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Mizzen + Main: Kid Shirts

Mizzen + Main: Kid Shirts 33186077_2486205398072386_8042623202913943552_o-1024x779

Mizzen + Main Matching Kid’s Shirts

Mizzen + Main Kid’s Shirts: At first I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. But alas, it’s not. Mizzen + Main just rolled out adorable matching kid shirts so your little one can match dad for a cute Father’s Day Promotion.

As you know, we are big fans of Mizzen + Main here on We Tried It (read our full Mizzen + Main Review). As soon as we get the new kid shirt, we’ll post photos and a quick review.

You have to admit, the kid’s shirts are pretty dang cute.

Mizzen + Main: Kid Shirts 33176566_2486205384739054_7119067730895962112_n

Pretty cute little boys Mizzen + Main Shirt, huh?

PS: If you’re looking for a discount, look at our Mizzen + Main Promo Code page.

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