Rolling in the Sheets: A No-BS Brooklinen Review

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Brooklinen Review: Don’t these sheets just look so cozy?!

In the vast expanse of the internet, where everything is “life-changing” and “absolutely essential,” there is a small oasis of linen normalcy—or is it? Brooklinen, the one-stop shop for all your bed and bath needs (can we really change the world with a flat sheet?), has been making waves with the promise of unadulterated comfort.

Our new favorite sheet stet
Luxury Sheet Set | Brooklinen
About $200

Dive into utter bliss with these silky-smooth, luxe sateen sheets. Like sleeping in a hug from a cloud. Pure luxury awaits!

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

But is it the real deal, or just another mirage in this desert of digital consumerism? Buckle up, my fellow linen pilgrims; we’re about to explore the verdant pastures of truth—or the rough terrain of marketing spiel. Full steam ahead; we’re uncovering the unfiltered scoop on Brooklinen.

Why we wanted to test Brooklinen

Sheets, sheets and more sheets! We have a full linen closet of sheets (flat sheets, fitted sheets and a lot more) and bedding, so to stand out as something special a set of sheets has to be truly remarkable. 

We’ve tried everything from linen sheets to sateen sheets. To further complicate things, we also sleep with an 8 Sleep Pod. My husband is one of the hot sleepers and I’m a cold sleeper.

Brooklinen® | The Internet's Favorite Sheets
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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I have seen many advertisements for Brooklinen Sheets over the years, and I am very curious about the quality! Lately, I have been super into everything 100% cotton; it just feels so much more luxe, so I took the dive and tried one of their sheet sets so we all wouldn’t have to wonder about the quality anymore! 

All about the Brooklinen Brand: Threads of a Brand Legacy

Brooklinen claims to be the Indiana Jones of bedding, adventuring into the wilds of textile production to bring back the Holy Grail of sheets. Born out of a Kickstarter campaign, because why ask the bank for a loan when the internet is full of people with a shared passion for exceptional bedding? It’s like crowdfunding a space mission, but instead of going to Mars, we’re just aiming for a good night’s sleep.

The head honchos, Rich and Vicki, decided one day that luxury bedding shouldn’t require a map, a compass, or a secret handshake to afford it.

Not just about thread count

They set out to debunk the myth that thread counts need to resemble a high score on Pac-Man. Thus, Brooklinen was woven into existence, offering high-quality, no-BS luxury that doesn’t break the bank for a duvet cover.

In the Hall of Fame of brand promises, Brooklinen is like that cool, laid-back friend who knows all the best spots in town but doesn’t make a big deal about it.

They’re all about “Our Comforters Can Beat Up Your Comforters,” made from top-notch long-staple cotton and tighter weaves than your high school clique. It’s like wearing a tuxedo t-shirt for your bed: classy yet fun. In their legacy, they playfully claim their bedding boosts snuggle rates. Brooklinen promises luxury without the hefty price tag. Welcome to Brooklinen, where every night feels like a comforting hug from your bed.

What we Tested

We went all out and tested the crème de la crème — the Luxury Sheet Set from Brooklinen (this is technically called the Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set). Picture this: slipping into bed feeling like you’re wrapping yourself in a cloud, one that’s been gently kissed by cotton-candy unicorns.

Our new favorite sheet stet
Luxury Sheet Set | Brooklinen
About $200

Dive into utter bliss with these silky-smooth, luxe sateen sheets. Like sleeping in a hug from a cloud. Pure luxury awaits!

Get the Best Deal Here
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

That’s the dream, right? Well, we dove headfirst into the world of 480 thread count and emerged, hopefully, with all the deets and no sheet-induced nightmares. Spoiler alert: it’s about to get cozy in here.

Why You Should Trust Us

Now, you might be thinking, “Great, another blogger telling me what to buy. Haven’t I seen this episode before?” But hold up, partner. We’re not just any old band of sheet enthusiasts. We’ve got a hefty backlog of over 900 reviews under our belts, and not just because we like the sound of our own typing.

What really sets us apart is that we personally test every product we talk about. Yup, you heard that right. We’re not just reading the website, setting up an affiliate program, and calling it a day.

We’re actually sleeping on these sheets, spilling coffee on them (accidentally, most of the time), and seeing if they live up to their Sunday morning breakfast-in-bed potential.

When we say we’ve got the scoop, we mean we’ve got the whole ice cream truck of insights. Trust us, with a track record like ours, we’re practically your besties when it comes to bedding advice.

What we love about Brooklinen’s Sheets

Let’s talk about why we love Brooklinen’s offerings: Luxe Sheets that feel like a dream. Made of 100% cotton, they’re soft, luxurious, and get even better with each wash.

