App? Just click the promos button and enter our Tavor Promo Code.

what is Tavour?

I first heard of Tavour when I got jealous of my friends from Fort Worth, TX sharing photos of Martin House Brewing. They’ve got some awesome sour pickle beer that I’ve been really wanting to try (and Bloody Mary pickle beer that looks amazing).

I went to see if I could get some of their beer in Colorado (where we live). It’s not yet distributed in Colorado (rats!) but I noticed they sometimes sell their beer on Tavour. So I decided to check out Tavour.

Tavour is a beer app for both iPhone and Android that sells craft beer you can’t buy locally. They get a limited supply of craft beer and you get a push notification and/or email whenever a new beer arrives.

You create a “crate” of beer that ships on a date that you decide (once a month). Everything is shipped at a flat rate of $14.90. It doesn’t matter if order 1 beer or 20.

Since Tavour has a limited supply, most of the beers run out quickly – some within the hour – but you can usually pick up one that you’re looking at if you get it the same day.

Tavour Promo Code: Overall pricing

Overall, I feel like the pricing is about on par with true craft beer you’d find at the liquor sorry, maybe very slightly higher. But it isn’t gouged by any means. The almost $15 flat fee shipping (which is waived if you have a subscription) makes you want to make sure you get your money’s worth with each order.

You can basically get the shipping for free (plus a cheaper beer) but using our Tavour Promo Code. Click this link for our Tavour Promo code.

Tavour Beers: What’s available?

Here are just a couple of the beers they have in their app right now.

Seriously, how good do some of these beers sound? Just look at the description of the Miami Vice Slushy:

…this sweet, pulpy Slushy beer with hobs of strawberries, coconut and lime. It tasts just like a Pina Colada mixed with a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, only in a much more sippable and satisfying beer form.

Our first beers are on the way, but we’ll be sure to post our full Tavour review very shortly!

In the meantime, use our Tavour Promo Code by clicking this link.

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