Saint James Clothing Review: The Jacket That Survived My 4x Spring Break Climates

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Saint James Clothing Review: this Saint James Denim Jacket visited a ton of climates over spring break.

Have you seen the TikTok videos lately where people walk into high-end retailers and find the most cheaply made clothing that still costs like $300 for a top?

Brands seem to be relying more on celebrity/influencer endorsements and less on quality lately.  Especially when things are getting pricer to make, they just take the quality down to keep profit margins up.

Well I saw one of these Tik Tok videos and the person was saying, if you can’t afford to buy new, just buy any Saint James Clothing piece you can find used because they are so well made and hold up forever.  This was quite the claim, so I had to try the brand! 

What I Tried from Saint James

Expensive, but versatile
STE TELMA - Saint James

Discover the Saint James Denim Jacket - a timeless garment meticulously crafted for lasting quality. More than just attire, it embodies a legacy for those who appreciate excellence, seamlessly fusing elegance with resilience. Designed to endure escapades, this iconic jacket, in its classic silhouette, stands as your dependable, chic partner. Embrace the Saint James lifestyle, where quality prevails.

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I got this Light Quilted Denim Jacket which is actually sold out now, but it doesn’t even matter because the experiment was in the quality of their clothing, not the specific item. 

Let me tell you, I wore that jacket for our entire Spring Break trip, which spanned multiple climates (started in Colorado, went to Seattle, took a train to Vancuver, took a Disney Cruise to San Diego, went to Lego Land and came back to Colorado). We had snow, we had sun, we had rain, we had cold, we had warm and I wore this jacket the whole time and it was amazing! 

When I got home, I dry cleaned it because it had been through so much (even used as a kid blanket on the airplane!) and it looks like brand new!  The stitching is perfection!  The material is super luxe and the thoughtfulness behind the design in evident. 

High quality, timeless classics
Saint James Clothing

Saint James: Where classic maritime meets millennial chic - enduring, stylish, and definitely worth the closet space!

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What You Need To Know about Saint James

Steeped in a maritime legacy for generations (ahoy, fellow sailors… and landlubbers at heart), Saint James is a brand that embodies authenticity, quality, and timeless flair. Their creations hail from the heart of France, drawing inspiration from the rugged allure and effortless grace of the sea.

From their iconic sailor sweaters to their collection of everyday wear and accessories, each piece exudes a touch of refined charm that outlasts passing fads. Committed to sustainable practices, Saint James not only offers exceptional attire but also safeguards the planet’s future.

Not just jackets… but dresses, too

The Quilted Denim Jacket is just one example of the exceptional pieces found on Saint James that don’t invoke the feeling of the French Navy as inspiration.

The brand’s selection of dresses is absolutely outstanding. Saint James presents a vibrant array of designs, each embracing a blend of contemporary style and timeless elegance that’s sure to appeal to a wide range of fashion-conscious consumers. Whether you’re looking for a casual sundress for those lazy summer afternoons or a sophisticated dress for more formal occasions, Saint James has you covered.

Every Saint James dress boasts the same attention to detail and quality found in the Quilted Denim Jacket. The materials used are sourced for their durability and comfort, while the cuts and shapes are designed to compliment all body types. Wearing a Saint James dress is not just about making a fashion statement, it’s about embodying a lifestyle. If you’re in search of clothing that exudes elegance, quality and style, look no further than Saint James.

What we love about Saint James Clothing

Ever wondered if there’s a jacket out there that could survive a zombie apocalypse, or at least something as chaotic as my Spring Break? Well, hold onto your hats, because I dove into the world of Saint James Clothing and came out the other side with a jacket that’s seen it all, from snowstorms to Disney princesses (on a Disney Cruise) to LEGOLAND (read about our LEGOLAND Califonia guide) and is still ready for more.