With a 480 thread count, they strike the perfect balance between softness and durability.

No more waking up sweaty – these sheets are breathable. They come out of the dryer looking smooth, wrinkle-free.

Plus, the details are top-notch: envelope closures on pillowcases, deep pockets on the fitted sheet, and labeled sides for easy bed-making. With OEKO-TEX certification, you can trust their quality. And the patterns? Stunning! All this for $229 (and on sale now, as of publication date) – worth every penny for quality sleep and style.

  • The Luxury Sheet set is 100% cotton!  There is just something so luxe about 100% cotton fabrics! These sheets are long-staple 100% cotton which makes them incredibly soft, but also crisp. That is one thing I was missing in my bamboo sheets. The crispness. That just laundered, climbing into a made bed, crispy bed feeling- you know the one? These sheets have that in spades!
  • The Luxe collection of Brooklinen sheets has a 480 thread count, which makes them super soft while still feeling like cotton. You know when you see sheets that claim 1400 thread count but feel like tissue paper? No, these are absolutely luxe! 
  • Cotton is a great material for people who get warm while they sleep.  These are light and breathable and do not cling to you if you sleep warm. 
  • Every time we wash these sheets, they get softer! It’s like that great 100% cotton t-shirt that you have had for 10 years and has refused to part with because the cotton is just so lived-in and soft. 
  • Unlike other cotton sheets we have used, these are not a wrinkly mess.  I don’t know how, but they do not come out of the dryer in a big wrinkle ball, but the sheet feels clean, too! Once you put them on the bed, they smooth out very nicely! Has anyone seen those tik tok videos where people iron their sheets? Ok, well that is not me, but I feel like these look that good! No need to iron the luxe sateen sheets!
  • The way the Luxe Sateen Sheet set is woven allows for a softer fabric that feels silky while offering the same benefits of cotton!
  • The pillowcases are enveloped, which I love because otherwise, the pillows just fall out the side. 
  • These sheets are OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. This is important because something touches your skin for approximately one-third of your life! You don’t want chemicals on your skin or face while you are sleeping. 
  • There are so many great patterns and colors to choose from, but we picked the Window Pane.  I absolutely love this pattern because I can still bleach them and have not had any problems with the black lines, but at the same time it gives it a little something extra than plain white. 
  • They have nice deep pockets on the fitted sheet and do not budge from the mattress like bamboo sheets do. 
  • The sides are labeled- long side and short side for people like me who just see a square when they go to put them on their bed. 
  • The price is incredibly reasonable!  Can you find cheaper sheets? Yes! Can you find cheaper sheets with this quality?  I don’t think so! These are seriously so nice for a very reasonable price of $229 for the king size. 

What we don’t love about Brooklinen’s Luxury Sheet Set 

I don’t love that I only have one set of these bed sheets right now.

I have to wash them and put them back on or use a different set of sheets and then put them on again. It would be fantastic to have more than one set as they are my absolute favorite sheets.

From our collection, you can see that we have tried quite a few, but these sheets stand out in terms of comfort and quality. Having multiple sets would definitely make my daily routine much more convenient and enjoyable.

Who is this product for?

Brooklinen sheets are for anyone who wants that crispy cotton bed feeling! If you like sliding into a crip pair of freshly laundered sheets on a made med- these will give you that feeling! 

The Bed and The Beautiful Truth

Peeling back the layers, you can’t ignore the headlines. ‘Internet-famous for a reason,’ it says. ‘100,000+ five-star reviews,’ it boasts. Now, we’re generally averse to peer pressure, but that many online pals can’t be wrong, can they?

Brooklinen doesn’t just peddle products; they promise a lifestyle.

And the materials! We’re talking Classic Percale that mops the brow of Midsummer Night’s Dreamers, Luxe Sateen that’s softer than a politician’s promise, and Washed Linen that slinks into bed with the cool insouciance of a Greenwich Village stray cat. But do they deliver on that promise? Heck yes they do.

Alternatives to Brooklinen

Oh my goodness, of all the products out there, I feel like sheets have the most alternatives. 

There are so many different materials and brands! Sometimes, it is good to get back to the basics and Brooklinen does the basics just right! Their 100% cotton sheets are the perfect “basic” without feeling very basic at all with the elevated feel and look of thee sheets. 

We’ve tested sheets from a variety of different brands, read our Sijo Home Review and our Wooflinen Review for a couple of other options.

What else does Brooklinen Offer? Down the Rabbit Hole of Brooklinen’s Other Goodies

Alright, so here’s the scoop on what else Brooklinen throws into the home-comfort mix, because, surprise surprise, they’re not just about making your bed a cloud you never want to leave. They’re the full package, the whole shebang, the “we’ve-got-your-back-and-also-your-front-and-sides” of home essentials.

