ZipSeam Review: We Tried It

We Tried It
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Can these pieces of plastic really tailor your baggy shirt as good as a tailor? Read our honest ZipSeam review to learn more about this interesting invention.

Can these pieces of plastic tailor your shirts in less than 5 minutes? Read our honest ZipSeam Review.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got the ZipSeam product in the mail, to be honest. But it sounded like a good idea: a cheaper, easier way to tailor your dress shirts to fit better. So, how does it stack up?

How ZipSeam Works

The idea is simple: fold your shirt to be the right size and use the ZipSeam to hold the fold into place. ZipSeam has a ton of online videos to show you how to use the product. This first-person view was the best guide that I could find:

However, I’m not very good with delicate stuff like this. I tried for over 20 minutes getting this all to work and I couldn’t. You can see in the video review of ZipSeam that it took me (and eventually “big guns” AKA Mrs. We Tried It) over 40 minutes to put the ZipSeam on. Watch the video for a timelapse of us trying to make it work:

Also, as you’ll see in the video review, I made the ZipSeam way too tight – but it actually worked really well:

Once the shirt is on, you can loosen it to be less tight, too. That’s really a nice benefit.

We’ll keep this review short, since our conclusions are pretty straightforward.

What we loved about ZipSeam

  • ZipSeam is a great idea on paper. It really does work and tailors your shirts.
  • We could see using it for emergency uses like at a wedding or prom or anywhere you have to wear clothes provided to you.
  • If you had some larger shirts and money was tight, it’s a great way to tailor the shirts yourself!

What we don’t love about ZipSeam

  • The time! Taking over 40 minutes to put it together was waaaaaay too long. My wife thinks it would get quicker the more you did, however.
  • You could still feel the ZipSeam in the shirt when wearing it. That wouldn’t be very comfortable over the long haul.

Overall, it’s a really good idea that just isn’t for us. I’d rather buy shirts that fit me well already and don’t need tailoring (by the way, check out our Mizzen and Main Review for some shirts that do fit well!). However, they’d be nice to carry with you to a wedding or in case of an emergency when you needed to look sharp but couldn’t buy clothes that fit really well.

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