  • It is obvious they don’t cut corners with quality craftsmanship. The CEO’s slogan is, “It is Excellence that Makes the Difference.” This is so evident in the quality of this garment.  The stitching is perfect.  I have lots of quilted pieces similar to this that have stitches coming out and this does not have a single loose thread! 
  • Saint James was started in the 1850s in Normandy, France.  You cannot survive that long as a company with poor quality clothing- it will catch up to you!
  • Their first product was the Fisherman sweater which needed to be durable, practical and warm.  I think they have kept these original ideals in mind all these years later because I would say my denim jacket is exactly durable, practical and warm. That is really cool that the same principles the company was started on so many years ago are so applicable in their clothing today.  Most denim jackets are not warm at all, but this one is warm without hindering movement just like their Fisherman sweaters from so long ago. 
  • Their styles, such as the Fisherman sweater, have become completely iconic in both French style and style all around the world. 
  • They are dedicated to providing high quality products by combining high standards, simplicity and elegance into their garments. These are the exact things that I want in my wardrobe- high quality, simplicity and elegance. 
  • They still have a nautical French vibe to their clothing which I think is very timeless. 

What we don’t love about Saint James

Alright, brace yourselves, folks, because no love story is complete without a bit of drama – here’s the lowdown on what might not tickle your fancy at Saint James.

  • Saint James is not fast fashion or trendy- if you want the latest cut of pants or “cold-shoulder” top you will not find it here.  That might be a con for some people because they prefer to keep up with the current trends, instead of embracing a more timeless aesthetic. 
  • Saint James Clothing is not cheap.  Have you seen those buy it once groups on Facebook?  Where people day, I want to buy a flashlight that will last me the rest of my life, what is the best brand.  I feel like Saint James is the epitome for Buy it Once Fashion. I will literally never again buy a denim jacket because I can tell the Saint James Denim jacket will last my lifetime. I think that is why people were saying, rather than buy new stuff in a store, if you can’t afford Saint James clothing new, buy it used on Poshmark or Mercari.  You know it is going to be high quality and will still have a lifetime of use out of that garment. 

Who is Saint James for?

Saint James Clothing caters to individuals seeking to invest in timeless essentials for their wardrobe.

The brand appeals to those who value quality over quantity, opting for a curated collection of superior clothing pieces. It embodies a sense of sophistication and elegance, appealing to individuals who prioritize enduring style over fleeting trends. With a focus on setting trends rather than following them, Saint James Clothing encapsulates a sense of refined taste and sartorial distinction that transcends generations.

What else does Saint James offer?

The brand offers an extensive range of items that cater to a sophisticated taste, blending functionality with an undeniable aura of elegance – for both men and women.

To begin, their ‘Breton’ collection is a best-seller that cannot be ignored. These Breton striped shirts, in their host of colors and styles, are a timeless fashion staple. Crafted for both men and women, they echo a sense of classic style and effortless chic that’s hard to match.

All in all, Saint James offers a collection of best-sellers and must-haves that guarantee the experience of comfort, style, and unmatched quality. As a product reviewer, it’s always a delight to highlight such gems in the fashion industry.

Saint James Alternatives

The alternatives to Saint James Clothing are endless.

However, when there are so many brands out there that are trying to cut corners while producing their products, this is one brand that you know will be around for another century and depend on their quality of products to keep their company going. I would confidently say that you could order any item on their website and be extremely pleased with the quality and longevity of the piece in your wardrobe. 

Saint James Clothing Review: The Final Verdict

Okay, random Tik Toker, I wish I remembered who you were because you were absolutely correct- Saint James Clothing is exceptional quality.  As someone who likes to invest in timeless basics and not have to continuously buy clothing, I think this is a really great brand to buy. 

High quality, timeless classics
Saint James Clothing

Saint James: Where classic maritime meets millennial chic - enduring, stylish, and definitely worth the closet space!

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I would buy this brand new and used without any hesitancy about the quality and that is saying a lot in this fast fashion world we are living in where influencers literally have disposable clothing! Saint James Clothing is We Tried It Approved! 

In conclusion, wrapping up this sartorial saga, Saint James Clothing is like that reliable friend who’s always stylish, doesn’t chase every fashion fad, and, most importantly, sticks around. Through thick and thin, trend cycles, and the inevitable “What am I going to wear?” crises, their pieces are the wardrobe staples you’ve been seeking.

Whether you’re about that minimalist chic, or simply trying to evade the relentless churn of fast fashion, Saint James has got your back (quite literally in some very comfy and stylish sweaters). Remember, folks, in a world full of fleeting fashion flings, choosing Saint James is like swiping right on a lifetime of elegance and quality. Cheers to making our closets a tad more French, timeless, and maybe just a bit more savvy, one classic piece at a time!

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