These particular towels remind us of Onsen Towels, read our Onsen Review for more info!

First up, Bath Towels. You thought their sheets were the softest thing you’ve touched? Wait until you wrap yourself in one of their bath towels. It’s like hugging a sheep—post-shearing and pre-dirt. They’re plush, they’re thirsty (for water, folks), and they make stepping out of the shower feel less like leaving a cozy sanctuary and more like… well, transitioning to another cozy sanctuary.

Then, we’ve got the Loungewear. Yes, you read that right. Brooklinen decided that if they’re going to take over our beds and bathrooms, they might as well dress us, too. And thank goodness for that. Their loungewear is like if your favorite soft tee and that comfy sweatshirt had a baby that was blessed by the fabric gods. It’s pretty much what you want to live in, whether you’re working from home or binging the latest series everyone can’t shut up about.

Don’t get me started on the Candles and Scents. These aren’t your grandma’s overpowering floral bombs. No, sir. These scents are like a sommelier for your nose. Got a fuzzy, nostalgic memory? There’s probably a candle that’ll take you right back. They’re mood setters, ambiance creators, and yes, they’re the perfect excuse to stay in, kick back, and pretend you’re the protagonist in a cozy, indie movie.

Lastly, the Throws and Blankets. Honestly, if Brooklinen’s sheets and towels are a hug, their throws are a whole cuddle session. Perfect for those cooler nights, movie marathons, or just jazzing up your couch, these babies are the icing on the comfy-cozy cake.

…and more sheets, of course!

Brooklinen has got all kinds of sheets, not just your fancy ones. They’ve got you covered, no matter what you’re into, all to make sure you catch those Z’s like a boss. Take their Classic Percale Sheet Set, it’s all about that crisp, cool vibe for when the nights get steamy. Made from 100% long-staple cotton, it’s like sleeping under a cloud that won’t make you sweat. Perfect for the heatwave sleepers out there!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re all about that ultra-soft snuggle life, their Heathered Cashmere Collection is where it’s at. Cashmere feels meet cotton strength – a match made in bedding heaven. Cozy up in style during those chilly months without turning into a human hot potato. Plus, those muted, heathered tones? Total bedroom goals!

And let’s not forget the Linen Collection – Belgian and French flax, stonewashed for that extra softness. Linen is all about that lived-in look, breathable AF for all-year comfort. Wash after wash, it’s like sleeping in a cloud that just keeps getting softer. If you’re into that laid-back, rustic vibe, these sheets are your jam.

Brooklinen’s all about getting you the best snooze possible – whether you’re a hot sleeper, a cozy burrito, or a linen lover. With their killer selection, you’re guaranteed to find your sleep BFF. So, get that sleep sanctuary set up just the way you like it! 🛏️✨

Brooklinen Review: The Final Verdict

Alright, pals, gather ’round for the final piece of this cozy puzzle. After dancing through a world of endless bedding options, spiraling down the rabbit hole of home comforts, and practically becoming part-time fabric sommeliers ourselves, it’s safe to say Brooklinen is the real deal. You’re not just buying sheets or towels; you’re upgrading your whole vibe to ‘effortlessly cool and ridiculously comfortable’. It’s like investing in a good laugh, a warm hug, or that perfect slice of pizza at 2 AM—it just makes life better.

Our new favorite sheet stet
Luxury Sheet Set | Brooklinen
About $200

Dive into utter bliss with these silky-smooth, luxe sateen sheets. Like sleeping in a hug from a cloud. Pure luxury awaits!

Get the Best Deal Here
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Whether you’re a hot sleeper hunting for that crisp, cool refuge, a luxury aficionado craving the buttery smooth caress of luxe sateen, or someone who just really, really likes to be enveloped in coziness (hello, heathered cashmere and linen lovers), Brooklinen’s got your back… and front, and sides.

Plus, decking out your space with their loungewear, candles, and throws? That’s just leveling up in life.

In a sea of options that sometimes feels more overwhelming than choosing what to binge-watch next, Brooklinen stands out. Not just for the quality, which is top-notch, but for the vibe, the style, and that delightful sense of humor woven into every product. They’re like that friend who always knows how to make you feel at home, no matter where you are.

In conclusion, if you’re considering giving your living space (and yourself) a little love, look no further. Brooklinen isn’t just selling you a lifestyle; they’re handing you the keys to the kingdom of cozy.

Ok, they are absolutely worth the buy.  I don’t think I will ever buy another brand of sheets! After seeing them for years, I can absolutely say I waited too long to get them. They are my favorite sheet set, hands down, for both the aesthetics and the feel! We Tried It Approved! 

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